~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 13  

Kevin grabbed her by the back of the neck as soon as the door slammed shut.  He reined her into him and his hands raced up the front of her shirt.  His large fingers nimbly buttoning the tiny pearl buttons.  “I don’t know what has gotten into you girl but don’t you ever do that again!”

His demeanor on the outside was cool, but on the inside, he was a raging boil.  How dare she come in here and start stripping her clothes off!

“Do what?  It’s no worse than what you did to me last night!”  Catherine yelled as she jerked from his grasp and backed away from him.

“I screwed up and I’m sorry, I was worried about you!”  Kevin yelled.

Catherine laughed haughtily at the remark, “Have you ever heard of a telephone, you pervert!”

Kevin thought that maybe Catherine was beginning to be unreasonable.  He had left the minute she had told him to and he had apologized, sending her as many red roses as the florist had in his shop.

“What were the tapes for Kevin?  Some kind of Wizard mind control!”  Catherine was still fuming over the invasion of her privacy. 

Kevin let loose with a laugh, “Are you nuts?”  Kevin watched the reaction she had to his comments and knew immediately it was the wrong thing to say.  Catherine was already questioning her sanity about all of this to begin with.  “I was wrong, I said I was sorry what more do you want!”

Catherine walked to the door and placed her hand on the knob.  “I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again.  You are a lecher.”  Catherine turned the knob and the door wouldn’t budge, she pulled as hard as she could with both hands.  “Kevin open this door right now!”

“No!  I’m not done talking to you!”  He yelled as a burst of wind blew around the office.  The air was cool as it swirled around them.  The shades in the office began to whip wildly and papers flew off his desk.  Books began to fly off the bookcase.

Kevin heard Brian talking to him, “Kevin you need to calm down you’re going to scare her.”

“Shut up Bri!”  Kevin screamed back at him in his head.  “Stay the hell out of my business!”

The four gentlemen stood out in the hall, dumbstruck.  A.J. winked, “I think the great one needs to chill.  Marcella, take a break, Billy go with her please.” 

Marcella left with out hesitation, her employers had frequent outbursts in the past that she really did not want to know about.

They watched Billy follow her into the elevator.  The four them turned and pushed on the door to open it with no luck.

“She’ll ruin us if this gets out,” Howie warned all of them, as he banged his shoulder into the door.

“I’ll get his dad,” Brian moaned, as he put himself in a trance.  “Hey Uncle Jerald I need your help.  He’s going overboard and telling her everything; he hardly knows her.”

Kevin’s dad took a mental leap into the office; he snickered slightly upon arrival.  He hadn’t seen his youngest that emotionally out of control since the last scrap he had with his older brothers.  Kevin was on the losing end of that battle as they tossed him in the creek that day.  Considering it was just last summer, he still found it funny.

He watched for a few minutes and could see that the young professor was holding her own against Kevin.

“I’m not afraid of your little temper tantrum Kevin!  Now release this door immediately!”  Catherine turned to look at him.  Kevin was having a serious battle of wills between her and controlling his temper.  “I know what you are but you can tell Brian I’m not afraid of you!”

When Jerald heard her say those words he knew that he had made a wise choice in her. He was hoping that Kevin would at least meet her.  Now Catherine was beginning to see the true side of his son and maybe just maybe, herself. 

“Ya afraid of this Professor?” as he crossed the small space between them.  Grabbing her by the waist, he pressed her body into to his.  One hand wrapped around her waist and one on the back of her head, his lips covered hers hungrily as they feasted on the soft flesh.  She was like a drug that made him even more powerful.  She was something that he wanted to possess.  The kiss was full of power and need; it stoked his desire for her even more.  He could feel himself growing hard by the second.  Catherine gave him more than sparks this time she gave him a bolt from the blue.  He heard her whimper in reaction and pulled away.

Glancing at her face, he ignored the surge that was sprinting through his body.  Her eyes now registered terror again; it was something he had never wanted her to feel.  They became huge big pools of blue with water shimmering at the corner.  Gently he wiped the tear from the corner of her eye.  She tried to pull out of his embrace and he tightened his hold.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered as he pushed her head to his shoulder.

Catherine looked up at Kevin, “I’m going home now.  I’m very embarrassed about all of this.”  Her cheeks glowed a beet red, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

“I would say that it was my son that made you react that way,” echoed in the room.  Jerald had made the decision to intercede in this argument because of the sexual attraction that Kevin had for Catherine.  Fearing that Kevin may do something to the woman out of pure lack of self-control.

“Oh shit!”  Kevin groaned.

Catherine latched onto to Kevin tightly.  “Tell me I’m not crazy and you heard it too.”  She trembled as she spoke and Kevin gently rubbed her back in a reassuring manner. 

“No you’re not crazy, that would be my father who most likely will appear any minute now as a floating white vision.”  Kevin looked at her and winked, “He likes big entrances.”

Even though she was registering fear with her posture and gestures, she managed to give a discreet smile.  Her heart thumped wildly as the room became somewhat misty and a white ghostly figure appeared.

“Knock it off dad you’re scaring the hell out of her,” Kevin moaned.

A laugh was heard in the room and the mist disappeared.  A man shorter than Kevin stood in front of her, with curly hair, and slightly balding.  “He’s right, I do like a good entrance.  That’s why my boy is in the business, he likes it too.”

Kevin shot his dad an unamused frown.  Catherine was visibly shaking and both men noted it. 

Jerald returned a scowl, “I’m here to apologize for my voyeuristic son’s behavior.  If he was smaller, I might turn him over my knee like I did when he was younger.”  Jerald watched his son blush profusely.

Catherine giggled at Kevin’s obvious discomfort.  “I wish you would.  It was a terrible thing to do, he frightened me, and he touched me.”

Kevin’s hand tightened around her waist, “Well, why don’t we just tell him everything,” he said with a caustic tone.

Jerald shook his head, “Catherine if I physically could at this point, I would.”  Jerald watched Kevin pinch the bridge of his nose.  Ever since Kevin was little, it was a sign that he was becoming frustrated.  Jerald ambled over to the chair and sat down.

Jerald studied the couple before him.  Catherine had relaxed enough that she was no longer afraid and was leaning on Kevin for support.  “Catherine, you know what Kevin is, what I need to know is do you plan on telling anyone?”

Catherine surveyed the man and then walked right up to the desk.  She tapped her finger on the desk to emphasize her words.  “Yes, I’m going to sell my story to gossip papers and then the men in white coats can come and get me.”

Jerald gave Kevin a wink and a wry smile.  Catherine showed no fear and he saw the blue spark that emanated from the tip of her index finger.  He smiled broadly and let out a whoop in his head.  He was right!  Catherine was a hereditary witch.  Oh, Kevin was going to have his hands full with this one.  Now he was more than pleased with his pick for his son.  “Okay that answers that question for me.  Now are you going to continue to date my son?”

“I don’t date, I’m too busy,” Catherine sighed in exasperation.  Were they all like this, she mumbled under her breath.  “It’s really between us anyway.”

Jerald let loose with a chuckle over the clenching of his son’s jaw.  “Do you want to say something Kevin?”

“Not right now,” he ground out.

“Good,” Jerald idly opened Kevin’s desk drawer pulling a pad and pen out.  He wrote some numbers and handed it to Catherine.  “You have anymore problems with my son dropping in unannounced, call his mom.  She’ll straighten him out, right quick too.”

Catherine smiled as she took the paper from the man.  She could feel his skin but it was somewhat chilled.  Jerald waited thinking that she may jump back from the touch.  “Thank you, but I’m sure Kevin has learned not to do that anymore.  I’m more concerned about the others though.  I don’t want them to do that to me too.”

“They do that to you and I’ll knock the shit out of them,” Kevin hissed as he walked up to grab the paper.

Catherine’s hand clamped on the paper, “It’s mine.”

Kevin’s jaw twitched at the remark.  “If you are done planning our relationship,” he said to his father.  “I would like to ask Catherine out tonight,” as his hand dropped down.

Jerald motioned to the door and it opened.  In walked the boys.  All of them glaring at Kevin, he glared back knowing one of them had called on his father.

All of them looked at Catherine, she didn’t seem afraid of Jerald.  They weren’t able to hear or see anything going on in the room.  Jerald had blocked all of them out.  He was the only one who had the ability to do that.

“Gentlemen, I’ve called you in here to inform you that Catherine does know who you are.  She has promised not to reveal you to anyone.  In addition, none of you are going to be paying any visits to any women in the future, like my son has.  If you do, you will be removed from your post.  Am I clear?”

All of them nodded except for Nick, he kept staring at Catherine, silently he asked if she was okay.  What blew him away was when she turned and answered him with out speaking, “I’m fine Nick.”

Jerald watched and was amazed as he held court at Kevin’s desk.  “Nick and Catherine, would you like to share your conversation with the rest of us?”

A hand bounced off the back of Nick’s head, he turned, it was Kevin, “Knock that shit off you little player.”

“I’m not a player,” he whined.  He looked at Jerald, “Tell him I’m not,” he whined.

The room filled with laughter as Nick whined even louder for Jerald to help him out.

Catherine blushed, she turned her eyes to Kevin, “How come I can hear him?”

Kevin shrugged and moved Nick back a few paces with his eyes.

“We don’t know,” Jerald answered.  He knew she wasn’t ready to understand yet.  It had taken her to be with Kevin to release her powers.  He had a suspicion that they would empower each other.

“Now I’ll take my leave and so will the rest of you,” Jerald announced as a mist filled the room.

“Same for exits,” Kevin laughed loudly into the air.  The boys shuffled out of the room not wanting to say anything.  They were given an order and needed to comply.

“He’s very sweet,” Catherine spoke as she folded the piece of paper neatly.

“Gimme that,” Kevin held out his hand.

“Noooo,” Catherine shook her head.  “He gave it to me, it will keep you in line.  Now about this dating thing, pick me up at eight tonight.”  Catherine turned on her heel, full of confidence for some unknown reason.  She turned back and glanced at Kevin, “Something nice, like dancing, it’s been a long time since I went out.”

Kevin stood there like he had been struck by lightening as his mouth fell open.  He was confused and astonished.  He heard his father laughing in his head, “Go slow boy, she’s new to all of this.”





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