~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 14  

Catherine was a whirlwind in her apartment.  She had made a date.  A date with a man.  She couldn’t remember the last time that she had went on a date.  She had no idea what people wore these days when they went out, calling Jenna once again for help.  Of course Jenna showed up fully knowing that Catherine hadn’t been out that much, if at all.

“So where are you going?”  Jenna sat on the bed eyeing Bert, the nasty cat.

“Dancing, I told him I wanted to go dancing,” Catherine was throwing things out of the closet. 

“You told me that, but where?”  Jenna asked.

Jenna watched as everything coming out of the closet could be labeled serious clothes, nothing for going out.  “Grab your purse, we’re leaving.”

“I can’t leave, it’s five already,” Catherine whined.  “I have no idea where we are going.”

“Catherine give it up, you don’t have proper clubbing clothes.  We have to go shopping.”  Jenna slipped her sneakers on.

“What are clubbing clothes?”  Catherine asked as they headed out the door.  She had handed Jenna her credit card.  She would be in control the entire trip.  Jenna knew more about this than she did.

Jenna shook her head, “If you didn’t live in your books, you would know that.  Party clothes, going out clothes.  You know clubbin’ clothes.  Of course your books landed you a Backstreet Man.”

They pulled into the mall and Jenna proceeded to march Catherine from store to store.  It was going on seven before they finally found something that they both liked.  Jenna kept picking out clothes that were to revealing.  In the end, what she had on was revealing but not to the point Jenna had suggested.

Dashing into the apartment, Catherine bolted for the shower.  Jenna came in when she was done to talk to her about this date.

“What changed your mind about seeing him, the fact that we got busted?”  Catherine wasn’t giving her much information.

She had given Jerald a promise and she would keep it.  “He’s not that bad, I guess I had to get over my crush on Nick.”

Catherine quietly picked up her things and placed them in the new purse she had bought.  Walking to the door, Jenna followed.  Catherine opened the door to find Kevin ready to knock.

Jenna’s eyes bugged out at Kevin, “You devil!”

“I’m not a devil and if you’re not nice to me, I won’t tell you where we’re going tonight,” as he waltzed in the door.

Jenna’s eyes lingered on Kevin as she smiled.  He looked more than good in a pair of tight black pants, black boots, a white shirt, and long black coat.  “You look yummy,” she whispered.

Kevin pulled her into a headlock and gave her a noogie, “Thanks kiddo.”  He let Jenna go and smiled, “I’m sorry I called your dad but if you would have knocked, I would have been easier on you.”

Jenna smoothed her hair into place and chuckled, “It’s cool Kev, he only grounded me for the next month.  I blamed Catherine so he didn’t mind.”

Kevin’s eyes traveled over Catherine, “Mmmm, don’t you look delicious.”

“What do I look like a meal?”  Catherine eyed him cautiously.

Kevin started to open his mouth until Jenna poked him in the ribs, “He’s just kidding, right Kev?”

“Yep kidding,” he wiggled his eyebrows at Jenna.  “We are off, my dear lady, to the Blue Moon.”

“Holy shit!  You’re taking her there?”  Jenna squealed.

“What’s the Blue Moon?”  Catherine asked.  She didn’t have the faintest idea what they were talking about.  It sounded like some place far away.

“Only the hottest place in town.  You have to be somebody to get in.  Reporters and paparazzi are camped out all over the place.  It’s a celebrity club.”

“Oh...,” Catherine blinked as she shivered slightly.  This was insane, going out in public with Kevin for the first time in place such as that.  “Ah Kevin maybe we should...”

Kevin recognized the trepidation, “Ya better get going Jenna, the guys are meeting us too and I don’t want to be late.  They will never let me hear the end of it if I’m late.”

“Okay, gotta jet, I can take a hint.”  Jenna stood by the door and winked at both them.  Catherine looked like a true celeb in suede blue pants, high heeled shoes, and white shimmering pirates blouse.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she giggled as she left.

Catherine rolled her eyes, “Kids.”

“I wonder what Jenna wouldn’t do?” Kevin snickered as he closed and locked Catherine’s door.

Catherine sighed as she walked to her car on automatic pilot.  Kevin steered her towards his truck.  “Not much I’m afraid,” Catherine winced as she mulled it over.

Kevin handed the keys off to the valet, they had come early avoiding the mob scene and mentality that would overtake the club later in the evening.  A few shouts went out as Kevin turned back and flashed a peace sign at the cameras.  His other hand firmly planted on Catherine’s back as he pushed her in front of him and into the club.

“Thanks Kevin,” Catherine said as shook off his hand.

Kevin grabbed her quickly and pulled her to him, “I didn’t think you wanted your picture splashed in the paper tomorrow.”

Catherine’s lips puckered into a big o and she promptly covered her mouth as she blushed.  “Thank you.”

“Hey boss,” Catherine heard from behind her and almost jumped into Kevin’s arms.

Kevin chuckled as he turned her around, “Professor Miller, I would like to you to meet Carlos, my bodyguard.”

“Nice to meet you sir,” she smiled and offered her hand for a shake.

Carlos’s face glowed when she called him sir and he smiled at Kevin, “Nice to meet you Professor.”  Grabbing her hand, he shook it gently.

“Watch my back dude and hers while were here.”  Grabbing her hand, Kevin led them away.  They walked around to the far side of the bar to a table where the guys were sitting.  More than one appreciative look passed over Catherine’s body.  Kevin narrowed his eyes at them and they stopped.

“Hello gentlemen,” she smiled as they joined them.  Nick stood up as she sat down and she grinned.  “It’s nice to know you have manners Nick.”

“My Pa raised me well,” he smacked Kevin in the back and laughed.  Kevin burst out laughing at the remark.  They had been at odds for years but they still held a deep affection for each other.

The ice had been broken much to Catherine’s relief.  Kevin sat as the group began talking business, he ordered a drink and then looked at Catherine waiting for her to answer a non-existent question.

“What?  Oh, I want a glass of wine please.”  All the guys looked at Kevin, then to Catherine, and then back to Kevin.  After realizing what she did, she looked at Kevin for clarification.

“I have no idea,” he shrugged and turned to the waitress telling her what they wanted. 

The conversation drifted along and Catherine ignored most of it.  She was soaking up the atmosphere and watching all the Hollywood celebrities roam the club.  It seemed like hours had passed and she enjoyed the people watching.  A hand on her leg and gentle squeeze brought her attention back.  “Hmm what?”

“I said would you like to dance, that’s why we came here, not to talk business.” 

Kevin’s eyes were just inches from hers and so were his lips.  She felt her stomach do a flip.  “Yes please,” she managed to whisper in a shaky breath. 

Kevin got up and led her to the dance floor.  As they reached the spot he had chosen, he had to remind himself that this was not going to be easy.  Holding her so close and keeping control of the heat that was tormenting his body.  She hadn’t even recognized that the entire time they sat at the table, his hand rested gently on her thigh.  A warm pulsation like electricity vibrated up his arm.

Pulling her close, they gently swayed to the music.  He was getting his senses assailed on all fronts.  He could smell, feel, see, and hear her quietly humming to the music.  His hand caressed her back and for the first time she didn’t pull away from him.  He had to stop himself from pressing much closer or his arousal would have been a dead give away.  Lowering his head slightly he brushed a lock of hair from her ear, “Are you okay with this?”

Catherine looked up at him.  Her body was feeling unusual feelings, things she had never experienced before.  She was light headed and giddy, she was beginning to feel warm all over, her legs trembled a little when he spoke to her.  “Yes, I’m fine,” she murmured as her head discreetly lowered to his shoulder.

Inhaling deeply, he could only think of one thing that would make this night complete for him.  He wanted to taste her, inside and out.  Instead he knew somewhere in his heart that he would have to wait.  The music stopped and they headed back to the table and rejoined the group.

“So Kev, who are you taking to the Grammys?”  A.J. asked with a smirk on his face.  He had watched the two of them dance together.  He saw the blue aura begin to build around Catherine, he became captivated with the light.

“Thanks Aje,” Kevin grunted at him.

“Oh you’re going to the Grammys, that’s fantastic.  I love to watch the red carpet stuff and see everyone dressed up.”  Catherine quickly swallowed her drink thinking she had made a fool of herself in front of them. 

Kevin removed the glass from her hand, “I don’t want you to get loaded on our first date.”  He replaced her drink with another one filled with water. 

“Yes sir,” Catherine chided as the full effects of the wine hit her like a brick. 

The guys chuckled at her for giving Kevin shit about the remark he had made.  Kevin pursed his lips together, “You’re a real puzzle, last night you throw me out, and this morning you don’t want to see me again, now we’re on a date.  So would you go to the Grammys with me?”

Catherine’s eyes flew open, “Me?”

“Well I’m not talking to them,” as he pointed to the fellas.

“Oh I don’t know Kevin, I might be busy,” Catherine excused herself from the table and left for the ladies room.

Nick made airplane noises as A.J. made a machine gun noise while she walked away.  Howie’s, shot down again, was heard two tables over.

“Ya’ll need to grow up,” Kevin looked at them in disgust.

In the ladies room, Catherine got more than an ear full of people’s opinions of the Backstreet Boys.  She shook her head and left, not bothering to use the facilities.  These people do not know Kevin or any of them.  Most of the women just wanted to have sex with them.  Catherine steadied her nerves as she went back to the table.

Catherine sat back down and glared at the men sitting at the table.  She didn’t like the way they had teased Kevin.  She knew what it was like to be teased.  “Yes Kevin I’ll go with you to the Grammys but we’ll talk more later about it.  I’m ready to go, are you?”

Kevin was surprised that she had wanted to leave so early but it was fine with him.  He wanted to talk to her anyway about her sudden answer about the Grammy Awards.  They left the club in a flurry of flashbulbs. 

Pulling up to the condominium, he walked her to the door.  She stood inside the door as he bent to kiss her goodnight.  “Aren’t you coming in,” she spoke as she left him with his lips hanging in the air.

“Guess so,” Kevin mumbled, as he ambled into the apartment. 

She offered him a glass of wine and he refused as they sat on the couch.  “What do I wear to the Grammy’s?  How much does something like that cost?  When are they?  Can I rent something?”

Kevin pulled the glass from her hand, “God you’re full of questions and you’ve had enough wine.”  He leaned over to her,  “It’s expensive, you can’t rent anything, and we’ll go shopping together and find something nice.  I’ll pay for it, my treat since I will have the most beautiful and intelligent date there.”  His hand settled around her shoulders as he tipped her chin up to meet hers. 

Catherine was dizzy and flushed again, here comes those feelings again, she agonized in her head.  Lowering his head slightly he kissed her softly.  He ran his tongue over her lips and she pulled back but then pushed forward.  When she didn’t respond appropriately he looked at her.  “Open your mouth sweet thing,” he whispered as he bent back down.  He repeated it again, and she shyly parted her lips as his tongue licked at her bottom lip.

A groan escaped from Kevin as he finally could savor her, he was spiraling from the flavor.  Leaning closer, he forced her back on the couch.  Trying not to get things too heated was too late as his tongue dove into her.  Small gasps would escape from her lips as his hand went from traveling up and down her arm to gently brushing against her breasts.

Catherine could feel his fingers through the thin material of the shirt and bra she wore.  She felt like she was melting and could bring herself to any lucid thoughts at the moment. 

Kevin abruptly sat up and leaned his head back on the couch, “This is insane.”

Catherine looked at him with the innocence of a small child, “What is?”

A groan and then a chuckle escaped him.  This had confirmed his worst fear; Professor Miller was a virgin.  The implication hit him full force during the kiss.  She had no idea how to respond to his advances.  She was naive to what was going on.  He saw the little fleeting look of alarm in her face. 

Catherine became embarrassed, yet again with Kevin.  He had managed to do that more and more lately.

As the silence invaded the room, Kevin stood up.  “The Grammy’s are in two days, so we will have to shop tomorrow.  You’ll come to my house to get dressed for the show and then we’ll take a limo.  You don’t have class on the weekend so I’ll pick you up tomorrow at ten.  ”

Catherine sat stunned on the couch as he practically ran out he door, flipping the lock on the way out.  “Well Bert, I guess I’ll be dateless again,” she groaned as she headed to bed.





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