~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 15  

The limo pulled up to his house and the chauffer came around to open the door.  Kevin exited and held his hand out for Catherine to follow.  Some how she knew that tonight had changed how they felt about each other.  The show was fabulous and it was the first time that she had seen him perform.  He looked very suave in her eyes dressed neatly in black and a deep blue that complimented her outfit.  Now she knew why he was so persistent on taking her shopping.  Adding to the fact that they had won a coveted Grammy made Kevin seem to float around the room at the after party.

Without hesitation, she followed him into the house.  He stalked off to the kitchen and motioned her towards his formal living room.  Kevin came behind her with a glass of champagne and handed to her, “Thank you dear lady for making me the happiest man there tonight.”

They clinked glasses and she returned a smile.  “I shouldn’t drink this I need to drive home.”

Kevin’s top teeth came in contact with his bottom lip.  Rolling his lip into his mouth, he meditated on his words.  He could express his feelings and needs to her or be silent.  He opted for the first to see if she would again not know or understand what he was asking her.  “Only if you want to?”

Catherine’s body became weak at his words.  She absorbed them, but to be honest with herself she was still unsure.  All these years she had vowed that this was something that she would share only with a person she truly loved.  Kevin had stirred something inside her that she had always knew was there but had lain dormant all these years.  Dropping her head slightly, “I don’t know Kevin, I have these preconceived ideas about what I want.”

Kevin reached for her and pulled her to him.  The music hit on cue from the sound system and Kevin smiled.  Slowly he twirled around, “That’s fine but I would like to dance with you.”

Catherine became lost in his arms, they were strong yet tender as he danced her around the room and hummed in her ear softly. 

Without warning, Catherine’s hands stroked his back.  Kevin stopped momentarily to remove his jacket and tie.  If she was going to touch him, he wanted to be able to feel it a little more directly.  He smiled as he clasped his arms around her once again.  Her shyness had crept back into when he had stopped.  Her hips brushed into his more than once and he was damnedest to ignore the contact causing the spasm in his groin.

Sighing in his head, he had battled his conscience for the last two days over this.  He kept saying to himself he was ‘too damn old to be poppin’ cherries’.  Who would have imagined that you would find a virgin in L.A. anyway, let alone one this old.  Considering she had her nose stuffed in books since she was little he could see why.  Even as pretty as she was, girls like her were inapproachable.  They were too smart, the whiz kids.  His feelings for her had grown over the last several months.  When he was on tour he spoke to her on the telephone.  A few times he mentally snuck into the condo just so he could see her.  He had to admit he was holding more than affection for the young Professor.  He was uncertain if she reciprocated those feelings.

Kevin’s hands slowly glided over her back, the backless gown that he had chosen was prefect for this.  Her skin was soft and smooth to touch.  Her scent wafted in the air.

Catherine’s head came to rest on his shoulder, as she pressed a little closer.  The feeling of him holding her was soothing but yet in a different way.  He was moving something in her.  She felt she couldn’t get close enough to him. 

“I can wait...,” he whispered in her ear.  “But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want you to change your mind.”  His hips pushed a little closer into her.  A subtle reminder perhaps.

As Kevin’s hand skimmed her sides and ribs, she felt butterflies in her stomach.  Her legs suddenly felt like thick tree trunks anchored in dirt.  She couldn’t move and didn’t want to, unless Kevin guided her there.  Kevin softly stroked her sides as her arms were wrapped around his neck.  “I’ve never...” she murmured delicately

Kevin heard the words as she had confirmed his predetermined idea about Catherine’s shyness.  “That makes it more special and puts a hell of a responsibility on me,” he muttered carelessly.

Catherine turned her face up to his, wondering why he had said such a thing.  His eyes were closed and he was silent, lost in thought. 

“I’m a little nervous,” she whispered.

Kevin glanced through slightly raised eyelids; she was blushing crimson red.  “I think everyone is the first time, I was.”  Trying to reassure her without setting any nervous tension off.  She had become relaxed and compliant in his arms.

“You?” she smiled slightly as her big blue eyes stared at him.

“Please Catherine, you act like I’m some kinda God or somethin’,” Kevin answered her question and waited for the reaction.  He heard her laugh as a little more strain was released from her.

Placing her hand on his shoulder, she bent down and removed her shoe.  Then she tossed it to the couch, she did the same with the other.  Kevin understood it as her signal that she was staying and that she had given him a yes.

Grabbing the champagne and glasses in one hand and her hand in the other, silently they walked one behind the other to the back of the house.  Catherine knew where they were going, but it was the suddenness of move that more than terrified her. 

She glanced as they entered the room and she smiled.  It was very old world.  A large canopy bed stood anchored to one wall, gossamer fabric streamed from the frame, along with strips of dark blue velvet brocade that were tied with large gold cords.  Across the room sat one dresser and the opposite wall held another.  She glanced at the small old-fashioned washstand with a bowl and pitcher sitting on it against the wall.  It must have some type of meaning for him.  She could see the door was open to the master bath, which was done in blue and white tile.  It was a beautiful room.

Kevin sensed her inspection was complete but he was at a stumbling point, he didn’t know how to proceed.  The intimacy they had shared in the living room seemed to have quelled in this room.  He walked over and hit a button and the music once again filled the room.

Pulling his shirt out of his pants, he flexed his shoulders trying to relive the tightness.  Catherine was as uptight about this as he was.  “Turn around Catherine,” he said as he unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt and rolled his sleeves up.

Catherine turned but with some trepidation.  She felt Kevin’s hands on her shoulders and nearly jumped out of her skin, then she heard, “I’m good with shoulders remember.”

Slowly she let him work the rigidity from her shoulders, his fingertips applying pressure in the right places.  His hands traveled down her back and to her waist as she concentrated on his voice.  She felt so helpless at that moment; she couldn’t fight what was going on inside of her.  All of these strange feelings and something different, but she didn’t know what it was.  She felt his hands unzip the dress over her bottom with one hand while his other arm was draped around her waist.  She went up on her toes not use to having someone touch her there.

Little by little Kevin turned her, as he loosened the tie at the nape of her neck.  He kissed her skin lightly as he undid the tie.  He left as little room as possible between them.  The dressed dropped to the ground as fast as her face did.  Bracketing her face with both hands, he kissed her lips, “You are a very beautiful girl.”

“I’m not a girl,” she pouted at him.  His hands pulled at the chignon and her hair tumbled down framing her face.

Her expression did him in; someone so chaste could only pull off the cute little pucker she wore.  “No you’re not,” as he slipped his shirt off and led her to the bed.  He pushed her in a laying position on her side, while she still wore her panties.  He wasn’t ready to see all of her anymore than he was comfortable with dropping his own drawers right now.

“Hey Tim!  Check out Kev, it’s cherry picking time,” he heard Jerald laugh.

Kevin groaned and Catherine flinched, “Maybe I should go.”

“No, no, no, it’s not you.”  Kevin placed a hand on her hip to keep her in place.  He smiled as he heard his father yelling at Jerald.  He then told Kevin that while he didn’t approve, he would not be disturbed by anyone for the rest of the evening.  A mentally muttered thanks was all he could muster.

Scooting closer to Catherine, he placed his arm under her head and cradled in the hollow of his shoulder, bending his arm to support his head in his hand.  His finger came up and tenderly traced her lips before he replaced them with his lips.  Nibbling slow and tugging at her.  Gradually she opened her mouth and permitted his tongue in. 

She had no idea what she was doing she was reacting to whatever Kevin did to her.  Her hand timidly went to his chest and she touched him lightly.  Kevin smiled so she did it again.  His smile grew bigger with each daring move that she made.  She made contact with his nipple, Kevin’s eyes took on a smoky haze, and he shuddered slightly.  “I’m sorry,” she apologized.

“Don’t apologize, I liked it,” he gave her a tender smile.  Inside he was churning, full of wanting, desire, and need.  An appetite that needed to be satisfied, it was time.  The pad of his finger brushed the same nipple he had touched before but not in person.  It transformed into a tight, high, nub.  Kevin glanced to Catherine who was watching his hand.  “Oh God, how much more of this can I take?” he moaned in his head.  It was exotic and erotic at the same time.  Gently he tugged the bud between his fingers, Catherine’s eyes still focused on his hand.  She didn’t understand how amazing it was for her to have the ability to watch herself get hard under his hands.  Most women would just lay back and enjoy his ministrations.  She was gasping but watching at the same time.  He felt the pressure in his groin, snapping and snarling for a release.

Pushing her flat on her back, he took the unattended nipple in his mouth.  He kissed lightly and then began to suck more forcefully.  A moan came from Catherine as she fell back onto the pillow, no longer watching him.  He paid equal attention to both as his hand wandered down to her mound.  Scooting up to her, he lightly traced the elastic band of the panties that held them in place.  As he lowered his lips to hers his hand slipped inside.  His fingers trailed over the golden curls that he had gotten a glimpse of the other night.  Soft and furry were the only two words that come to mind.

Catching his own breath, he stood up and relieved himself of his pants and boxers.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, he reached for the nightstand drawer.  Sliding it open, he pulled out a foiled square. Taking care of the protection needs.  Kevin turned to Catherine and lowered himself slowly back to her. 

Catherine’s face flushed as he came to her, she was more than inquisitive but didn’t want to seem over zealous.  Being limited to an occasional nude in a picture didn’t seem to account for much at this point.  Fighting her bashfulness, she placed a hand on his chest.  Kevin’s hand wrapped around her wrist as he guided her down to his erection.  A few hasty brushes and her hand wanted to retreat.  He let her do so since he was now devising his plan to divest her of her panties. 

Kevin hitched a finger into the waistband of one side and slid them down slightly.  Catherine didn’t jump as he did the same to the other.  He drew them slowly down her legs as he leaned over her.  His fingers danced up her legs until they reached her center.  Laying back down he watched her now look at him with something more than shyness it was a look of yearning.  Pushing over her slightly so that he could part her legs with one of his own, he began the slow assault into her body. 

Catherine whimpered when he parted her legs and touched her.  She tensed slightly and Kevin kissed her deeply as his fingers stroked her between her thighs.  Kevin could feel the dampness on his fingers before he had even entered her.  Parting her folds gently, he cracked one eye open to judge her reaction.  There was still time to stop if she wanted him to.  The heat in his loins was telling him to shut the hell up.  Inserting a finger he gently pushed in and out until he could include a second.  He had found the one obstruction that reminded him of what she really was.

Catherine lay beneath Kevin not saying anything.  She was just feeling things that were uncommon to her, she watched as much as she dared without getting caught.  Catherine closed her eyes she had seen enough, now she wanted him to not stop.  She felt his weight shift and her legs were opened wider, her eyes flew open, as he was poised above her. 

 “Catherine if you want to say no you still can.”

Catherine swallowed her dignity and gazed at him, “I’m embarrassed I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.”

“You don’t have to do anything, just do what feels good to you,” he murmured.  His hand sought out her tiny pearl of desire.  Pressing and rolling the button with his fingers, he enjoyed watching her take pleasure in the feeling.  As a sheen of perspiration built on her skin, her hips were responding physically and pushing into his hand.

Catherine was dazed at the sensation between her legs, it radiated from the center of her stomach through her entire body.  It was warm and tingling at first and then quickly turned to a pressure that needed to be released.  She couldn’t breathe it felt so tight, her thighs tightened, her back, her entire body.  Then just as suddenly she was flooded with relief and she squealed as she shuddered.  She lifted her eyes to Kevin, whose face was soft and loving, he was wearing a slight smirk.

Kevin heard the squeal and checked his emotions, as he positioned himself at her entrance.  Gently he began pressing into her.  He studied her face for a reaction as she gasped slightly.  He pushed further until he was blocked by the thin piece of skin.  He had a choice to make, being gentle wouldn’t make it better.  Bracing himself on his hands, he pulled back and then thrusted forward.  Catherine’s hips reared up and a slight yelp came from her.

Stopping he softly kissed her as he held himself in place.  Her hips were twisting under from the hurting.  “I’m sorry baby, but that is a woman’s pain that can only be felt once,” he whispered.  He was comfortable with the fact that now he could give Catherine everything she needed to make this a night to remember.  His hand sought out her clitoris once again to find her still swollen and sensitive.  He halted again, in order to give her even more pleasure.  Once he had guided her over the edge again, he mindlessly thrust into her.  Her hips met his thrust for stroke, he reached down gently and hitched her leg over his hip as he pushed even deeper into her.  Hearing Catherine murmur his name was all it took for him to propel himself to his own release.  “Sweet Catherine,” he groaned as his body shook with a giant spasm.





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