~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 16  

Kevin disengaged himself from Catherine and cuddled next to her.  Stroking her blond mane absently as he waited for her to speak.  Pulling her close, he whispered in her ear as he exposed it to his lips, “Are you okay?  Did I hurt you?”

“No,” came meekly from her. 

Kevin sighed, he wanted to reassure her, but he didn’t see how he could.  Tonight she gave him something that she could give no other.  He knew what he didn’t want and that was for her to go charging out of the room and run home.  Catherine had given him something of value that she had never given to anyone else.  Some where inside of her she must have felt something for him.

“Stay here,” he uttered as he pulled himself out of the bed.

Catherine scrambled for a sheet to cover her exposed body.  She was sore and uncomfortable.  She watched Kevin, who was naked as a jaybird walking to the bathroom.  As he passed by the pitcher and water bowl, he grabbed them and took them with him.

Catherine needed to go home, she was confused and unsteady.  She had feelings for Kevin that hit her like rock when they were shopping but now she was feeling foolish and stupid.

“Catherine, where are you going?”  Kevin asked as he looked in the mirror.  The sight of a creamy white leg popping out from under the sheet caught his attention.  He filled the pitcher with water and set in the bowl.  Grabbing a washcloth, he turned around and headed to the bed.  She did notice that he had managed to find a pair of pajama bottoms in the bathroom.

“I, ah, thought I would go home now,” she pulled the sheet even tighter to her exposed body and drew her legs together.

As soon as he approached, she jumped.  He carefully set the basin on the bed and held the washcloth over it.

Catherine watched as he poured the water over the cloth and it spilled into the basin.  His large hand squeezed the cloth.  She was mesmerized as she watched the water spill from between his fingers.

 “No Catherine, you’re going to stay with me tonight.  I don’t make a habit of making love to a woman and then booting her out of here.”  Kevin’s dry hand began pulling the sheet out of the bottom of the bed.  His hand latched onto the corner of the sheet, he snatched it, and flipped up towards Catherine.  He had succeeded in exposing her to his view.

“Kevin!”  Catherine shouted as he sat on the side of the bed and refused to let her cover up.  His right hand held the sheet away while his left hand went to the flat plane of her belly.  Still grasping the washcloth, his hand dropped between her thighs and ran up and down the inside of her legs. 

She couldn’t move; she was frozen in her place, her face registered shock.  Kevin washed between her legs, gently wiping the blood smear away.  Rinsing the cloth once in the basin; he returned it to her source of soreness. He pressed the cloth to her and waited a second or two.  Without comment, he noted the blood-stained sheet.  Tenderly he parted her nether lips and pressed the warm cloth to her.

Catherine blindly stared at him and could only blink as he tended to her.  Closing her eyes, she took a gulp of air as he returned to the bathroom.  She heard the water turn on in the tub and presumed she could make a clean get away.

Delicately she slipped from the bed, but as she stood up, she winced slightly, not having ever used those muscles in that manner before and never having used others ever.

Kevin caught her hand as she tried to straighten up, “Catherine I told you, you are staying with me tonight.  The door is locked; nobody can come or go.”

Pulling her to the bathroom, she stumbled along still not having gotten her wits about her yet.  Once inside, she smelled her favorite scents, sandalwood and jasmine.  She heard the door shut behind her, she turned and he was gone.  “Some privacy finally,” she spoke to herself.

An invitation was not needed for settling in the huge tub.  Glancing at the door, she saw an ice blue sheath just like the one she had at home.  There was a note pinned to it, which she couldn’t read.  She wasn’t ready to get out yet either, “It’ll wait,” she giggled as she blew bubbles off her hand.

“You did it kiddo, you finally joined the real world,” she grinned to herself.  “It wasn’t that bad either,” she smiled.

Kevin lay in bed staring at the ceiling listening to her talk to herself.  “Well, at least it wasn’t that bad,” he chuckled.  She had seen the gown that he had bought that was identical to the one she had worn when he first touched her while she slept.  That memory is something he would never forget.  His stomach grumbling gave him another idea as he padded off to the kitchen.

Catherine sat in the tub; she began to understand that all of this was for her.  Kevin was being as much of a gentleman as he possibly could.  Trailing her hands through the bubbles, she gibbered to herself.  “Well at least it wasn’t in the backseat of Ricky Valentine’s Mustang.”

Kevin was slicing tomatoes when he heard her say it and cut his finger.  “Backseat of a car my ass,” he grumbled.

“Oh you never did that did ya Kev?”

“Shut up!” he yelled at A.J. who had invaded his space again.  “My dad said I wouldn’t be bugged for the rest of the night.”

“He meant the bedroom; you’re in the kitchen,” A.J. laughed.

 “Making cherry sundaes Kev?”  Howie chortled.

“Fuck off D!”  Kevin growled.  He ignored them as they taunted him.  He was beginning to get irate just as he popped the bruchetta under the broiler.  He watched the clock and wondered if Catherine was ever going to re-appear from the bathroom.

Just as the food was ready, she tiptoed behind him.  “Boo!” she yelled as the food slid onto the stove.  She had read the note pinned to the gown that said, “For a true lady, Love Kevin.”

“Dammit Catherine!” he scowled at her as he retrieved his snack.

“I’m sorry,” she tried to hide her smile.

“Yes Kevy she’s sowrrrry, she doesn’t know not to mess with you when you’re hungry,” came in a baby voice to him.

“Nick, leave Kevin alone,” Catherine spoke aloud to an empty room.  She smiled at Kevin when she said it.  She had heard the entire conversation as she came up the hall.  She was thrilled, she didn’t understand or know why but she could hear everything that they were saying.  Being with Kevin had changed her, she no longer felt empty, or bashful about anything.  She felt like she could take on the world.

“OH!  This could be fun,” A.J. laughed.

Kevin doubled over with laughter.  He leaned over to Catherine and whispered in her ear.

“No fun for you Nicky and if don’t leave I’ll whip your butt!”  Catherine was pretending to be in a huff but she wasn’t she felt so exhilarated.

“You told her to call me that!”  Nick’s scream could be heard through out the house.

 Kevin was having a full-blown laugh attack at Nick’s anger.  He hated being called that.

“Nicky, Nicky, Nicky,” Catherine giggled.

“Knock it off Cathy,” Nick snickered trying to get even.  The first day they met she told him never to call her that.

“Listen you little immature brat.  Take a hike!”  Catherine yelled so loud Kevin bobbled the plate.

“Easy baby they’re just teasing you,” Kevin grabbed her hand as held the plate in the air.  “Let’s go to bed, they can’t bother us in there.”

“Why not?”  Catherine pulled her arm from Kevin’s grasp.

“Because my dad was here earlier and he told them they couldn’t, I thought he meant the entire house.”  Kevin shoulders went up and down in a meaningless gesture.

Kevin and Catherine heard the boys start teasing again as they stood in the hallway.  Both of them heard the boys start putting in orders to Chef Kevin.  “I want a cherry soda,” Howie snickered.  “Oh I know, I want a sundae with a cherry on top,” A.J. joined in.

“What about you Nick?”  A.J. laughed.

“Cherry pie is good for me!” he laughed the loudest at his own lame humor.

“MR. RICHARDSON, THEY’RE BOTHERING US AGAIN!”  Catherine screamed as loud as she could.

“Oh shit,” Kevin muttered as he looked at her mildly shocked that she would even consider disturbing his father.

“I’ll take care of it dear,” a soft manly voice answered her.

“Thank you,” she smiled as Kevin’s eyes rolled around in horror.

“Let’s go,” Kevin grabbed her hand and pushed her into the bedroom, slamming the door shut.  “Don’t you ever call my dad on the guys again!”

“Well they wouldn’t leave,” Catherine glared at him with fury on her face.

Kevin watched the blue aura form around her head.  “Uh-oh, I think I’m in trouble.”

“Yes you are.  You stood out there and let them make fun of me,” Catherine rasped out.

Kevin began shaking his head back and forth as he watched her feet leave the floor.  “Um, Catherine honey, you need to calm down.”  The only thing he knew that could do that and be blue was a hereditary witch.  They were rare and their powers awakened slowly only with the onset of womanhood.  The phrase, ‘Onset of womanhood,’ clicked in his brain.  “Aww fuck,” he groaned, he had unleashed her and didn’t even know it.

“Don’t swear Kevin I don’t like it,” Catherine chastised him, she hadn’t even seen that she was levitating six inches off the ground.

All of his teachings flooded back into his mind.  She was now his responsibility, he had to teach and guide her in her powers.  He wanted to teach Catherine several things, this wasn’t what he had in mind.

Catherine began to giggle as she turned herself around in the air, “Pretty neat huh?”

“GET DOWN!”  Kevin reprimanded her.  “You don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to get hurt.”  Kevin couldn’t conceive this by any stretch of the imagination.  No wonder they were so attracted to each other and she was a virgin, they were meant to be together.

Kevin’s eyes sparkled as he watched her twirl in the air, “So mote it be baby, so mote it be.”

Both of them heard his parent’s laughter in a far away place.  “Be careful dear, we don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I will,” Catherine smiled, delighted with her new found talents.  “Do you know what this means!” she squealed.

“Yep, we have to get the Council’s approval first.”  Kevin’s eyebrows went up as she smiled at him.

“If they say no what happens?” as she fluttered down to the carpet.

 “Beats the hell out of me,” Kevin whispered as he leaned over and kissed her sweetly.

Catherine besieged him with questions for hours.  “Why were they going to the Council?  What happens next?”  Kevin listened to the questions as they came faster than he could answer them.  The last question, ‘Would he be her mentor?’ ticked him off.  He was going to be her mentor all right, but for everything, not just her powers.

“We’ll discuss all of this tomorrow, now if you don’t shut up, I’m going out to the garage getting a roll of duct tape, and then I’ll tape your mouth shut.  Go to sleep!”

Catherine looked at him like a petulant child.  Kevin offered her his arm and she curled up next to him as she drifted off to sleep.  Snuggled safely in his arms, she finally felt complete.





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