~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 19  

Catherine sank into the mattress towards nightfall.  She was still exhausted from the events from the evening before.  She didn’t have the heart to turn on the television and watch all the after events.  Her phone rang incessantly and she refused to answer.  The machine screened her calls, all from Kevin.  He had become increasingly upset with her for not answering the phone.  The last call came at around ten with him shouting into the machine, “I know you are home, pick up the damn phone and talk to me!”

Restlessly she rolled around on the bed, sleep eluding her as much as she wanted and needed it.  Her emotions twisted, and knotted in her stomach.  The bed moved slightly and she frowned.  “What are you doing here?”

“You wouldn’t answer the phone,” a deep voice answered her.

“Get out of my room, I didn’t invite you here,” she whispered quietly.  The bed moved again and she then felt the emptiness of the room once again.  Never in her life did she think that she would ever have the abilities that she now owned.  If anybody had told her this was going to happen to her, she would have laughed at them.  It was no longer a humorous thought.  A tear slid down her face as Bert nuzzled up next her, sensing her need for comfort.

Closing her eyes, she softly petted the cat to calm herself.  Eventually she drifted into a deep sleep.  The nightmare began again about the bracelet; it was the same yet different.  She was running again but this time to someone, as she reached the clearing she could see it was the Dean.  Latching onto him, he smiled and then he cut loose with an evil laughter.  She began to back away only to find Kevin behind her.  “Make a choice,” they chanted.  “Good versus Evil, life versus living.” 

The dream stopped as quickly as it had started.  She felt a warmth blanket her body like a down comforter.  Sighing contently, she snuggled and drifted to a less agitated sleep.

Awaking in the morning she felt refreshed but disturbed.  The dream was so vivid to her and so was the stoppage of it.  “Time to move on Bert,” she rasped as she flung the blankets back. 

“Hey!” came from behind her in the bed.

Catherine practically fell out of the bed startled by the voice.  As she turned around she gasped, “OH NO!”

A dark head propped on an elbow looked at her.  His green eyes still dazzled her.  She shook her head back and forth, “This is not possible, how did you do this?”

“Magic,” Kevin grinned at her.

“How did you get in here?” as she grabbed for her robe.  To say that she couldn’t think straight would be too close to the truth.

Ignoring the question, he watched her whip around the room in a willy-nilly fashion.  “You were distressed last night, you needed me.”

Grabbing the hairbrush from the vanity, she shook at him as he lay in her bed.  “I did not need you!”

Kevin smoothed the blankets back out and propped his hands behind his head.  “Did too, you asked me to come.”

“I did not,” as she stormed out of the bedroom.

Kevin yawned as he rolled on his side.  Closing his eyes he began to go back to sleep.  It had been a long night for him.  Catherine hadn’t called him to her as much as he felt her embrace him during the night.  She was trembling and scared.  Once he used a little magic to get in the condo, he found Catherine in bed, terrified.  He entered her nightmare but it was strange, he wasn’t himself, he was somebody else but he didn’t know who.

Catherine made her coffee and pranced around the kitchen talking to herself.  “I didn’t ask him to come here, I know I didn’t.  I remember everything about that dream.  I didn’t ask him.” 

Catherine assumed maybe it was a hold over from the dream.  She walked back to her bedroom.  No, no dream, he was really there and still in her bed.  Bert uncurled himself from Kevin’s feet and trotted out of her bedroom looking to eat.  “Feed yourself you fleabag!”

She went to her desk in the living room and began to jot things down.  She was going to sort this all out, again.  She had made her decision yesterday and now Kevin had showed up and ruined her plan.  This was illogical and not the norm.  Things were black and white.

Concentrating, she wrote her list.  Things that were important to her and things that he had told her that were important to him.  At the top of her list were her job and the ability to earn a living.  Bert ran by her and hissed.  She glanced at him, “Okay I get the point.”  Idly she went to the kitchen in search of cat food, finding it she dumped it in the dish.  Bert was still hissing when there was a knock on her apartment door.

“Good morning Catherine,” the Dean smiled.

“Dean!” she gulped as she suddenly froze.  “Um I wasn’t expecting you, let me get dressed.”

Catherine left the man standing in her kitchen as she ran down the hall.  She slammed the door shut and pressed her palms against it.  The slamming of the door was enough to rouse Kevin from his sleep.  Rolling over he looked at the frantic woman as she tossed her robe and nightgown to the floor.  Grabbing khakis and a shirt, she dressed hurriedly.  “Don’t move, don’t say a word, do not come out of this room.”

She was gone out the door just as fast as she came in.  Kevin frowned and talked to himself.  “Well that would’ve been a helluva a lot more fun had she gone a little slower.”  Pulling himself from the bed, he looked out in the parking lot.

Kevin began a conversation with Catherine, she yelled at him and told him to shut-up she couldn’t talk to two people at the same time.  Kevin became silent and listened to her be lectured by someone on proper behavior of a young lady.  Kevin tried as hard as he could to get into the room to look but somehow he was blocked.  “Catherine you are blocking me out.” 

A reply of, “No I’m not, I don’t know how or I would have kicked you out before.”

Patiently he listened to the man berate, insult, and then lovingly cajole Catherine.  He didn’t like what he had heard since it mainly dealt with him.  Quietly the door opened and Catherine stood in front of him with tears in her eyes.  “You have to go, I can’t see you any more, please.”  She left the door quickly.

“Hold up a minute,” Kevin jumped from the bed and went down the hall.  “Who the hell was that, your father?”

Catherine shook her head from side to side, “No, the Dean of the department.”

Kevin went to the kitchen and made coffee, he motioned her to join him.  “Sit down,” as he pulled the chair. 

“You could put some pants on,” she frowned at him. 

“What you don’t like my boxers now?” he frowned back, not in the mood for side-tracking the conversation.

Catherine looked at him, “If I continue to see you, they have threatened to pull everything away from me.  I won’t have a job, my education, transportation, or a home.”

“Impossible Catherine, they can’t do that,” Kevin savored the flavor of the coffee in his mouth. 

“He can and he will.  He’s very angry with me, he was here yesterday when I got home from your place.  I think he knows that I acted improperly.”

“Oh he was, was he, Why?”  Kevin sipped slowly as he tried to quell his emotions.  “There is nothing improper about making love to somebody.”

Catherine bounced out of the chair and into the living room.  Kevin followed and began talking to her.  He sat on the floor and held his hand for her to join him.  “You need to relax and calm down.  Now, ya ready?”

In desperation she sat and closed her eyes, she listened to Kevin’s cues, almost immediately she relaxed, and zoned out on him.  This is exactly what Kevin wanted, something was very wrong with the relationship between Catherine and her Dean. 

“Catherine tell me about the Dean?”  Kevin prompted as he began to walk around the room.  He was hoping everyone else was to busy doing other things not to bust him for this.

“He takes care of me,” Catherine smiled at him.

“Hmm, how Catherine?”  Kevin continued.

“The apartment, the car, my job, all those things.  I’m his protégé,” Catherine spoke with sincerity. 

“Protégé for what Catherine?”  Kevin felt a grip around his heart after she had said it.

“The department silly,” Catherine muttered.

“Is that all Catherine?”  Kevin came from behind her and sat. 

“I think so love,” she leaned back in his arms.

A faint smile grew on his face, she did care for him but something was coming between them and their commitment.  “I want you to relax now for a few minutes, when it’s over you will feel much better, okay?”

“Okay,” she smiled slightly as he wrapped his arms around her. 

Kevin let her rest against him as he sorted his thoughts and came to some conclusions.  The Dean was well aware of Catherine’s where abouts at all times.  He held a heavy influence on her and threatened her over something as normal as a relationship.  The big question was, “Is it me or any relationship?”  Kevin heard the alarm go off, Catherine needed to get ready for class.  Catherine had alarm clocks everywhere and for everything.

“Sweet thing, I want you to wake up now.  You’re going to forget all about the Dean being here this morning and upsetting you again.  You’re going to go teach your class and I’m going to wait here for you to come back, okay.”  Kevin spoke softly to her.

“Okay,” she whispered as her eyes fluttered open.

“You’re still too good looking,” she grinned.

“So are you,” as he dropped a kiss on her cheek.  “Do you feel better?”

“Yes I do, thank you,” as she pulled herself from the floor.  “Oh look at the time, I’m going to be late.”  She dashed around yet again and Kevin sat on the floor watching where Bert had joined him.

“You’re going to be here when I get back, right?”  Catherine asked from the door.

“Yes, I’ll be here.”  Kevin gave her a devilish grin.  Sometimes I just love having these extra talents, he said to himself.





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