~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 22  

Still clasping her hand, he moved her towards the vanity.  Sliding the bench out all of the way, he looked in the mirror at her reflection as she stood there.  He had looked at her reflection before and knew he would never tire of it.  “I have something else for you.  Close your eyes.” 

Digging into his pocket, he pulled the leather string out with the amulet attached.  Slipping it around her neck, he tied the knot.  Pulling on the knot in either direction testing its tensile.  “Open them,” he whispered in her ear.

Catherine could feel the cool metal on her chest.  Glancing down she saw a silver medallion; she began to finger the indentations.  She was trying to figure out their meanings. 

Kevin’s fingers folded around hers, he helped her trace the symbols.  “This is my mark, you will always wear this.  It’s to keep negative energy and things away from you.”

Catherine was amazed at the beautiful piece of silver.  Turning it over she studied the marks on the back.  She had recognized some of them from the Zodiac.

“This will keep you safe.  It will inform others who know of me and what I am what we are to each other.  It reminds others who understand and practice the craft how special you are to me.”

Safely tucking the charm down into the bodice of the gown, she turned.  Kissing him lightly on the tip of his nose, “Sort of like a Pre-engagement ring.”

“Exactly,” he smiled at her. 

Catherine watched his eyes dance over her.  The crystal green in them gave way to a smokier tone.  Giving her a once over yet again, only this one was not as innocent as the last.  Placing his hands on her hips as he guided her to the bed.

Sitting down he began to admire her even more as she stood between his knees.  Catherine was swiftly becoming self-conscious under his stare.  Kevin found that Catherine’s purity shined ever more radiant to him in this nightgown.  His eyes swept over her shoulders as they were bared in the gown.  A low cut bodice with tiny pink rosettes.  The waist was not defined in the semi-sheer fabric with a long ribbon draped down the front of the bodice.  He smiled at the ruffle on the bottom and the tangerine polished toes that poked out from beneath.

His hands grabbed the fabric at her waist and began pulling it towards her head.  “There’ll be other times for this to be worn, right now I just want you, nothing else between us.”

Catherine could feel the heat in her cheeks as she blushed.  Kevin was gazing at the amulet, as it nestled into its new home, her cleavage.  Raising her arms, she began to unfasten the gift.  Hands grasped her arms quickly and with a sudden force.  Shaking her quickly to stop her movements, she jumped.  Her eyes were huge as she looked at him.

“You are never to take this off for anyone, ever.  Not even if I ask you to, you will not take it off, understood.”

“Yes,” she nodded in compliance.  His voice was commanding this time, she could tell.  “Can I ask why?”

“To tell you the truth, I charged this necklace with some magick.  I don’t want anyone to get a hold of it or something to happen to you.”  Kevin hadn’t told a lie, he hadn’t told her about the real fear that had been eating at him.  Lifting his own amulet he held it next to hers.  Turning it slightly, he showed her that where her amulet had recesses his had protrusions.  “They fit together, like us,” as he dropped his back to his chest.  Still holding hers, he softly set it on her skin.  His lips followed, kissing the amulet as it rested against her flesh, she finally felt the sparks that she had been giving him all along.

Catherine’s lip’s parted slightly and she gasped as her body felt the charge.

“That’s good baby, that’s good.”  Bracketing her hips, with his hands he backed her up one step.  Standing up he tilted his head and looked her in the eye.  “I need to ask you a serious question Catherine.”  He began his little speech in his head on how he was going to broach the subject with her.  The timing was wrong but in a way it was very right.  We are about to start a life together but we have a long way to go…

Catherine sensed what Kevin was asking, actually she had heard what he was thinking.  It unnerved her slightly at first.  “I’m on the pill Kevin... for medical reasons.” 

Kevin’s head shook at first when he heard her answer.  “Good,” he voiced as she smiled at him.  He knew she was pleased with her new ability.  This was not accidental like the last few times; this was intentional.

Turning he forced her to sit where he had been sitting.  Automatically her hands crossed over her chest.  “No, No...” he whispered as he placed her hands on his hips.  Reaching behind his head, he pulled his sweater off, tossing it to the corner.

Her hands hadn’t moved from his hips.  She was gazing at the firmly sculptured abdomen in front of her.

“Unbuckle my belt,” he spoke in a husky tone.  His hands tucked up under his arms he waited and watched her hands come to his groin.  Standing over her he could barely see. 

Shaking hands did as he requested.  A hand touched her forearm, gently running up and down, offering encouragement and guidance.

“My pants,” she heard.  Gulping she continued, unfastening the button and undoing the zipper.  Her hands were caught in his and placed on her knees once she had finished.  Catherine couldn’t describe what was going on inside her body.  A warm liquid had begun to creep through her from the inside out.  It created heat and cold at the same time.  She was hot but shivered from the chills.

Sliding his pants down his muscular legs, he flung them out of the way.  Slowly his hands pulled at hers until they rest on the front of his boxers, “Touch me,” he spoke clearly and firmly.

Catherine’s fingers lightly touched the bulging object that was not visible to her eye beyond the silk.  A touch became a caress as she marveled at the swelling, watching it grow even larger with her touch. 

Kevin stood in place watching her.  She was yet again watching herself turn him on; she studied her hands as they played over him.  “Mmmm,” he closed his eyes, it was an incredible high for him.  It fed all of his needs and wants, he had no insecurities with her.  Someone he could teach, love, and trust, unconditionally.  Grabbing her hands he pulled them from his body, “That’s enough.”

Leaning forward, he pushed her back up on the bed.  Placing himself on his hands and knees, he bent down and kissed her.  Starting at the corner of her lips and across them.  Tender little nibbles on her lower lip.  Sucking her lower lip into his mouth he chewed lightly.  Catherine’s tongue played against his lips as he opened his mouth for her.  She probed and swirled around his tongue.  He thrusted his tongue in and out of her mouth, imitating what he truly wanted. 

Dropping to her neck, he nipped and kissed the tender column down to her collarbone.  Flicking his tongue in the small hallow she shivered.  “Ohh,” she muttered softly. 

Piloting his way to her chest, he kissed the side of her breast and succeeded in making her tremble.  Throwing his weight to one side, his hand glided down to her hips.  Massaging and kissing as he found the juncture of her thighs.  A small touch proved that she was warm and ready for him.  Her body had taken on a slick gleam of sweat.  Her breath ragged.  She rolled and adjusted for him as his hands removed her panties.  Placing his hand on the back of her knee, he barely grazed the hypersensitive skin.

Kevin’s kisses began again more of a tease than a release as he worked his way down her body.  Kissing her sides and her ribs, drawing her nipple into his mouth he sucked tenderly.  Catherine arched her back unconditionally, wanting him to devour her.  Catherine was having trouble maintaining calm.  Her hips were grinding into Kevin and he was ignoring her as he stroked the skin behind her knee.  “Kevin...” she whispered as she closed her eyes.

Kevin knew she was soaring but hadn’t reached the top of her climb.  Her hips were pushing into him whenever he made contact with her body.  Thinking as he kissed the delicate hipbones, he wanted to give her something more this time.  He had promised to take her places she hadn’t gone before. 

Catherine heard a poof next to her head; turning, her other pillow was gone.  Kevin lifted her hips and placed the pillow under her bottom.  The suddenness of it caught her off guard and ebbed her needs.  “Kevin what...,”  as she struggled to push herself up on her elbows.

“Lay back sweet thing, I just want to kiss you,” as he pushed her back down on the bed.

“But, I... I... “ she stuttered, she couldn’t speak.

“I know,” was whispered on her most private place.  The scratching of his beard on the inside of her thigh.  The tightness building inside of her with the brushing of his goatee or mustache against her.  Every time he exhaled, her body responded to the rush of air.  Her legs trembled as he spread them.

Catherine squirmed as Kevin began to almost investigate her.  A hand on the flat of her stomach stopped her squirming.  Kevin brushed his fingers against her labia, the red swollen lips.  Applying his tongue to the tissue, Catherine pushed against his mouth.  Slow strokes seem to drive her wild.  He watched her clench her fists into her pillow and bite down on her lips.

“Feel it Catherine, let it roll through your body.  The waves are warm and slow, welcome them.”  Separating her folds with his thumbs, his tongue drove in and out of her, taking care not to hit the pink pearl of her center.  Her hips were now rocking against his mouth.  Her breathing was labored, and he saw a tear slip down her cheek.  Placing his thumb on her epicenter, he started making slow swirling motions, his tongue continuing to stab in out of her.

“Oh God,” she shrieked as the wave of pleasure roared through her body. 

Kevin was up on his knees poised to enter her before she could come down.  His thumb coating his tip with his own seepage.  Kevin didn’t want her to tense or freeze from memory of her first time.  Locking onto her legs, he guided himself into her.  Catherine’s silken sheath clenching around his manhood, like a well-oiled glove.  Caressing and crushing at the same time, her muscles were cramping around him.  Not wanting her body to cool, he thrusted into her at a rapid pace.  Her hips met his in delight as he watched her instincts kick in.  Smiling as he watched the aura build around her, the blue matched her eyes.  His hands jerked on her hips and pulled her up to meet his.  Burying himself in her as his seed spilled into her with hot burst.

Lowering his head to her neck, he buried his face in her hair, “I love you Professor.”

“Oh I think I love you too,” she purred back to him.

Kevin couldn’t hold back the chuckle that welled up inside as he rolled on his side to face her.  Licking the tear from her cheek, “I’m so happy to hear that.”  Pulling the pillow from behind her, he tossed it under his head.  Wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her tightly to him.  The distinctive clank of metal slapping into metal made them smile at each other.  Still coupled together as a man and woman much like their amulets, they floated off to sleep.





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