~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 27  

The closer Kevin came to Catherine’s condo he seem to become distressed.  Under Carlo’s scrutiny, Kevin became agitated, broke out in a cold sweat, and was chewing on his bottom lip.  These were all signs that Kevin was afraid.  “What’s wrong Kevin?”

“I dunno,” as he blew a red light.  “Something is wrong with the Professor.”  Two sharp rights and a left, Kevin was in the condominium parking lot.  Looking up to her window, the light was on.  Kevin’s brows furrowed together, “Catherine should be sleeping,” he mumbled loudly.

Carlos did a double take when Kevin rushed out of the truck.  Flipping off his seatbelt, he chased after to him.  He couldn’t call to him, this was a huge residential neighborhood, and people were sleeping.  Carlos huffed as he ran down the hall towards Catherine’s apartment.  He had known the address but he had never been there.  After all the years of being security, of course he checked things out.  Kevin had caught him doing so and told him to back off, it was personal.  With that said Carlos continued to do his job and protect his client, not heeding Kevin’s request.  What he found was an extremely intelligent woman who was young, and very sweet.  He liked her, she gave Kevin a hard time, she didn’t blindly follow him like a groupie, and made him work for her attention.  Carlos got a huge charge out of the flowers deal. He was very pleased that Kevin wasn’t going to give up so quickly.  Kevin had been known to have the tenacity of a bull when it was needed.

Carlos stopped dead short when he heard an animalistic growl emanate from the room.  Soft whimpers followed.  Walking quietly in the room, the horror that reached his eyes broke his heart.  Catherine lay in Kevin’s arms, Kevin slowly rocking back and forth, tears flowing from his eyes. 

“She’s just a baby, my sweet baby,” Kevin cried.  There was no hiding the tears or anguish in his voice. 

Carlos darted to Kevin’s side, kneeling down, he pressed two fingers on her jugular.  He could feel a very weak pulse.  “Kevin, Catherine is alive but she won’t be if we don’t help her.”  The words were soft and gentle so as not to upset his charge anymore.  Vomit rose to Carlo’s throat as he surveyed Catherine.  Her eyes were black, her cheeks swollen.  The back of her shirt was shredded, the tiny scraps of fabric soaked in own blood.  “You poor little thing, who would do this to you?”

Anyone else would have taken Kevin’s comment of her being a baby strange.  Carlos didn’t; he knew instantly that Kevin was referring to Catherine as an apprentice witch.  By Kevin stating ‘his sweet baby’, Kevin was her mentor..  However, Carlos knew that this was more than a teacher-student relationship.

Standing up, Carlos waited for Kevin to gather his wits about him.  While waiting, he surveyed the room.  The room was a mess; objects lay strewn from one end to the other.  A leather belt lay on the floor by the open balcony doors.  Ambling over, Carlos touched it with his foot; turning back, he looked at Catherine.  “Someone is a sick bastard,” he whispered as he drew his own conclusions.

Kevin stilled his tears and cleared his throat.  His rocking was incessant.  Carlos became worried that maybe Kevin wasn’t really with him or going to be able to help Catherine.  A cat came crawling on its stomach to the two sitting on the floor.  Kevin’s eyes closed as the cat lay next to them in a submissive position.  “Don’t worry Bert, I’ll get him, he’ll pay for this.”

A small cry filled the room as Kevin again began to rock her in his arms.  He began to chant.  Silently Carlos listened and prayed that Kevin would do the right thing and not lash out in anger.  They also needed help; Catherine required medical attention.  Carlos listened to Kevin.

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  To thine own self be true.  Do not falsify...”  Kevin continued lost in his words and his world, lapsing into Gaelic.

Carlos had heard the words before, it was the Rede of Chivalry.  “Oh God, he’s battling for control.”  Carlos watched as a green glow built around Kevin.  “Not good, guys help him if you can hear me.”  Carlos hoped that the others could understand what was going on.  Kevin needed them. 

By the time Carlos picked his head up, Kevin had launched into a new chant.  This chant was the utmost important to Kevin.  Kevin was declaring to all that he was willing to lay down his life for this woman. 

“Earth beneath me, sustainer of life.  Air around me, inspiring life.  Fire of stars above me, empowerment of life.  Water within me, refreshing of life.  With Fire’s passion in my heart, treasure these words and give her spark.  I pull on the elements from me to her.  I call on thee, to hear my plea.  My life for hers, for she is my heart.  She is my earth, my air, my water, my fire.  This is my will, this my desire.  So mote it be.”

A white mist filled the room, Carlos backed up three steps, unsure of what to expect.  Circling around the vapor, he was now standing with his back to the door.  “Ah Kev…”

This was scaring the hell out of him, something grabbed his arm, he jumped away from it. 

“Hey dude,” Nick frowned.  “It’s just me, you said Kevin needed us.”  Carlos stepped aside letting the youngest in the door.

“OH FUCK!”  Nick ran to Kevin who sat on the floor.  “Kevin, Kevin, man what happened?”

Kevin's face tilted up, “She took it off, I told her never to take it off.” 

Nick didn’t need to ask what Catherine had taken off.  Looking at Catherine he wanted to be sick, his insides churned, but he had to hold it together for Kevin at least.  He brushed a piece of hair from her face.  A bruise lay under it.  Her cheek was swollen, her eye already turning black and blue.  His hand swept down her arm, turning her wrist he saw her fingers were clenched around something.  Her fingers were white from where she had refused to unwrap her digits from the object.  Nick caught a glimpse of silver between her index finger and thumb.  “Kev she didn’t take it off, she still has it.”  Nick tried with a tremendous amount of effort to get her to release the medallion.  “She won’t let go.”  The end of the leather string torn but the knot still tied.

Carlos noted her hand; she had dried blood under her nails.  Several of Catherine’s fingernails were torn.  She had fought to hold onto her amulet with an insurmountable amount of effort.  Catherine had battled and won, she still had the silver disc in her possession.

“Good sweet baby, don’t ever let it go,” Kevin wept like a little boy.  “Daddy!”  he roared for his father out of hurt and grief.  He didn’t notice that the rest of his guards had arrived.  Beginning to form a circle around him without speaking.  A chant had begun with Kevin and Catherine in the center.  The Boys had clasped hands and encircled the couple on the floor.

“Carlos,” a voice boomed in the room.

A breeze began.  The air was cold and foggy, Carlos gulped, “Okay, look, I know what Kevin and the Boys are.  I’ve never said a word, even when they were playing tricks on me.”  Carlos focused on the circle as it glowed a mix of colors.  Green from Kevin, Blue from A.J., Magenta from Brian, Yellow from Howie and Red from Nick.  The colors melded into one bright white light with the colored hues dancing on the fringe.

“I know you are of good heart Carlos, which is why we need you.”  The voice spoke to him.  Carlos wasn’t sure if this ‘thing’ could be trusted; he had seen so much through the years.

“It’s okay,” Brian turned back to him.  “It’s just my Uncle Jerald.”

“He’s dead,” Carlos looked at Brian to make sure he had heard right.

“Only in your world Carlos.  You need to help Kevin now.  When we leave, you’re going to get some assistance by whomever you see fit.  You will take Catherine’s things to Kevin’s house and leave them there.  Is that understood?”  The mist was growing thicker to the point of impinging his vision.  Carlos could hear the boys voices become one but distant.

“Um Kevin?”  Carlos wasn’t sure what to do.  Being ordered around by an apparition was going to be a little tough to explain.

“Kevin and the Boys are gone Carlos.  The Boys will be back in two days.  I don’t know when Kevin will return.   Catherine comes first now for him.”

“Are you really him?” Carlos thought maybe he had lost his mind.

“Let’s see, how many people know that Kevin has the ability to make objects fly when he is angry besides you and the Boys.  Oh and when he’s really mad at Nick, he pins him to the ceiling with his powers and then watches him fall to floor for fun.”

“Nobody,” Carlos smiled slightly shaking, from nerves and anxiety.  “I wanted to kill him a couple of times.  Management meetings can be rough sometimes, that man is a hothead.”

“Yes he is,” a light laugh followed.

“Where is he taking her?”  Carlos wanted to know.

“I will not tell you Carlos.  We don’t know what we are dealing with right now, but it is bad.  The less you know, the better.  Perhaps Billy and Marcus will help you move everything out.  Of course, if it was given to her by the Dean, then it stays.  The car stays.  Her books go to Kevin’s, she will need them for comfort.”

“How will I know what stays or goes?”

“You have wise instincts, use them,” the vapor cleared.  Carlos was momentarily taken off guard.  He was the only one there.  The room was empty, even the cat was gone.  “Is she going to be okay?”

“I don’t know,” came to his ear in a haunted whisper.  “I just don’t know, “ was repeated on a breeze.





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