~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 28  

Kevin didn’t need more than two seconds to get his bearings.  He was racing up the front steps of his childhood home with Catherine in his arms.  His brother Jerald held open the front door.  “They’re waiting in your old room for you.”

“Why here?”  Kevin grated out.

“Because the hens were already roosting here, in the middle of a club meeting when you let out that God awful wail.”

“I wanted dad,” Kevin took the stairs two at a time. 

Jerald was right behind him as he tried to get a look at the still form in Kevin’s arms.  “Well you got Dad and every single woman in this family with any kind of power.  The Council will bust his nuts for this one, we’re not suppose to interfere but I’m glad he did.”

Kevin heard the remark and let it slide; he didn’t give a damn about the Council this time.  Kevin pushed open the door to his old bedroom.  He stormed in looking for the one person besides his father that he knew could help.  “Grandma help me, help her...”

“That’s why I’m here grandson.  Over there,” she pointed to one of the bunk beds that had been pushed up against the wall.

Kevin laid her down knowing that his brother had enough sense to shut the others out who were gawking at the door.  Brushing the hair from her face he wanted to see her to do something, anything, “I’m sorry sweet thing.  I’m so sorry.”  Tiny tears trickled down his face.

“Kevin, go out in the hall.”  His Aunt Eleanor spoke from across the room.

“No, I’m staying,” as he adjusted Catherine’s body for her comfort.  Placing a pillow by her side, he pushed her slightly so her weight would rest on the pillow.  Looking at her back, he checked the sob that wanted to come out.  “Jesus, he’s a fucking animal,” he whispered quietly.

“Out, all of you.”  The direction had come from his grandmother.  She sounded like a General and was accustomed to that amount of respect.

“No,” Kevin answered.  “I’m not leaving...”

Kevin’s body was forced upright.  He snapped to attention like a toy soldier.  His grandmother was using her magick on him.  Kevin wore a scowl on his face.

“I’m not your Mama, I wont take your sass boy, now go, but don’t go far.”  She didn’t like doing this but Kevin could be difficult at times.  Especially times like this when something he cared for was hurt or injured.  He was a good, tender, caring man, most days.

“I don’t want to leave her!” he yelled as his feet moved towards the door.  He tried to fight it but it was hopeless, he didn’t stand a chance in hell against her.  “Please,” he pleaded one more time before he was marched out the door. 

The door still open his mother came to him,  “It’s just for a minute dear, she just want to make sure she’s not hurt anywhere else.”  Anne was trying to be reassuring, but this was easier said than done.  Her eyes were cast to the floor.

Kevin understood what the statement meant.  “She was untouched.”

His Aunt Eleanor joined his mother, “Stay out,” she shut the door in his face.

“Why here?  We should be at my place,” Kevin shook his head at the men hanging around in the hall.

“It’s not all our fault, the women pulled us here.  Our aim was off a little; we missed your house by just a little bit.  You never let us practice...”  Nick started to rise off the floor as he spoke to Kevin.  Quickly, he closed his mouth and his descent began.  Pissing Kevin off now was not a wise thing to do.  Kevin slowly let Nick down.

“I’m going for a walk.  If she needs me, I’ll know.”  Kevin cast one more glance over his shoulder to the closed door.  He took off down the stairs double time and out the front door.  The sound of the door slamming back into the frame that held it echoed through the old farmhouse.

Anne watched from the bedroom window.  Kevin had a determined stride, squared shoulders, his arms were pumping furiously, and his fists clenched.  He was hurrying but not running.  “Oh dear,” Anne sighed as she felt the anger come from her son.  It was carried on the wind and into her heart.  Kevin entered the forest not far from the house.  As soon as he was under the cover of the trees, the sky began to grow dark.  “Let him get his anger out now,” Anne sighed, as she walked away from the window.

The crack of thunder rumbled over and around the house.  Tim and Jerald exchanged glances as they slowly went down the stairs.  Both of them headed for the front porch to keep on Kevin and the ‘weather,’ they both exchanged mental thoughts.

The sky went from bleak to black in seconds.  The wind blew up; the air was hot and angry.  A green glow began in the sky above the clearing.  Kevin was channeling all of his energy.  His brothers were joined by his bandmates.  “It’s gonna get real ugly around here if he doesn’t calm down,” A.J. uttered.

“He’ll calm down when he knows Catherine is going to be okay,” Tim sat on the stoop watching his children play down at the barn.  They watched the weather with no fear of it.  Tim hoped that Catherine would be okay, for Kevin’s sake.

“That could be hours,” Brian spoke softly.

“By then he’ll be burned out and she’ll need him and his energy,” Howie glanced from Kevin’s blood brothers to his band brothers. 

“We can wait awhile and then I’ll go talk to him,” Tim’s voice of reason was heard above the rest of them.

“No Tim, I will,” their father spoke as he appeared.

“I hate when you do that,” Tim grumbled as he shook his head.

The porch had become a gathering place for the men, while the women tended to an injured Catherine.

They watched the clouds roll in and out.  The wind blew hot then cold.  The green glow would flame then die.  A moment in time that none of them would ever forget.  Kevin’s emotions were revealed in the elements.  His feelings were reflected on the four powers, the hot and angry wind followed by a chilly breeze.  Anger and heat for the hurt in his heart.  The coldness he felt for the person who had brought her harm.  Kevin was summoning all of elements to sort out his emotions and thoughts.  They were listening and did his will.

Sitting in the center of the clearing he tried to clear his mind, to focus all of his power on Catherine.  He had cast his circle and lit his fire.  He called upon the elements to cool his ire.  Trying to banish the thoughts of contempt he held for the Dean.  He didn’t need any type of confirmation on who had dealt the blows to Catherine.  The ‘why’ was eluding him.  They had found several things in the Dean’s background that were suspicious but he seemed above reproach by society.  He was affluent, intelligent, and renowned in many circles. 

As Kevin calmed, he went over in his head what he had learned.  The Dean had custody of Catherine since she was sixteen.  He wielded a parental power over her.  He was increasing angry because Catherine insisted on seeing him.  Kevin anxiously sought the truth.  He asked for guidance to do so.

Catherine was not a meek and mild woman, however when it came to the Dean, she was weak.  She did anything he asked without question.  Nick’s remark about Catherine being trained for a new Coven hit home.  More questions had arisen in Kevin’s mind.  Was Catherine being trained and saved for something that was not as it seemed?  This was the only thing that Kevin could hone in on. 

“Do you think he was saving her for Black Magick Kevin?” his father asked as he sat across from him, the fire between them.

“I’m not positive, but I think so,” Kevin crossed his legs and threw a piece of birch bark in the fire, murmuring a soft Gaelic prayer.  He didn’t want to admit it but all the facts pointed towards it.  “For him to do this, it has to be evil.  Why hurt someone like that over a relationship?”

“Do you think the Dean may just love her and is jealous?”  Jerald was cautious with the question as simple as it was.

“One hell of a way to show you love someone,” Kevin stared blankly into the fire.

“Not if you feel something you have put your entire life into was leaving you.  I’ve seen the parental bond between them.  It’s not a healthy one, but stil,l it is a parent-child relationship.”

“She is not his, she has parents.”  Kevin was grasping at straws to try and find the answer.  He had found part of it; he just wasn’t willing to accept it, yet.

“I understand son but she hasn’t been around her parents in a very long time.  I wonder maybe if his concern has grown to love?  The man is single.”

“He’s not getting her, she’s mine.  Catherine will always be mine,” Kevin was frowning as he glared at his father.

“I didn’t say she wasn’t Kevin, I just said maybe he feels you are taking him from her.”

“I am,” Kevin pulled his legs up, wrapping his elbows around his knees he rocked.

“Kevin, there is more going on here than jealousy over a woman.  We have not confirmed that it was the Dean.”

A loud scoff came from Kevin as his chin rested on his arms.

“He’s a jealous man, he feels threatened.  You’re taking her from him and he knows this.  I think he was training her to be a black witch.”

Kevin let the words settle in his brain.  Bobbing his head up and down he had to agree.  This would explain why he had never been seen the Dean at the club.  Black magick was forbidden there.  It would explain the jealousy, the relationship, all of it.  Catherine would be the Dean’s intended in a new Coven.  Pausing, Kevin turned his thoughts to Catherine, “Catherine can’t do Black Dad.  Her heart is too pure and she’s too innocent.”

“You and I know that because you’ve gotten to know her before you bedded her.”  Jerald’s lips tugged into a slight smile.

“Umm.  Yeah.”  There was no other way to answer that.  They had talked for months on the phone while Kevin toured.  He had taught her mediation among other things.  Kevin wanted to teach her so many more ‘other  things’, his mind drifted to the times that they had spent in each other’s arms, locked together only as a man and woman could be.

“Not your usual style.  Is it?”  Jerald’s eyebrows arched slightly.

“What’s that got to do with anything?”  Kevin felt uncomfortable discussing this with his father.  He blushed slightly hoping his father hadn’t read his thoughts.

“You saw her purity before anything else, her intelligence, and her insecurities.”  Jerald was serious.  “Kevin, I guess what I am trying to tell you is that you interfered before he was done.  You said yourself he already has her mind, her powers would have come when he took her maidenhead.  With the hold that he has on her, he could have easily succeeded.”

Kevin jumped up from his spot, “Well he can’t do that now, can he?  I took care of that, didn’t I?”

Jerald was not surprised, that was important to his son.  “Yes you did son.”  He was light hearted again as he watched his little boy get jealous over another man.   

Kevin kicked at some rocks around the fire.  The mere thought of Catherine with another man made him angry.  “Sorry,” he shook his head.  “I can’t think straight.  I’m trying to put all this together.  I know you have to be right.  I just can’t find a reason why her parents would let all this go on without stepping in. The brutality of this makes me sick.  She barely has any skin left on her back.  He beat her with a belt.”

Jerald stood up and they closed the circle together.  It was time for Kevin to go back to the house.  “I don’t think they know Kevin.  No parent would tolerate mistreatment of his or her child.  She hasn’t seen her parents in over a year, the Dean has seen to that.”  Walking back, Jerald weighed Kevin’s words, “Not un-much like a parent who has a stubborn, willful child that won’t listen.”

“Hey Dad, you may have given us crack when we needed it but you never went that far.”

“I never felt that I wasn’t man enough to control the situation Kevin. “

The bells and whistles went off in Kevin’s head.  “Jesus, I didn’t even see it!”  Kevin looked at his father in amazement.

“You wouldn’t son, you weren’t raised that way.  The Dean is spineless, Catherine represents everything to him, his life, his protégé, his lineage, his Coven...”

“His manhood...”  Kevin drawled.  “I took all of that from him.”

“No, Catherine did by continuing to see you.”  Jerald slowed his steps waiting for the thought to hit Kevin.  “Therefore he felt maybe some discipline was in order.  He will come after both of you.”

“Fuck!”  Kevin bolted for the house.

“Such a mouth on that boy,” Jerald shook his head as he watched his son run through the woods at a break-neck speed.





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