~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter  3

Kevin watched the car pull away as he listened to the conversation take place inside.  Okay so he wasn’t supposed to eavesdrop but Professor Miller was different.  He smiled when she told Jenna that she lived at the Village Terrace Condos.  Too bad she didn’t reveal her address.  In time, he would know that too.  He would know everything there was to know about Professor Catherine Miller.

“Hey Kev, where are you?”  Brian bumped his elbow because Debbie had been speaking to him.

“I know where he is,” A.J. snickered.

A pair of green eyes settled and then hardened on him.  “Are we almost done for today?”  Kevin asked as Nigel joined the small gathering.

“Almost Kevin, a couple of more hours and we should be finished,” Nigel answered him and took off up over the small knoll.

Kevin turned his attention to the teenagers that were standing in front of him.  “So how is Professor Miller as a teacher?”

Seeing that Paul had taken an immediate distaste to the question, he turned his attention to Debbie.  Debbie smiled at Kevin but only briefly; she was a Howie fan for sure as she returned her stare to him.

“She’s cool,” Debbie answered as she continued to give Howie her undivided attention.

“You are so busted Train,” came blaring through his head.  “Don’t be so obvious.  Let me see what I can find out.”  It was Howie talking to him through a mental link. 

Kevin smirked and Nick laughed.  Kevin frowned knowing that Nick had overstepped his bounds once again and was invading Kevin’s privacy.

Nick knew he was busted and shrugged his shoulders uttering an apology, mentally of course.

Howie was non-threatening to the group and Kevin learned quite a bit about Professor Miller.  Where she taught, exactly, what she taught, exactly.  Kevin had learned where she lived but not exactly; that was the next viable piece of information he would need.  It shouldn’t be too hard if he kept up the mental link with Catherine and Jenna.  He was beginning to like this new power but he knew he wasn’t supposed to be abusing it either. 

Nigel had called them, when they started to walk away Kevin turned back to Debbie.  “We’ll be seeing you again.” 

Debbie smiled, “I hope so.”

Paul grunted his dissatisfaction at the remark.

“What’s your problem Paul?”

David let out a little sigh of discontentment, “Deb you’re blind most days.”

Debbie frowned still not understanding what David meant.  Sighing again David spoke,  “That Backstreet Boy likes Professor Miller, Paul is not happy.”

Paul walked away in defeat.  Okay it was a crush thing but how do I compete with the likes of that.  Debbie walked over to him.  “Don’t sweat it, he isn’t Professor Miller’s type.  Besides it’s not like she is going to give you anything more than homework,” Debbie giggled.

“Gee Thanks for the support Deb,” Paul groaned.

“Look she’s the bookish type.  You know what I mean, she’ll hook up with another professor eventually.”

“Think so?”  Paul wondered aloud.

“Yes, I do.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while you can,” Debbie winked at him.

“I guess you’re right,” Paul smiled.

“For a big dumb jock you’re kind of sensitive,” Debbie spoke as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Paul was back and his eyes were shining, “Don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret.”

David joined the two as they walked down to Paul’s car.  They would all go home and wait for Jenna or Professor Miller to call them.


Catherine was waiting while the physician reviewed her radiographs.  They had been waiting for over four hours.  Catherine was beyond annoyed since she couldn’t use her mobile phone and it was difficult to get to a pay phone.

“Jenna you need to go home before your parents become upset.  I can call a cab for you and I’ll pay for it.”

Jenna looked at her teacher, “It’s okay.  I called my parents while you were in getting the x-rays done.  I told them what happened and that you were kind of stuck.  My dad said to call him when we get to your place and he would pick me up.”

Jenna watched the attending physician walk into the room and place the x-rays on the light box. 

“So Doctor, I know I’ll live, can I leave now?”  Catherine asked.

A small chuckle escaped him, “Yes Professor Miller you can leave right after we put an air cast on that ankle.  You are to be off it for two weeks and I’m going to fill a prescription for you to take home.”

“Oh,” Catherine replied.

“Don’t you usually just give her a prescription and then we stop and get it filled at a drug store,” Jenna questioned.  She didn’t like this guy, he was creepy.

A meek smile came across his face, “Yes we do Miss, but since Professor Miller is alone she doesn’t have the ability to do that.”

Catherine listened to the conversation, thinking how does he know I’m alone. 

“She’s not alone, I’m going home with her,” Jenna insisted.  “This doc is a real flake,” she muttered to Catherine under her breath.

“Yes Jenna is going to stay with me,” Catherine added since she did indeed become suddenly very unnerved with the man.

“I see,” he frowned.  “Well in that case, let’s fit you with the cast and you can be on your way.  One set of crutches coming up.”

“The sooner the better,” Jenna whispered.

“Jenna... stop,” Catherine sighed.

As the doctor walked towards her Catherine could feel her skin crawl.  “This will take just a minute,” he spoke as looked at Jenna.  “Why don’t you wait outside?” 

“Not,” Jenna shot back to the doctor, who Jenna now thought was nothing but a creep wearing a white coat.  Jenna watched him adjust the crutches to Catherine’s height.

“Jenna is staying,” Catherine spoke firmly but with authority.  Her tone was usually used on her unruly students not a doctor.  She didn’t want to put Jenna in harms way but she didn’t want to be left alone with this guy either.

As he fitted her cast his hands grazed her skin more than they should have.  Catherine was spooked and Jenna was getting irate.  Catherine calmed herself by thinking of the last person that had touched her leg.  Comparing the feelings they were polar opposites.  She had been startled by Kevin and then slightly scared.  Those two emotions passed and she became calm.  This doctor made her stomach turn. 

The door swung open of the treatment room and Kevin Richardson stood there watching the young physician.  As they watched his eyes took on an eerie flash.  The physician jumped up, startled by the man who had entered the room.

“Do you ladies need a lift home?”  Kevin asked.

Catherine began to protest but Jenna spoke up and answered for them.  “Yes we do and we need to stop at the drug store too.”

A little frown crossed Catherine’s face.  She was being put on the spot and felt uneasy.  She justified that even though Kevin made her extremely uncomfortable it wasn’t terrifying like the physician.  She didn’t know what to do.  Glancing at Kevin she was circumspect but he was non-threatening.  Her gaze traveled from the pony-tail he was wearing down to the toe of his boots.

“You know Professor Miller?” the doctor asked.  He knew the man’s face, he had seen it plastered all over magazines lately.  Just what he needed, a Backstreet Boy.  So much for a home visit with the lovely young Professor Miller, who lived alone.

“Yes I do, now if you are done, we will be leaving.”  Kevin answered in a tone that spoke volumes.  He wasn’t going to take any bullshit from him.  He had read his mind and his intentions on the way over to the medical center.  A fear had overwhelmed Kevin concerning the two young ladies when they were wrapping up the video.  This is why he had Howie drop him off at the center after the shoot was over with.  Leaving Howie with his vehicle to drive back to Kevin’s place.

Hastily the young doctor scribbled on a pad and then tore the form from it.  He advanced towards Catherine but halted in his steps when he ran into Kevin who had come across the room to stand between them.  Lowering his head he spoke to the paper in his hand, “Take these for pain.  They will make you sleepy, don’t operate any heavy equipment, including your car.  Off your foot for two weeks.”

“I’ll take that,” as Kevin grabbed the prescription from his hand.  Jenna had helped Catherine into a wheelchair and grabbed her crutches.  Kevin turned and placed a hand on each handle of the chair.  “Thanks Doc, see ya around.”

“Catherine you need to come back in two weeks so I can check your ankle,” the physician called as he followed them out into the corridor.

“Don’t think so doc,” Kevin spoke and then expanded.  “Catherine can see her regular doctor for that.”

Catherine was relieved that someone was talking for her.  As they came out the hospital Jenna was the first one to speak.  “I don’t know how, but I’m sure glad you showed up Kevin.  That man is a freak.”

Catherine snapped out of her thought process.  “Yes, how did you know where we were?”

Kevin grinned at her, “Magic.”

“Oh, okay,” Catherine laughed.  “Next you’ll be telling me you can read minds too.”

“Nah, I’m not that good,” Kevin chuckled as he headed for her car.  If you only knew I could Catherine, he snickered in his head.

Jenna and Catherine exchanged glances because he knew where to go as they stopped in front of her car. 

Helping Catherine into the car and tossing the crutches into the trunk he jumped into the drivers seat.  Glancing into the rear-view mirror he adjusted it so he could see Jenna.  “Can you stay with Professor Miller while I get her prescription filled?”

Jenna nodded a yes to him.  In her mind she was giggling like the schoolgirl she was.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t do Kevin Richardson a favor?

Kevin grinned in the mirror as he looked at her.  “Thanks Jenna it means alot to me.”  He could sense her heartbeat increase ten fold with the small words he had uttered to her.

Turning he looked at Catherine, her heartbeat was elevated too, but for difference reasons.  Catherine was scared of her feelings at the moment and confused.  She had conflicting emotions running through her.

As he started the car, he spoke to Catherine.  “I need your address to take you home Catherine.”

“I’m sorry,” she smiled still lost in her thoughts.  “Village Terrace Condos.  Two B, the second floor.”

Kevin grinned at her, yes he had already known the address but why raise suspicions.  He had to figure out how to explain to them why he was there in the first place.





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