~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 30  

Catherine was backed up in the corner of the bed, her eyes riveted on him, glazed over with fear.  “Catherine,” Kevin called to her. 

“YOU’RE NOT HIM, YOU ASKED!”  Catherine was screaming at him, one arm crossed over her chest to protect her amulet.  The other came up and pointed at Kevin. 

Kevin saw the slight glow begin, “Catherine, calm down now, baby.”  His voice sounded like a soothing melody.

“DON’T COME NEAR ME!”  Catherine’s fingertip began to shake as it took on a blue coloring.

Kevin wasn’t sure if he was fast enough to dodge the zap, if she truly did want to strike him.  He decided to take a direct approach, walking straight towards her. 

The flash came and he was knocked flat on his ass.  Shaking his head, he got on all fours.  “Damn, I hope I never really piss her off,” he groaned after his impact with the floor


Kevin heard the words and knew that Catherine was reliving the events partially, the other part had to do with him, and the effects of laudanum causing hallucinations.  Opiates and alcohol were a wicked mix.  No wonder his childhood colds never lasted long after Grandma’s special cough syrup.  The kids still had their colds they just didn’t remember the last three days of it.  Kevin crawled on the floor to the side of the bed.  If he could capture her hands, he could at least somewhat shield himself.  Jumping up, he grabbed for her, she in turn sent him sailing across the room and slamming into the wall.  Kevin slid down the wall like a drunk on a three-day binge.  “Shit that hurt,” he groaned.

Shaking the after effects off, Kevin wasn’t sure what to do next. Catherine had just about cleaned his clock.  She sat in the bed, cowering in the corner, the sheet at her hips and her breasts exposed.  She was so afraid, afraid of him.  Kevin was trying hard not to just jump on her and hold her down until she was over this.  The last thing he needed was for her to feel he was assaulting her.  Her words rang back through his ears.  “You asked, you’re not him?”  Kevin repeated and pondered the words.  “I don’t get it.  Why are you afraid of me? I would never hurt you.”

“You wouldn’t get it, you think too much,” Nick spoke from the door.

“Get the fuck out of here.  I’m handling it,” Kevin’s fury was now directed at Nick, along with his frustration.  Catherine being in a state of undress didn’t help matters much.

“Oh yeah, you’re handling it alright.  You’re lady is flashing me and she just knocked you clear across the room.”  Nick laid it out there for him.

“Nick?”  Catherine whispered.

“Hey Professor, what’s up?”  Nick spoke from the door.  He wouldn’t go in the room, that would really be pushing it in Kevin’s book.   Nick focused on the floor, this was a cheap thrill he didn’t want.  Inside he knew that Catherine would be extremely distressed if she were fully aware of what was going on.

“Nick would Kevin hurt me?  Would he ask me to take off my amulet?” she was speaking as if she didn’t know that Kevin was in the room still. 

“No, he wouldn’t hurt you,” Nick looked down at Kevin who was now making his way across the floor on his hands and knees.  “He wouldn’t ask you to take it off Catherine.  Remember, Kevin told you never to take it off, even if he asked you.  Do you remember that?”

“I remember, but Dr. Freak said too and so did the Dean, but it wasn’t the Dean, it was Kevin.  It looked just like Kevin, it didn’t smell like Kevin though.  He sort of sounded like Kevin.”

Kevin’s expression was one of horror.  Nick had solved part of the puzzle, the Dean had somehow managed either through shape-shifting or some other means to appear to Catherine as Kevin.  Kevin began to open his mouth to speak. 

Nick made a shushing motion and then one for Kevin to stay down.  Nick understood the confusion going on in Catherine.  He was very angry that the Dean would stoop that low as to appear to Catherine as the one person that she trusted not to hurt her, her lover. 

Kevin gave him a half disgusted, half pissed-off look but he still complied.  Nick was getting some answers that he desperately needed.

“Catherine, go to sleep, you’re buddy is here.”  Nick opened the door slightly wider as Bert trotted into the room; he jumped on Kevin’s back and onto the bed.  Meowing the entire way.

“User,” Kevin whispered to Bert.

“Bert,” Catherine cooed as she lay back down.  Bert cuddled up next to her tummy and began to purr. 

Kevin exited the room on all fours not wanting to upset Catherine any more than she already was.  He crawled into the hallway.  The door was quickly but quietly shut.  Then the snickering started.  Kevin looked down the hall to four differently clad feet.

“Classic Kevin,” A.J. snickered.  “If your fans could see you know, a woman kicked your butt and you’re crawling on all fours.”

Kevin bolted up from the floor growling, “Back-off!”

Nick shot A.J. a look to be silent.  “Obviously the Dean showed up at Catherine’s imitating Kevin.  Now, I’m leaving for California to go find out why.  Carlos is going to need help and I’m sure some people need an explanation of Catherine’s where abouts.”

“Nobody is to know where she is Nick,” Kevin spoke in an authoritative tone.

“I didn’t say they would, but I was thinking about Jenna and the kids.  Jenna is a nosey chick and she will come looking for Catherine, her Dad is a cop.  Your Dad ordered all of Catherine’s stuff to be moved to your house.”  Nick paused waiting for one of them to say something.  “So you don’t think that the Dean is going to be looking for Catherine?  Who is this Doctor Freak she’s talking about?  Why did the Dean almost kill her?  There are too many questions that need answers by staying here we won’t get the answers.”

Kevin scrubbed his hands over his face.  Nick was so right it wasn’t funny.  “Handle it Einstein, I’m not leaving her,” Kevin issued his order and went back into the room, quietly shutting the door.

“Well, there is no sense in all of us hanging here.  I’m going to go back, who’s going with me?” Nick’s eyes fell on each one of them.  For the clueless blonde that people normally took him for, he was just left in charge.  Assessing the look on his colleagues’ faces, they were pretty astonished at what Kevin had just said too.

Brian was the sole dissenter of the group.  “I’m staying, he made some support for himself.  You can just call me if you need me.”

The remaining three headed downstairs to figure out how to get back to Los Angeles without being noticed.  Kevin’s father easily took care of that for them.  Brian headed back to his Mom’s leaving the house dark and quiet.  Brian didn’t want to go, something was holding him back.  His heart was as heavy as Kevin’s.

Kevin tossed his jeans and shirt on the back of the rocker.  In his boxers, he walked over to the window.  Standing there, his eyes fixated on the moon.  It was full, bright, and beautiful.  Still to this day, it dazzled him.  His thoughts wandered everywhere but always back to the blonde with the big baby blues.  His eyes wandered over to the bed where she lay.  Pulling the curtain closed, he then softly padded to the bed. 

Leaning down, he gave Bert a soft stroke.  The cat opened his eyes, frightened at first and then he began to purr.  “I wouldn’t hurt her, you know that wasn’t me.  Don’t you?”

Bert’s head rolled in Kevin’s hand.  Kevin tucked a lock of hair behind Catherine’s ear.  “Tomorrow you’ll be better, not completely, but better.  We can talk then.”  Placing a kiss on the bandage of her cheek, he mumbled, “I love you.”

“I love you too Kevin,” Catherine answered deep in her sleep. 

Kevin heart nearly ruptured with a rush of love from her proclamation, it would be enough to get him through until they could work this out.  Tomorrow would be a new day, new decisions, and a new beginning for both of them.  He wanted nothing more than to crawl in that tiny bed and sleep next to her but knowing he couldn’t because he would hurt her.  Looking around the room, he spied the nightstand.  With precision mental powers, the nightstand quietly moved to the opposite side of the room, never making a noise.  Wiggling his finger, the other bunk bed slid closer.  The beds were now so close together that he had to yank his legs out from between them.  Once he did the gap disappeared.  “Much better, I don’t want to hurt you, but right now I need to be closer to you.”

Lying down ever so gently so he did not disturb her, he assessed everything he had learned so far.  First, he would have to get Catherine over the physical hurt, then he would deal with the emotional hurt.  This woman was to be his wife, but he had to erase the fear the Dean had caused by masquerading as him.  Time was not on his side, his birthday was nearing and he needed to be wed before them.  They needed to celebrate Samhain together and next year Beltane.  In order to satisfy his mental list, he had to reinforce to Catherine who and what they were to each other as well as undo all the damage the Dean had caused.  Treading around the free will clause was going to be a problem.  As far as the Dean was concerned, Catherine didn’t have any free will.  How could he, Kevin, make her see the man for what he was without doing the same thing.  “That damn clause has me by the nuts every time.”

Kevin once again mulled Catherine’s parents over in his mind.  So many questions came, more questions than answers.  Did they not care?  Did the Dean have a hold on them as well?  Where were they?  How did the Dean manage to keep them apart so well?  Kevin, as miffed as he could get at his family would never just cut them off.  They meant the world to him; family was the most important thing in the world.  “You and I could have a great family Sweet Thing,” Kevin spoke.

His thoughts wandered back to the Dean, “When you are better I’m going after that mother fucker and I’m going to eliminate him from your life and the face of this Earth.  He’s practicing black magick and I have every right,” Kevin whispered in the darkness of the night.  A satisfied meow came from Bert, issuing an agreement on the issue.

Kevin pulled the blanket and sheets up over his body.  Hearing some movement from Catherine, he turned to look at her.  He winced slightly as she rolled from one side to the other, turning over her back hitting the bed.  She now was facing him; her hand came from under the bedding and rested on the edge of her bed.  Smiling to himself, he gently placed his hands on hers.  Her hand automatically turned over and her fingers clasped his.  Sighing over the small contact, Kevin willed himself to sleep but not before he could speak one little chant.

“I call on the elements, I call your power.

Lend me your strength, a protective bower.”

Kevin could feel the collective energy focus around his home and family.  A candle lit that sat on the dresser.  It was time to close the spell since he had been heard but he wanted it to last until daylight.

“Earth and water, wind and fire;

Raise the energy, higher and higher.”

Mentally he was kicking himself for not protecting his hearth and home before this, however this wasn’t his hearth or his home, it was his mother’s.  Tilting his head to the side he viewed his lady.  “Tomorrow we will go to my home, this way I know Grandma won’t be giving you anything I don’t think you should have, hops and some herbs would’ve worked fine.”  The candle flame flickered and then soared even higher.  The protection would last until daybreak

“May he feel my wrath and her my desire,

For she is my heart, she is my fire,

 I wish no harm to none, this spell done,

So mote it be”





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