~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 36 

Kevin looked towards the sky as he stood in the living room of his home.  “Almost a full moon.  It’s a beautiful night.” 

Catherine sat pensively on the couch.  Kevin was again avoiding answering questions.  They had a wonderful dinner at his grandmother’s.  A schedule had been worked out for the next four days at least.  Catherine would spend her mornings with MeeMaw working on her skills and her afternoons with Kevin learning some self-defense moves.  Catherine had argued with him at first, telling him he had been watching a little too much of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer.’

Kevin crossed his arms and placed his face directly in front of hers’.  “Maybe I have, but I didn’t almost lose you to a television show.  An evil man beat you, took the skin off your back, and left you to almost bleed to death on your apartment floor.  You will do what is asked of you.  We want you to be able to protect yourself, if need be.”

Catherine swallowed hard, “You have a point.”

“I know I do,” Kevin’s breath puffed over her face.

“Kevin?”  Catherine held the stem of her wine glass.  Her fingers fiddling with the stem.

“Yes Professor?”  Kevin’s arms went up over his head and he stretched.  His arms high in the air and his fingers laced together.  Balancing on his toes as he reached higher into the air and stretching all of his limbs.

Catherine closed her eyes, they had only been together twice and she still blushed when she recalled those two incidences from her memory.  Kevin’s shirt had rode up his stomach and Catherine could see the dark line begin to form at his belly button and appear darker as she looked down towards the floor.

Kevin could feel intense warmth in the room.  It hadn’t happened many times in his life but the only thing he could equate it with was sexual desire.  A swing of his head towards Catherine as he stretched, he again solidified the conclusion.  “You checking me out?”  Kevin grinned at her.

Catherine gulped her wine down and coughed.  Internally she was cringing, how foolish of her.  “No.”

“You were too.  Come on Professor, tell me the truth.”  His grin was smug and all knowing.  He crossed the room in long, lazy, strides.  Kevin dropped on the couch next to her.  Grabbing her hand, he brought it up to his lips.  Casually, he kissed the top of her hand and touched her skin with his tongue. 

As he raised his head, he saw the fear in her eyes.  All of Catherine’s focus rested on the center of his chest.  Recognizing her panic, Kevin slipped his hand inside his shirt.  Slowly he drew the amulet out and let it rest on his chest.  Once again assessing Catherine’s state, he placed his hand on her amulet.  With great care, so that he didn’t frighten her anymore beyond what she was, he pulled on her silver disk.  As he did, Catherine leaned towards him but not without some resistance.  Kevin could feel her tension as it waved up his arm from the amulet.  Catherine was afraid of him.  When the opportunity arose, he would get even with the Dean for this.  Catherine had been shy, innocent, and very naïve.  He had only seen fear in her one time.  When Catherine showed up at his office and he kissed her.  Even then it wasn’t fear, as in being harmed, it was fear of the unknown.

Catherine stared intently at Kevin’s hands and chest.  She watched him slowly press the two discs together and turn them.  Catherine heard the words that slowly calmed her heart, which had been beating rapidly in her chest.  “It’s me Sweet Thing, nobody else.”

Catherine’s head crashed down on his chest and she began to sob.  Kevin wrapped his arms around her and cradled her to him.  “It’s okay, you just need some time.  It will work out baby.  We’ll work it out.”

“I’m sorry Kevin, I truly am.”  Catherine’s tear streaked face now looked at the bottom of Kevin’s jaw and throat.  She watched his Adams Apple slowly rise and fall as he spoke the words.  “So am I Sweet Thing, so am I.” 

Wiping her face on his shirt, she missed his nose crinkle in disgust.  “Baby, here’s a tissue,” as he leaned over the couch, grabbed one, and then handed it to her.

“I shouldn’t be afraid of you.  I know…”  Catherine blew her nose.

“You are not afraid of me, you are afraid of the Dean who masqueraded as me.”

“Is that what happened?”  Catherine was going to continue to ask questions as long as Kevin was going to answer them. 

“Yes,” Kevin replied as she dropped the now used tissue in his hand.  Closing his eyes so that he wouldn’t open his mouth to complain.  “I would never do that to you or anyone else.  We are to harm none, that is a basic principal.”

“How did the meeting go with your Father and the guys?  I know you had one and they weren’t here.  How do you do that?  Are you going to teach me to do that?  Can I fly?  Will you teach me how to fly?”

“Just fine, they are working on things.”  Kevin stood up and began to lock the house.  Catherine was on a need to know basis, they all had decided that it would be best at this time. 

“What are they doing?”  Catherine followed behind Kevin to every window, every lock, and every light switch.

Kevin checked his amusement as she double-checked each lock that he had just locked.  Catherine seemed to be suffering from some type of post-traumatic stress syndrome.  She was re-doing everything he did in order to reassure herself that nothing was going to get into this house.

Twice she bumped into him, he needed to calm her down as fast as possible without seeming like he was patronizing her.  Stopping in the hall, he smiled at her.  “Come on, the night is young, let’s go do our first spell together.”

“Can we?”  Catherine’s excitement glowing on her face.

“Yes we can,” Kevin grabbed her hand and lead her back to the living room.  He hadn’t banked the fireplace for the night so it would be a good place for a beginner spell.  Especially for Catherine who hadn’t become very proficient yet.  “At least the house won’t burn down,” he mumbled to himself.

“Are you ever going to let me forget that?”  Catherine more or less yelled at him.  “I just cooked you a wonderful dinner and you still can’t let things go.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”  Kevin put his hands up in front of him.  Catherine’s index finger was sparking, her aim was not the best and he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the zap from an angry female.  Lord knows they usually went for the most sensitive parts, the male parts.

Both of them turned towards the couch as Bert and Quincy now joined them.  “What do you two want?”  Kevin scrunched his face up as he glanced from one to the other.

“Nothing, we want to see the show,” Quincy snickered at Kevin.

“What show?”  Kevin’s head was still bobbing from one cat to the other.

“The one where Catherine zaps you a good one,” Bert lazily licked his paw.

“Catherine ain’t gonna zap me, now go,” Kevin swatted at both of them until they left.

“I think they’re bored Kevin,” Catherine rolled her eyes. 

“Come on,” Kevin shoved Catherine by the shoulders to the stone hearth.

The look he received was not a good sign.  Kevin was frustrated too.  Obviously, Catherine was not ready to have relations with him yet.  It annoyed him, it drove him crazy, and it had been the hot damn topic at the meeting earlier in the day.  Kevin had blown up and told his brothers that they needn’t worry if he was getting laid or not.

“Now this one is very simple,” Kevin went to his locked cabinet.  As he unlocked it, he caught Catherine peering around him.  “Don’t be so nosey, someday everything that is in here you will see.  For now, no.”

Catherine again rolled her eyes at Mr. Drama. 

Kevin joined Catherine at the hearth.  Signaling for her to open her palm, she did so.  A black powder had been placed in the center of her hand. 

“What is this?”  Catherine asked as she ran her fingers around in the soft ebony talc.

“Enough with the questions please.  If you don’t be quiet, I’m going to go find the duct tape, woman.” 

Catherine thought maybe Kevin might have a fetish with the duct tape or something along those lines.

Kevin laid his palm over her open hand.  Pressing and turning his hand, he essentially smeared the concentrate between them.  Gripping her wrist with his free hand, he removed a small portion of the talc and placed it in his own hand.  Kevin held the powder in his open palm.  Turning towards the flames of the evening fire, he spoke.

“Element of Fire, burning bright

I call you here with me tonight

Fulfill this desire sent to thee

Work this magick, just for me.

Protect our home

And the ones we love

For as we know it

Harm to none

So Mote It Be”

Catherine watched the flames spike and then settle when Kevin blew the powder from his hand into the fire. 

“You do it,” Kevin pulled her wrist so that her hand was closer to the fire.

Catherine repeated the words that Kevin had spoken.  Tilting her head, she met his gaze.  His eyes were half closed and a smile hinted on his face.  “That’s it?  That’s my first spell? That is all I get?”

Kevin rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb, “That’s all it takes baby.  Now let’s go to bed.”

Gracefully, Catherine stood and walked directly to the stairs.  Kevin’s head tilted to the side as he watched her walk.  Her backside swaying to and fro.  He groaned as he felt himself begin to harden with desire for the elegant woman that he would soon join his bed.

“Forget it buddy.  Your hand will have friction burns by morning.”  Kevin heard the voice and then A.J.’s laughing in his head.

“Fuck you,” Kevin groaned as he turned the last switch off and went up to the bedroom.  As he climbed the stairs one at a time, he debated in his head, ‘boxers, no boxers, boxers, no boxers.’

Walking into the bedroom, Catherine lay in bed, quietly sleeping.  Kevin figured as much, she was still recovering somewhat.  He surveyed a creamy white leg poking out from under the sheets as he dropped his jeans to the floor.  “Boxers it is,” he sighed as he maneuvered under the sheets with a raging erection. 

Catherine rolled and snuggled closer to him.  Pressing his eyes shut, he winced as she bumped into him.  Slowly he blew out a breath.  “Ohh, this ain’t good at all.” 

Catherine settled even closer, too close.  Kevin had to take care of his little problem.  “Take a cold shower dude!”  Nick laughed.

Kevin had a decision to make, kick Nick’s ass for sneaking in his bedroom or take a shower.  The shower won.  Entering the bathroom, he turned the water on.  A cold shower is not going to take care of the problem.

Letting the water spray over him, he stood silently for a moment in the dimly lit room.  Forgoing turning the bathroom light on left him in semi-darkness.  As the water heated, so did his body, in more ways then one.  What had started out as a simple release, had become an erotic thought of the time he had watched Catherine shower and she was unaware of his presence.  The strong desire to have a coupling this instant with her was tempered by the terror he recalled in her eyes.  Groaning as he spilled his seed on his hand, his body shuttered.  Kevin watched the water wash away the aftereffects of his evening shower.  His fluids mixing with the water and swirling down the drain.  Drying off, he headed back to his bed and the woman that had brought the sudden urge on. 

Crawling into bed, his sigh was heavy with a mixture of feelings.  This time desire wasn’t one of them.





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