~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 37 

Kevin was jolted from his morning slumber.  Opening his eyes he looked to the other side of the bed.  Sniffing the air, he smelled something different.  Sniffing again, he jumped out of the bed.  Bounding down the stairs, he landed at the bottom and began yelling, “Catherine you had better not be cooking in my kitchen!“

Catherine’s face was burning red from embarrassment.  In her one hand held the remnants of an electric can opener that was now charred black and had smoke rising from it.

Kevin tucked his hands under his armpits as he swaggered over to the now smoking can opener.  Leaning down, he peered very closely at it as if it were going to tell him what had happened.  Standing up, he turned to Catherine.  “Ya got mad at it, didn’t you?”

“No,” Catherine lied.  She couldn’t get the can opener to cooperate.  She wanted to make some breakfast.  She was craving the mushrooms that were tucked in the tin.

Kevin didn’t speak as he looked down the counter.  Appliances and cords were scattered everywhere.  Broken eggshells on the counter, some of the egg dripping down the cupboard.  Catherine was learning so he had to mitigate his wrath at the moment.  “At least you didn’t set the kitchen on fire,” Kevin mumbled as he walked to the counter and began picking up the mess.  Catherine had lied and he knew it, but she had to confess herself.  If they were going to live together as man and wife, lying was something he didn’t tolerate.

Catherine was undecided on what to do, after all, it was just a can opener.  “I did get mad at it, and when I pointed my finger at it, a blue spark hit it.  After that, the can opener caught on fire.”  Catherine came clean and then took a seat at the kitchen table. 

“Ya can’t lie to me Sweet Thing, that is wrong.  Now, as far as your culinary skills go.  My kitchen is off limits until you can learn to control that wayward finger of yours’.”  Kevin cleaned the kitchen and put things away.  He set all of the appliances in the appliance garage and closed it.  “If you don’t, I’ll put a lock on it.”

“I’m really sorry,” Catherine dropped her head slightly.  She had gone and made a fool of herself, again, in front of him.

Walking over to her, he crouched down in front of her.  “I know you are, so let’s just take one thing at a time.  Okay?  Now let’s go to MeeMaw’s, I bet breakfast is ready.”

“You need to put pants on,” Catherine’s bashfulness again checked in.

“Yes I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind eating breakfast with a beautiful woman such as yourself in my drawers, but I think MeeMaw would take a spoon to me.”  Kevin went upstairs; when he came back he had clean clothes for Catherine.

Handing them to her, she questioned him silently.  He answered her verbally, “Those are from Tracy; she dropped them off for you yesterday.”

“Oh,” Catherine ran up the stairs much to Kevin’s displeasure.  He preferred her to walk so he could watch.  Kevin had come to appreciate Catherine’s body more and more everday.

With breakfast out of the way and Kevin gone, Catherine began to sharpen her Kitchen magick.  MeeMaw had informed her as they worked together, that magick was as simple as a recipe.  Catherine worked over the table piled with herbs.  MeeMaw had begun to teach her the uses of each herb in their different forms, from crushed and powders to essential oils. 

“I did my first spell last night,” Catherine worked the mortar and pestle. 

“Cast young’un, cast.”  MeeMaw corrected her.

“I think it was a protection spell.  I was going to ask Kevin about it, but he wasn’t in the mood to answer anymore questions.  He thinks I talk too much.  I think he has a thing for duct tape.” 

MeeMaw’s eyes squinted and her laugh lines showed.  “Kevin doesn’t like questions much, he never did.  What did you want to ask him?”

Catherine slammed the mortar into the pestle.  “Everything that he knows so far.  I wanted to know what happen to me.  I wanted to know why the Dean is angry and possessive over me.  I want to know how the meeting went yesterday with the guys and what they are up too...

“Catherine honey stop...  All your questions will be answered in time.  I will answer some of them for you because I think they are difficult for Kevin to answer.  The Dean wants you for himself and no other.  He wants to start a new coven, a black one.”

“I couldn’t do that,” Catherine inhaled sharply. 

“As far as what Kevin does, that is for him to say, not me.”  MeeMaw backed off from her original intentions hearing her grandson’s steps towards her door.  “How are you feeling today?  Does your back still hurt?”

Catherine answered with a humph, “No it doesn’t hurt but my insides do, PMS...  I don’t have my pills.  I’m surprised that I haven’t started my cycle yet since I’ve haven’t taken them.”

“I have something for that,” MeeMaw’s creaky bones took her to her cabinet.  Removing a green glass bottle from the cabinet, she set it next to Catherine.  “Take two of these after dinner and you don’t need to be taking those pills.  It ain’t natural, it ain’t for us to decide.”

Catherine’s tongue clung to the upper side of her mouth.  She checked the angry retort that she had loaded and was ready to come out.   

“Let’s go Catherine,” Kevin stood in the doorway, waiting for her.  He wanted to retrieve her before MeeMaw could spill more than he wanted Catherine to know.

“I’m not done yet, we’re talking,” Catherine kneeled on the stool to get more leverage as she ground the spices and herbs.

Kevin leaned back and checked out the petit derriere that was pointing in his direction. 

A slap on the chest brought him back to the present.  “Shame on you,” MeeMaw glared at him.

“She’s mine, I can look.”  Kevin’s eyebrows rose to see if the old woman would question him.

“Only if she’ll have ya, young’un,” MeeMaw cackled at him. 

Kevin wondered if in some distant time MeeMaw and A.J. were related.  They both had a wiseass attitude and laugh that haunted him.  It could be worse; it could have been Nick.

Kevin thought about the conversation that had taken place earlier as Jerald helped Kevin get into shape.  Another impromptu meeting had been called.  Of course, the guys at this point were all in Florida and trying to trip up the Dean as much as possible.  Mark had become invaluable to them.  Not only did he help them, he even came up with a few ideas of his own to send the Dean in the wrong direction.

Kevin boxed with Jerald, “I don’t like him, you guys are relying on him too much.  He is still the Dean’s son.  How do you know he isn’t just setting us up?”  Kevin threw a few punches, the last one almost knocking Jerald down. 

“It’s cool dawg, we got it covered,” Nick sat in Howie’s living room in Orlando.  “Mark is a good guy.”

“Hey Kev, how’s the hand this morning?”  A.J. snickered along with Howie.

Kevin threw a punch that knocked Jerald off of his feet.  “None of your fucking business!”

Now the guys were giggling and snickering, he would have been better off to ignore the comment.  When Jerald laughed and asked how Rosey Palm was, Kevin let him have it one more time.

“Easy little brother, you’re going to hurt me,” Jerald grabbed his chest in mock pain.

“A.J. why don’t you track Catherine’s parents down?  To be honest, I’m afraid too.  I do not understand why they don’t keep in contact with her.”

A.J. groaned, “Dude, why me?”

“Because you’re honor, you know, ‘Honor they Mother and Father.”  Nick gibed.

“That’s lame Kaos, even for you.”  Kevin bit his bottom lip and began to spar with Jerald again.  “A.J. can handle it, he’s more sensitive than you.”

A chorus of ‘Awww’s’ didn’t help A.J. much.

“Kevin, come on man.  Let Nick go.”  A.J. thought persuasion would work.

“I don’t want Nick to go.  I want you to go.  Brian needs to stay with Mark, truth and all.  Howie is keeping Nick in line.”

“Who is keeping you in line?” Jerald took Kevin by surprised and knocked him down.

“Catherine is,” Kevin grunted as he rubbed his injured jaw.

Nick’s ever so conscious self jumped in, “We’re not worried about you, we’re worried about Catherine.  You shouldn’t push her.”

Nick was promptly levitated to the ceiling of Howie’s home in Florida where everyone began to laugh.  Nick had push the ‘My women are none of your business’ button on Kevin.  “This sucks, he’s in Goddamn Kentucky, Kevin shouldn’t be allowed to do this!”  Nick was screaming as he slammed into the floor.

Kevin hooted loudly, “But I can Kaos, so you better be careful.  I can get you anywhere Little brother.”

Nick lay face down on the floor whining to Brian.  “What did I ever do to anyone to have to serve under him?”

A.J.’s cackle filled the room.  “Oh, how do you serve Kevin Nick?  On the top or bottom?”

“Fuck you A.J.!”  Nick screamed as A.J. flew across the room. 

“Knock it off!  All of you.”  All of them froze when Kevin’s father spoke. 

“A.J., you’ll be going to Ohio, while the rest of the boys stay here.”

“Ohio?  Ohio?  It’s freaking cold in Ohio now,” A.J. dropped to his knees, “Please sir, not Ohio.”

“Save it for a film career A.J.”  Kevin’s father rattled an address that Howie wrote down.  “You’ll go there and listen A.J.  Just listen, do not reveal anything.”

“Fine,” A.J. grumbled.  “Anybody got a damn parka?”

Kevin’s mind came back to the present as he watched Catherine walk in front of him on the path.  He groaned in his head, having a piece like her around him all the time was becoming difficult.

“What are we going to do?”  Catherine turned to him.  When she did, she flushed.  “You are a real low life sometimes.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

A space had been cleared next to Kevin’s house.  This must be the place where they were going to practice.  Catherine saw the boxing gloves sitting on the chair.  She put one on and then began the other.

Kevin pulled them off, “Nope, defense maneuvers first.”  Grabbing her, he flipped around with her arm behind her back.  He reined her into home.  Catherine wiggled her bottom against his groin; he let go.

Laughing, she turned around.  “That was easy.”





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