~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 39

Catherine sat at the old wooden trestle table.  Kevin’s grandmother had left her so she could practice, well actually to accomplish a goal they had set for her two days ago.  The goal was for her to master one of her skills: to take a spell from her Book of Shadows from beginning to end and make it work.  It was a simple spell to make the half-dead potted tea rose grow. 

Out of exasperation, she yelled at the plant, it didn’t do a darn thing.  “Just Grow!”

It was becoming increasingly frustrating to her.  In the mornings for the last two days, Kevin had managed to make a game of scaring her, slamming her to the ground, and basically knocking her on her keister all in the name of, “You have to learn to protect yourself, we’re leaving soon.”

Catherine searched out the window for the answer to her problem, “Look at the snow, why would you want to bloom in this room anyway?  I haven’t seen snow in so long.”  A long sigh punctuated with a sweep of her arms, she looked at the plant.  “Look at the snow, I need you to grow.  I want you to bloom and grace this room.  So mote it be.”

Catherine’s mouth dropped open as the plant began to turn from brown to green in front of her very eyes.  Soon the dead buds on the end of wilting stems began to open.  The stems began to straighten from their drooping state.  “I did it! I did it!” she shouted as she watched the transformation take place.

A loud applause came from the door.  “Well done Catherine, you just needed to have the heart to want to do it.”  Brian smiled back at her as he came into the cabin.

“I did it.  Did you see that?” she pointed to the beautiful plant sitting on the table.

“Ya sure did,” Brian looked at her thoughtfully.  “A fine job too.  Have you seen Kevin around?”

“He’s probably with Tim and Jerald.  They spend all their time together when I’m down here.”  Catherine began to water the plant from a small cup she had filled from the tap.

“Kevin should let us all spend time with you.  I bet we could all teach you a little something.”  Brian offered the suggestion hoping she would take an interest in the idea.  He wanted to speak to Kevin alone about A.J.’s visit to Catherine’s parents.

“Yeah Professor, Train should let us all spend some time with you.”

Catherine spun around to see Nick standing behind her.  “How did you get in here? You really have to stop doing that,” a smiled tugged on her lips.

“Hey I’m just checkin’ up on ya.  Kevin, man, he can be a royal pain in the ass some days.  Do this Nick, do that Nick, stop that Nick, knock it off Nick…”

Catherine laughed at Nick’s facial expressions as well as his words.  “Yes he can be very difficult when he wants you do something his way and only his way.”

“You’re catchin’ on pretty fast Professor,” Nick winked as Kevin walked into the cabin.

“Out of the closet again Nick,” Kevin smirked knowing he was needling Kaos on purpose.  Kevin waited for the traditional chin thrusting and arm waving, signaling an argument with Nick.

“We only have a minute Kevin and it’s important.”

“Good news, I hope,” Catherine became animated in her excitement.

Brian didn’t answer her as he looked towards Nick to help him out.

“So Professor how about if I teach you some magic of my own,” Nick’s eyes were dancing with merriment as he winked at Kevin. 

Kevin couldn’t react since he wasn’t exactly sure why they were here and what had prompted the visit.  It must be serious or they would have never left Florida.

“What do you want to teach me Nick?” Catherine’s innocent questions sent chills down Nick’s spine and tension up Kevin’s.

“Come on, I’ll show you the first trick Kevin ever taught me,” Nick grinned.

Kevin fired back quickly, “She knows how to kiss.”

Brian started laughing, “That sounds pretty nasty my friends so let’s not go there.”

“Come on,” Nick ignored both of them as he tugged Catherine out the door and into the snow.  Luckily she grabbed her coat on the way.

Nick plopped down in the snow and made an angel.

A skeptical eyebrow rose at him, “Nick, if Kevin and Brian need to talk, just tell me.  I can hardly believe that Kevin showed you how to make a snow angel.”

Nick’s seriousness kicked in, “Yes, they do need to talk but he really did teach me this.  I’m from Florida, originally I’m from Jamestown, New York but I was young when we moved, so I didn’t remember the snow.” 

Pausing, Nick watched Catherine look from him to the cabin and back again.  They could see Kevin deep in discussion with Brian by the kitchen window.  “When’s the last time you made an angel Catherine?”

“Nick, I don’t want to make an angel, I want to know what is going on.  So far Kevin hasn’t told me a thing.  What I have learned, MeeMaw told me.”

Nick reached for a handful of snow.  He began to pack the snow tightly into a ball.  “I know you want to know what is going on but you see, it’s Kevin’s way.  When he has it all sorted out, he’ll let you know.”

“Well, I’m not agreeing to this one iota!”  Catherine turned and just as she did a snowball hit her directly between the shoulder blades.  Turning around she glared at Nick.

Nick was awestruck at the woman who stood before him, she was angrier than any fan he had turned down or any woman for that fact.  “Help!” he yelled as she began to march towards him. 

“How dare you!” Catherine’s arm flew from her side, as it did her finger pointed directly at Nick. 

“Oh shit,” he rolled on the snow.  “Now look, I was just trying to distract you, don’t get mad at me.”  Nick fought to regain his composure and too stand.  He was knocked to the ground instantaneously.

“Are you one of those little boys who always picked on the girls as school!”  Catherine ranted at him.

“No,” Nick squeaked as he ducked yet another blue streak that was aimed at him. “That was Kevin, he was always mean to girls, ask Brian.”  Nick dodged one more.  “Hey look dammit, this is not my idea, this is their idea.”

Nick was running around the yard like a madman trying not to get zapped by Catherine. 

“CATHERINE!” Kevin shouted from the door after seeing Nick run by the window.

“Don’t you Catherine me!” She yelled at Kevin as she spun around and leveled her hand at him.

“Oh shit,” Brian groaned as he watched Kevin raise both eyebrows up in the air.  Kevin’s hands were resting on his hips, and his legs slightly apart.

“Put your hand down before you doing something stupid, remember my can opener?” Kevin balked at her.

“Wrong move,” Nick whispered under his breath as he joined the other two men.  “She is really pissed off because you aren’t telling her anything.”

“Really Nick?” Kevin’s tone somewhat patronizing.

“Don’t pick on him!” Catherine blasted at Kevin.  It was too late as the cerulean flame shot from her fingertip. 

Kevin’s body was hit hard by the jolt and it tossed him back into the cabin wall.   His body slid down the side of the house into the freshly snow covered ground. 

Nick began to laugh, “Nice shot Catherine.”  When Catherine turned on him, he stopped laughing.  

Nick’s smile faded when he saw Kevin come off the ground and charge Catherine from behind.  As Kevin reached her, he again was sent sailing threw the air.

Kevin landed with a thud and a groan.  Supporting himself on his elbows he pushed up from the ground.  “Nice job Sweet Thing, nice job.”

Catherine frowned as she listened to Kevin’s mumblings, moans, and groans.  She approached him slowly, afraid of any repercussions.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Kevin uttered as he tried to pull himself up from the ground.  “I think you’re pretty set on the self-defense stuff.  Let’s go up to the house and we can let you know some of what we know.”

Offering her hand, he latched on and pulled himself up.  “Just some?” she inquired.

“After what you just did, you’re lucky I didn’t knock you down again.”  Kevin pulled her closer by wrapping an arm around her waist.  “I’m proud of you, you’re doing great, now I’m afraid it’s time for the nasty stuff.”

“I don’t understand?” Catherine let him lead her up to his house.  Brian and Nick chattered along the way as they followed them, hanging back slightly.

“You will baby, you will.” Kevin pulled her closer, a little more possessively this time.  “All in due time...”





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