~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 40

Catherine was only acutely aware of the bed shifting around.  She wasn’t alarmed for she knew it was Kevin.  Quietly she watched Kevin slip around the room and go into his closet.  This didn’t surprise her since they both had gone to bed with so much anxiety on their minds.  Kevin was in a state of extreme agitation when they had come up here.  They had covered all the details of what the Boys had been doing and had settled on a plan. 

Brian and Nick sat and patiently explained while Kevin prowled the room like a caged animal, especially when certain subjects accidentally made their way into the conversation. 

Brian casually let it slip about Catherine’s parents and that A.J. had visited them.  Brian also very calmly explained what the Dean had done to them and the façade that they he had wove.

At that point, Catherine lost all control.  She sent the wind howling in the house and twice had set the magazines on Kevin’s coffee table on fire.  Books whipped around the room and Nick began to laugh as he egged her on while the other two men tried to calm her down.  Nick finally stopped after Kevin’s living room looked like a tornado had sliced the room in half.

Kevin frowned the classic older brother frown and Nick grinned, “Paybacks are a bitch.” 

Kevin became even more enraged when Catherine mumbled amongst her tears that she was going to end their relationship and she headed to the phone to speak with her parents.  It took the three men a half hour to calm her down so that she could think clearly.

While Kevin sat and held her hand, his thumb gently brushing over her palm, she sat immersed in thought.  After what seemed like an endless moment of silence, Catherine spoke.  “I have an idea.”

“Better than your last one, because I’m not giving you up so easily.  I can push this ya know.  I have ways.”  Kevin’s brows were furrowed together half in anger and half in frustration.

“I know you could, but you wouldn’t dare because I don’t think you want to get me upset again, would you.”  Catherine’s gaze swept over him.  “Stop being a bully Kevin, I won’t stand for it.”

His nose wrinkled as he took in the effects of her last episode and his living room in shambles.  “No,” he sighed loudly and began to pace again.

A chuckle from Nick made Catherine smile.  “You do not need to exasperate the situation Nick.”  Catherine cocked her head at the younger blonde.

“I’m not exasperating anything, I’m just working Kevin up.”

It was Brian and Kevin’s turn to chuckle while Catherine shook her head at Nick.  “I know, but please don’t.”  Catherine smiled at him.

“I think we should go back to Los Angeles now.  Beat the Dean back there, since he is in Florida according to you guys.  I could go back to school like nothing has happened.”

“Have you lost your mind?”  Kevin gawked at her.

Brian’s head bobbed up and down while Kevin’s expression didn’t change.

“No, I have not.  What better way to confuse the Dean other than to carry on like nothing happened?  I’m healed; the kids will be looking for me.  School starts next week.”

“I like this,” Brian looked at Kevin.  “The best defense is a great offensive.  Instead of us sitting and waiting for him, let’s go get him.”

Kevin’s face visibly ashened,  “Ah, no…”

“Why not?”  Nick looked at him.  “She’s smart, she’s smarter than all of us put together.”

Nick checked the smirk, knowing that Catherine’s intelligence would be enough to goad Kevin’s male pride.

“Now look, I know she’s smart, but she can’t protect herself!”  Kevin yelled directly at Nick. 

Nick watch the air stir, yep he had Kevin right where he wanted him.

Catherine began to speak but Brian shushed her.

“Well if you can’t handle it…”   Nick dropped his gaze to his boots.

“Who said I can’t handle it!”  Kevin had a full-scale screaming match going on with himself.  A hand gentle touched his upper arm.  He turned to seek out the person that would have the audacity to interrupt him in the middle of good fight.

Catherine looked up at Kevin and spoke with a soft voice.  “I know you can handle it.  I trust you; therefore, I know I can do this.”

Kevin felt like he was just sucker punched in the gut.  His head tilted to the side as Catherine’s big blue eyes focused on him as if he were the only man in the room.  Her hand stroked up and down his arm.  “You’ll protect me, I know that.”

“Yeah but Sweet Thing, what if I can’t?”  Kevin’s voice now sounding more of the fear he felt but hadn’t let show.  Silently he kept wishing she wouldn’t look at him like that with her pretty eyes.  At this rate she could have anything she wanted just by looking at him.

“You can and we have our friends,” Catherine’s hand motioned to the other two men in the room. 

“I dunno,” Kevin pouted.

Catherine waited as Kevin mulled things over in his head.  This was the one thing that un-nerved her the most.  Kevin’s thinking sometimes just seemed to take forever.  “We want a life together, until this is over with, we can’t have one,” she prompted.

“Who is going to watch you while you teach?”  Kevin questioned.  Kevin was secure in the fact that Catherine would live with him, her condo now no longer hers.  He would be with her when he could be; he was very insecure about her teaching, in the Dean’s lap.

“My new student,” she smiled.

“What new student?”  Kevin was mystified at her answer.

Catherine walked behind the couch.  Stopping behind Brian and Nick she laid a hand on each side of Nick’s shoulders.  “My new transfer student from Florida, Gene Carter.”

“NO way!”  Nick yelled as he pushed her hands away from him and stood up. 

Nick now stood next to Kevin.  “I ain’t goin’ to college.  I hated school,” his arms rapidly moving in the air in a windmill fashion.

Kevin looked from Brian, who’s head was nodding up and down while he bit his lip, then to Catherine.  

Catherine seemed to be smiling as she reassured Kevin, “He can do it, he’s capable, he’s just lazy.” 

Kevin had his thumb jammed in his mouth and had been chewing his nails in nervousness as he debated whether it work or not.

Nick dropped to his knees when he saw the look on Kevin’s face.  Kevin was falling for this.  “Pick A.J. paaahleeezeee!!!!”

“Get off the floor!”  Kevin jerked him up by his shoulder.  The men almost a decade apart looked at each other eye to eye.  “It might do you some good.”  Kevin waited for the reaction. 

“It’d do A.J. gooder,” Nick wore a genuine smile as he tried to convince Kevin.

Kevin winced at the vocabulary, which had once again, tripped Nick up.  Kevin also doubted if A.J. would work, A.J. was a little too showy to blend in as a student.

Brian snorted, “You just sunk yourself.”

“He’s going,” Kevin smiled.  Grabbing Nick by his face, he gave him a big, wet, sloppy kiss.  “I’m so proud of you son, you’re going to college.”

“Fuck you Kevin!”  Nick spit as he wiped his face off with the sleeve of t-shirt.

Catherine walked over to Nick and hugged him.  “You will do just fine.  You are a smart young man.”

Nick shrugged her off, “You’re only a year older than me.”

Catherine’s head dipped slightly, “Trust me Nick, Kevin does.”

Nick snorted, “No he doesn’t.  He’s just letting you get your way.  He’s whipped anyway.”

Kevin scowled along with Brian.  Nick began to float and cuss at Kevin to put him down. 

“I’m not doin’ it,” Kevin’s dimples showed.  He grabbed Catherine’s hand, turning it palm side up.  Kevin laid a soft kiss in the palm of her hand.  “Calm down Sweet Thing.  Nick is a great guy and you know it.”

Nick floated back to the floor.  “You did that?”  Nick walked forward as he talked.  Looking Catherine in the eye, he spoke softly, “You flunk me, I’ll never forgive you.”

“You’ll work for what you get and I’m sure this will not last long.  Homework and assignments are to be done and turned into me, on time.”  Catherine walked to Kevin’s bookcase.  She found a copy of the selection they had been working on.  Glancing to Kevin, she gave him a mock surprise look.  Kevin’s face tinged pink.  “First five chapters for Monday.”

“You’re nuts,” Nick huffed as he grabbed the book and headed upstairs.

Brian stood up, “Ah do you want me to go get him and take him to my place?”

“Please,” Kevin shook his head.  Once Nick had a head of steam, he was like a steamroller and there was no stopping him.  He was taking this personal now and Kevin was hoping that Nick hadn’t forgot what he was really supposed to be doing.

Nick came down the stairs in front of Brian, slightly embarrassed.  “Sorry man, I kinda think everyone thinks I’m stupid and I’m not.”

Kevin walked over to Nick and embraced him in a huge hug.  “I know man, but that is why you are perfect for this.  You can do two things at once, learn something and keep an eye on my lady for me.  Right?”

“Yeah man, I can do that.”  Nick hugged him back.  As they backed up to face each other Nick eyed Kevin suspiciously, “You kiss me again, you and I are gonna go at it just like old times.”

Kevin let loose with a belly laugh as he threw his hands up in the air,  “Dude, I love ya.” 

Now Catherine lay in the bed watching Kevin creep around the room as if not to wake her.  She watched the now naked man slip on a heavy robe type piece of clothing which looked dark in color.  Kevin then softly padded to the door.  After exiting he slowly eased the door shut.

For a brief moment Catherine waited, then she decided to see what Kevin was up too.





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