~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 41

Donning a heavy robe that she found in Kevin’s closet Catherine went down the stairs to the kitchen.  Stopping at the back door, she slipped some shoes on.  Catherine wanted to see what Kevin was up too.  Knowing how upset he was about her idea, she only assumed that his decision was keeping him from resting.

Catherine trailed a safe distance behind Kevin as he took the path from the back of the house down to the lake.  Hiding behind sparse trees, she halted every time Kevin paused in his steps.  Once down at the Lake, she found a spot behind an old Willow tree, whose unadorned branches draped like a curtain over the water.  Being on the crest of spring, leaves had begun to sprout.

Finding a clear patch of earth, she wrapped the robe tightly against her body and sat down.  As the clouds rolled by, the moon shown brightly in the sky.  The reflection of the moon on the water was a sight to behold.  The waters rippling mirror of the moon reflected the light back towards the sky.

As the Moon shed its light on all the objects around her, Catherine huddled in the robe. The robe was the most comfortable thing she had ever worn.  Her hands skimmed up and down the luxurious heavy velvet fabric.  It was then that she noticed that her robe matched the one that the man standing at the edge of the water was wearing.  They were of identical color and identical fabric from what she could see.  Both of them had hoods and as Catherine looked down at hers and then to Kevin’s, they both had silver trim.  The only difference seemed to be in size.

Pulling the hood over her head Catherine tried to hide herself in the darkness.  Her eyes settled on Kevin who began to step closer to the water.  As he did so he also removed the robe.  The robe was carefully folded and placed neatly on a rock not far from the lake.

Catherine held her breath as she watched the naked form walk towards the water.  It wasn’t as if she had never seen him in the nude, just not in these surroundings.  Her eyes traveled from the muscular calves up to the muscular thighs.  Catherine covered her mouth with her hand as if Kevin would see her smile when she viewed his naked buttocks.  Again, her gaze traveled up to his hips and waist, licking her lips to moisten her parched mouth as she took in the expanse of his back and shoulders.  Kevin’s long hair falling down his back.

“Damn this water is cold,” Kevin complained loudly as he gingerly waded into the water.

Catherine bit her lip as she heard his grumble.  “You shouldn’t swim naked this time of year,” she whispered with her head buried deep in her hood.  Silently she watched him work his way into the water up to his waist.  Suddenly a loudly splash accompanied the site of Kevin diving under the cool water. 

Catherine held her breath as she waited for him to break the surface.  When Kevin did come up for air, he was now in the center of the lake treading water. 

Kevin swam around for a few minutes.  A niggling feeling had come over him on the way down to the lake.  He had the feeling that he was being followed but he didn’t feel threatened.  Invoking every sense Kevin had, he could not hear nor see a thing.  Now that he was in the water, he chalked it up to nerves.  Bending his head back he dipped his head into the frigid liquid, swirled his head until his hair was out of his eyes.  Both of his hands then rubbed the water from his face after he raised his head out of the water.

Kevin swirled his arms in the water and kicked his feet until he felt the lakebed.  Once his feet touched bottom, he walked towards the shore until the water was level with his waist. 

Catherine stayed hidden in the shadows of the willow and watched.  She felt warmth slowly crawl over her skin.  She knew she was blushing at the sight in front of her.  Inhaling a deep breath she held it for a count of ten and slowly exhaled.  Seeing Kevin in this state shouldn’t be something that should make her blush.  The nude man in front of her was the same naked man that had just left her in bed.

Placing her hand on a branch Catherine braced herself to pull up to standing position.  The posture was half achieved when Kevin turned while still in the waist high water and stared at the willow tree.  Catherine froze in her present crouching position.  She squeezed her eyes shut as if the fact that if she didn’t see him, he wouldn’t see her.  Her breath hitched in her throat as she waited for him to continue on with whatever he was going to do.

Cracking one eye open, she saw that Kevin had turned around and was now facing the opposite direction.  His arms were now straight out at in the air and he was mumbling in ancient Celtic words, his body turning in the water to form a circle.

Closing her eyes, Catherine tried to concentrate and translate the words.  She could hear Kevin’s words being spoken in the old tongue but she whispered them back to herself in English.

“I summon Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Hear my plea, hear my desire.

Winds from the east strong and fast,

 Encompass this magick circle cast.

Communication swift and clear,

I summon you to guard me here.

Element of air come join me this night.

Bring me a vision of clarity and sight.

So Mote It Be.”

Catherine was shocked that he would call on specific powers to help him make a decision and outright ask for a peek into the future.  As Catherine began to stand she heard what sounded to her to be a cat screaming in the woods at the far end of the lake.  When a golden cougar appeared at the edge of the water, she froze.  Catherine wanted to scream out, loudly, from plain old fashion fear.  Large wild cats like this didn’t live in Kentucky.  Stepping back, she bumped into a branch and scared herself.  Motionless in her spot, so that Kevin wouldn’t notice her, she watched a much larger and rather obviously more powerful black panther joined the fair-haired cat.  Closing her eyes she sighed, hoping when she opened them she wouldn’t see the images on the opposite side of the shore. 

At first she thought the panther was attacking the golden-haired cougar.  Catherine’s head cocked to the side and she locked her eyes on the forms.  The panther sauntered closer to the cougar, the cougar backed off.  As soon as the cougar backed away, the panther leaped and knocked the other cat to the ground.  The larger animal covered the golden one, it roared, snarled, and gnashed its teeth.  Catherine was amazed at the sight of the golden cougar not backing down from the larger dark colored cat. 

From the right side of the woods came a large gray dog-shaped animal.  The creature charged the two cats and attacked the golden cougar.  A howl rang out over the lake as the large black panther’s paw struck out at the animal doing the attacking.  The large dog ran off. 

Catherine’s breath snagged in the middle of breathing.  The black panther approached the flaxen cougar again, but this time the cougar dropped.  The panther began to lick the wounds that were inflicted on the cougar with its long tongue.  She blinked three times as she heard the cougar begin to purr.  Another howl broke the melodic purring noises as the dog like animal attacked again, leaping on the back of the obsidian cat.  The golden cougar attacked the animal, knocking it off the back of the larger cat and pinning it to the ground.  The cougar then reached down and grabbed the dog by the neck, picking it up with its mouth; it thrashed the animal back and forth in its jaws.  With one twist of its neck the dog went flying into the lake.  Both cats looked at each other and casually walked back into the woods.

Quietly Catherine came from behind the willow and walked to the shoreline.  Standing, she waited for Kevin to turn around and face her.  She couldn’t ignore what she saw but she wasn’t sure if what she had seen was real.  Kevin would have to explain this to her, never had she read where two people could share a vision, concurrently.

Kevin turned slowly in the water and closed his circle.  Still standing in the water he now faced Catherine.  He knew she was there just after the vision started but he didn’t dare stop the cycle of the vision to chastise her for interloping on his private time.  Kevin thoughtfully looked at Catherine, his hand raised to his chin as he rubbed his goatee.  “You saw?”

Catherine nodded but didn’t speak.

As he debated whether to go to her, he wondered if she truly got out of the vision what he had. 

“I… I… I don’t understand.  What is next?”  Catherine spoke softly but with trepidation.

Kevin moved farther out into the small lake.  “That’s up to you Professor.  You can interpret what you have just seen any way you want too.  What happens next is up to you.”  He spoke while standing further out with the water level just brushing under his arms.

“What do you mean, it’s up to me?”  Catherine pulled the hem up of her robe up, slipped off her shoes, and dipped a foot in the water.  She began to swirl the liquid with her big toe.  The water wasn’t as cold as she thought it would be.

Kevin most likely would pay a heavy price for telling her his opinion but he gathered that her interpretation was the same as his.  She just missed the big picture.  “You are either  with me or your not.  I need you, you need me.”  Her graceful limbs sticking out from under the robe in the moonlight was another pressing matter.  One that was heating his mind as well as his body.

“I need you,” she repeated to him.  The voice inflection that she used was not one that showed she was questioning him but one of validating his statement. 

“I need you too,” Kevin smiled at her.  He began to float on his back.  He smirked at the moon knowing that Catherine most likely at this point was staring at the ground.  Kevin floated some more and then asked as he looked up at the night sky.  “How does the robe fit?”

“It’s beautiful Kevin.  It feels like it was made for me,” Catherine’s normal voice returning to her.

“It was.”  Kevin moved around in the water. 

Catherine closed her eyes as he rolled in the water.  When she opened them, he was gone.  After a second he re-appeared, closer to her now.  His head was bobbing from side to side as he walked towards her.

Kevin smiled slightly as he watched her watch him.  She still wasn’t comfortable around him when he wasn’t clothed.  As he approached her, he reached for her with both arms out.  Walking straight up to her he clasped one of her hands in each of his.  “It’s yours, it’s a ceremonial robe.  After you decide if you want to dedicate yourself to the craft, then you will have to take a ritual bath.  Next, you will take your magickal name then you can dedicate yourself to the craft in a ceremony.”

Kevin waited for a response from her.

A smile played on her lips.  “Would this lake count as a bath?”  Her eyes were busy watching the water slowly roll down the chest that was now in her face. 

Kevin’s dimples showed as he dropped an elbow on each side of her shoulders.  His fingers laced together behind her head.  Dipping his face down to hers he winked as his nose rested on hers, “We’ll improvise Sweet Thing, we’ll improvise.”

Catherine’s hand reached for the zipper on the robe.  Slowly her hand dragged the tab downward.  Catherine pushed Kevin’s arms off of her body as she reached for the collar of the robe.  Slowly she pushed the fabric from her shoulders.

Kevin watched as the garment slid to the ground.  A little groan escaped as he watched this beauty being bathed in the moonlight.  His eyes closed slowly and then opened again as he watched her so eloquently walk by him and into the water.  Kevin spun around and exhaled loudly as she entered the water up to her waist.

Catherine turned to look at Kevin.  “What do I do now?”

The question was as innocent as the day she was born.  Kevin was now in the water next to her.  “Oh that is a loaded question baby.”  Leaning down he placed his lips on hers. As he did so their lower bodies met, Kevin’s erection pushing hard into Catherine’s abdomen. Kevin pulled her closer so that his physical state would not go unmissed by her.

Pressing their lips together they both smiled.

“Damn that was sexy.  Can we see more? ”

Catherine blushed as she tucked her head down into Kevin's chest.

Kevin snarled.  “You gonna die Nick cuz I’m gonna kill ya.”





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