~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 42

Catherine lay in the bed, her eyes slowly opening to peer into the shadows.  The bed was moving in a strange pattern.  At first she panicked thinking it was an earthquake but then she remembered that they were in Kentucky not in California.

As she stirred slightly, she felt something skim over her hip and then to her backside.  Catherine stilled as she felt fingertips brush against her bottom and touch the silk of her panties in an intimate manner.  Fingers slid along the edge of the lace.  The fingers then began to slightly caress her skin, working their way under the fabric. 

Closing her eyes she was unsure of what to do.  She could hear Kevin’s ragged breathing and it was more than obvious he was the one moving the mattress.  She had heard but never seen what this act was like.  She wanted to see this experience but couldn’t figure out a way that she could watch and not let him know that she was watching.

The fingers that had started out gently brushing were no long gentle they were kneading almost to the point of bruising her flesh.  A palm and the mattress moving with more intensity now accompanied them.  Kevin’s grunting was becoming louder as his hand applied more pressure to her bottom. 

With a loud groan from Kevin, the bed surging up and then down, and a squeeze so tight from Kevin on her rear that it almost made her shoot off the bed.  Catherine huffed and rolled over to find Kevin bathed in perspiration and breathing roughly.

“Do you mind?” she glared at him.

“Don’t mind a bit Sweet Thing,” Kevin mumbled as he enjoyed his post-sensual surrender.  He couldn’t contain his sexual desire any more.  Kevin had watched Catherine bath nude in the lake with the moon shining down on her body.  The water glistened off her flesh as she cupped the water in her hands and poured it over her naked body.  The water ran down her skin in a slow sensual spiral, leaving a glistening trail.  It took everything he had not to kill Nick and to be able to walk back to the house.  If he thought they would have been left alone, Kevin would have seduced his fair Catherine on the shore in the moonlight.  He would have heard her call his name as he gave her a climax, and then he took his pleasure from her body one more time.  He would bury his own body deeply into hers and start all over again. 

Instead, he had to be satisfied with coming back to the house and watching Catherine do her dedication ceremony.  Catherine began to consecrate what tools she had. All of her tools were there, a silver candle, a gold candle, and an illuminator candle.  Along with a bowl of salt and a bowl of holy water. 

Kevin went to his cabinet and unlocked it.  From the cabinet, he produced a chalice and the Athame that he had given her. 

Catherine didn’t speak to him nor did she question him on how the items came to be in Kentucky.  Knowing Kevin he wouldn’t have told her.

Kevin set out wine and cake as well as a libation bowl while she finished consecrating her tools.

Catherine began her ceramony.  Kevin was hoping nobody was eavesdropping on them, he wanted this to be as intimate as possible between the two of them.

Kevin spoke the words with her from memory as she walked the circle deosil round and consecrated her circle. 

Catherine sprinkled the salt and spoke her words again.  Lighting the incense censer next, she uttered the words that accompanied the lighting.  She cast her magick circle and stood in front of the candles.  Lighting the illuminator candle with a match, she welcomed the God and the Goddess and thanked them for coming.  With that done she began her dedication.  After dedicating herself to the craft, she asked for protection, teaching, healing, and empowerment.

“I want to see through eyes that are wise.

Feel through a heart that is compassionate.

Drink through lips that speak kindness.

Hear through ears without prejudice.

Live in oneness with the Earth.”

Turning towards Kevin she smiled and added her own line to the dedication. 

“And to be with the one I love”

Lighting the silver candle with the illuminator candle, Catherine continued with her request for teaching and guidance.  Once her requests had been finished, she poured wine into the chalice.  Breaking off a piece of the cake, she placed it in the libation bowl with the some wine for the Lord and the Lady.  Catherine ate and drank and then closed her ceremony by snuffing out the gold and silver candles.  With her Athame she walked counterclockwise around the circle to close it. 

With subdued emotion, Kevin sat in his place and watched.  He was proud of her, proud of what she had accomplished in a short time, proud of what she had attained before he had met her but even prouder because now he could call her ‘his’.  This wasn’t their wedding ceremony but it was a step in that direction. 

Kevin’s thoughts began to jump towards the future.  Beltane was not that far away, and of course, the Maypole dance. Few, if any knew what the Maypole stood for; Kevin smirked.  Yep, nothing more amusing than a bunch people dancing around a phallic symbol.  Kevin always preferred that symbol to focusing on the cauldron, which would represent his lady.  His grandmother had told him it was a male thing and that all men were alike and that one particular body part, all men worshipped, most of the time they thought with it too.

Kevin smiled as he recalled the story that he had been told to him since he could understand the significance of it.  Beltane was his time, The Lord had grown to manhood and falls in love with the lady.  The two unite in a handfasting and produce the bounty of nature.  The Lady becomes pregnant by the Lord.  Catherine probably knew the story but he wasn’t about to tell her that they had to get married by the end of April and that she was suppose to get knocked up and give him a son.  Nope, some things are better left unsaid he laughed to himself as Catherine cleaned up her sacred space.

As they lie together Kevin could tell Catherine was waiting for him to speak.  He had become lost in recent memories and had also begun to think about their future.  Closing his eyes he wait just a little longer for his memories and wishes to fade before he spoke to her. 

Catherine continued to stare at Kevin for a long time wondering what he was thinking.  In the palm of his left hand still rested his soft manhood.  Catherine looked at Kevin quizzically and then back to his hand.  “You used me,” she quipped, slightly annoyed that he hadn’t spoken again.

Kevin’s head rolled to the side as he began to clean himself up with tissues from the box on the nightstand.  “I’m sorry Sweet Thing but after watching everything that went down tonight and knowing that you aren’t going to let me touch you, I had to take care of things.”

“Couldn’t you just ignore it?” Catherine’s question was as innocent as she was.

Kevin closed his eyes, “I tried, trust me.”  His mind once again whipping back to the lake and the bath, the setting would have been perfect for him to take her once again.

Catherine hesitated not sure how the question would sound.  “How do you know I’m not ready for us to do ‘it’ again?”

Kevin laughed as he rolled out of the bed and went into the bathroom.  Gone for only a short while he came back to her.  Lighting a candle next to the bed, he pulled the covers back and climbed back in.  Kevin pulled her closer to him.  “Because I don’t believe you are ready and neither do you.  You’ll give me a sign when it’s time, until then, I’ll make do.”

Kevin watched Catherine’s eyes flicker with mixed emotions, deep in thought she nestled closer to him.  His head backed up and he looked at her with a hard expression.  “What?” he asked as he sensed her doubt.

“Can I touch it?” her question was pure but her face was red.  “I mean I won’t hurt you since you just touched it.”

Kevin’s chest rumbled with laughter as he began to pull back the blankets.

“I don’t want to see it, I just want to touch it,” Catherine shrieked.

Kevin laughed even harder.  “Oh baby you are priceless.  Okay I’ll let you touch it.”

Kevin tried very hard not to laugh but it was too damn strange.  He felt like he had just plucked Catherine from a convent not a college.

“You’re making fun of me,” Catherine frowned.

“No I’m not,” came from his mouth but his eyes danced with laughter.  “Here, I’ll show you how.”

Catherine’s hand was guided down to the flat plane of Kevin’s stomach.  He wasn’t about to go full bore and jam her hand into his crotch, not with her blue streak finger anyway.  If he had to explain the fact that he was accidentally ignited in the groin while he teaching his woman how to give him a proper hand job, it would be over with the guys.  They would haunt him forever.

“Can you do that again?  I mean so soon after…” Catherine was beginning to question him.

“Hey, it’s me,” Kevin quickly defended his ability to sustain a second erection.  Just as abruptly, he stopped.  It would be lost on Catherine, so why bother.

Kevin’s hand slipped over hers and pushed it down towards his hips.  Her hand came in contact with his half flaccid state and she tried to pull away.  Kevin had now become suspended in the thought of all the things he would be more than willing to teach Catherine.  His hand tightly held on to hers when she tried to retreat again.  “No,” he growled at her.

Slowly he guided her hand the length of his shaft more than once.  “Talk to me,” he whispered huskily.

Unsure of what to say, she said what she was feeling, “It’s hard and warm…”

“Uh-huh,” he rasped as he tightened his grip around her hand.  There was no way in hell he was letting her stop now.  “Keep going…”

“It’s feels like velvet,” Catherine whispered as she watched Kevin’s eyes close his head pushing back into the pillows.  Now he was breathing out of his mouth.

Catherine’s hand was being forced to slide up and down Kevin’s erection and grip that was almost as tight as the one he had on her bottom just a while ago.

“Keep talking Catherine.”  The words were spoken in a command not a request.  It titillated her and excited her and then she understood.

“It’s slippery now and big.  It throbs when I touch it,” Catherine spoke as she became more aggressive.  Kevin’s hips now mimicked her hand movements even though his hand still was over hers and guiding her.

“Let go Kevin, I won’t stop,” Catherine whispered as the candle flickered illuminated his face.  His face was drawn tight and his brows furrowed as if in pain.  Kevin’s hand left hers as she continued to stroke his hardened appendage. 

Smiling, Catherine no longer stared at her hand, which Kevin had uncovered when he kicked the blankets off.  She now studied his face, she wanted to talk to him but wasn’t sure if he could talk.  “Does that feel good Kevin?”

“You have no idea?” he grunted as his eyes squeezed shut.

“Do you like it when I do this?” her fingers slowed slightly and then brushed over the tip of his penis.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Kevin moaned as his hand once again rejoined hers out of fear that she would.

“I told you I wouldn’t, I’m curious…”

Kevin’s hips moved frantically in their hands as he tightened both of their grips.  He spilled his seed into their fingers.  Ejaculate now covered both of them.  Kevin’s grip didn’t relent as Catherine tried to pull her hand away.  His breathing was still some what course but was coming back to normal.

“Did I hurt you?” Catherine now sat in the bed with her hand still on Kevin but her legs tucked under her.

“No,” Kevin leaned over to the side of the bed for the tissues.  First he cleaned her hand then himself.

Catherine was more than a little curious, but it was nothing she could explain in this instant, she would file in her mind and dissect it later.  She placed her hand by her face and inhaled.

Kevin saw the pink tongue dart out and then lick her hand.  His shoulders sagged and he huffed.  “You are going to be the death of me,” he grumbled as he blew out the candle.  Swooping down on Catherine, he neatly tucked her next to him.  Kissing her forehead he smiled in the dark.  “Get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow.”

“I was just curious.”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Kevin laughed.

“Did not,” was chimed into the room by two cats that promptly jumped on the bed.





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