~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 43

Kevin hugged his pillow as the comforting smell of bacon wafted upstairs.  “Emm breakfast.  Catherine is cooking.”  His own second statement was enough to send him jumping from the bed and grabbing for a robe. 

Running down the hallway he was screaming that he would kill her if she fried one more appliance, he skidded to a stop in his bare feet in the kitchen.  His bathrobe barely on.

“Sit down dear, your breakfast is almost ready.  MeeMaw and I thought we would come over to say goodbye.  We’re very worried about both of you doing this and we wanted to try and talk you out of it but Catherine says that both of you have made up your minds and this is what you want to do.”  Anne gestured for Kevin to sit at the table in his normal place.

Catherine sat with a smug grin on her face holding a piece of bacon in her hand.  “Scared you, didn’t they?”

“Ha Ha,” Kevin reached for his coffee cup.

“You’ll get it together eventually dear, it took me forever.  Kevin’s grandpa still has days that make me want to zap him.  I have learned that energy should be stored and used for special occasions… you know, like sex.”

Kevin choked on his coffee, “Too much information MeeMaw.  Besides Catherine and I are not ready for that yet.”

Catherine’s face turned beet red as the older women laughed and repeated what Kevin had said, soon Kevin’s face was just as red.

“Not ready, that’s a new one coming from a man,” Anne actually laughed at her son.

“Stop picking on me,” Kevin frowned as he waved his fork in the air.  “I’m just doin’ what she wants.”

“Oh so it’s my fault,” Catherine’s eyes began to glow a little.

“No baby, it’s not your fault, now let’s change the subject.”  Kevin watched people approach his door. 

Bert sat under the table with Quince.  “It’s just Brian and Nick.”

“I know that,” Kevin shoved the cat with his foot.  As soon as he did, he regretted it since he now had one large orange fur ball claws and teeth imbedded in his foot.

“He’s hungry, I’ll feed him.”  Catherine pushed her chair away and went to the cupboard.  Pouring cat food in both dishes, Bert and Quince ran out from under the table and to their respective bowls. 

“Thank you,” Kevin mumbled sarcastically.  Bert turned and yowled.

“Like hell I’m dessert if anything happens to your Mistress.”  Kevin scoffed down his food as Brian and Nick filled their plates.  Both had entered the house without being greeted. Both men had been there enough to know that Kevin wouldn’t get bother to get up.

The entire family seemed to be showing up at his house, this wasn’t what he wanted.  Finally the call to leave for the airport came.

“How did we get here from California?” Catherine already knew the answer but she wanted to make sure.  Some of what she had experienced had come back to her but not all of it.  She needed to know if she had dreamt it or it was real.

“We flew here,” Kevin had not intentions on expanding the explanation.  Kevin spoke as he grabbed the suddenly heavy suitcase.  He stopped at the kitchen table.  Placing the bag on the table, he unzipped it.  Upon opening it, Catherine yelled loudly, Kevin just motioned them out of the suitcase.

“You two aren’t bright, you could have froze to death in the belly of the plane.”  Kevin shook his head.  Quince jumped out first, Bert wasn’t going to budge.  Picking Bert up, he scratched his ears.  “We’ll take good care of her.  We’re going to bring her back.  When we get back, we’re gonna get hitched, after that we’re going to have lots of babies and live right here on the farm.  Catherine is going to stay home and raise our kids.”

When Bert started literally laughing loudly, Kevin couldn’t understand why.  As he set Bert down on the floor, he heard more laughing. 

Cute little feet with nail polished toes now were in his line of vision.  They had stepped towards him.  He followed the uncovered leg from the sexy ankle all the way to the mid-thigh shorts.  “Mmm,” he grunted quietly.

Standing up, he faced Catherine; her facial expression was a little off.  The room had grown extremely silent.  “We’re getting hitched and we’re having lots of babies?  I’m staying home to raise all these kids? I think we’ll be discussing a few things my Lord.”  Her finger now jabbing him in the chest with each word just for emphasis. 

When she flounced by him and out the door to the truck, Kevin finally exhaled.  The door being slammed shut on the vehicle resounded in the silence.  “Okay, I guess we’re ready,” Kevin smiled.

Everyone began to laugh and he dropped his head as he shuffled out the door.  His mother stopped him by grabbing his arm.  “You need to talk about your future with her, not plan it for her.”

“I know, I know…” Kevin groaned as he headed out the door.  It was going to be a very long plane ride to California. 

Catherine took her seat once they had boarded the plane.  Catherine had flown little over the last few years, now she was sitting in first class with three-fifths of the Backstreet Boys.

After a few minutes in the air, Nick pulled out the textbook that Catherine had given him.  It was just a coincidence that the book happened to be at Kevin’s house.  The more she thought about it, the more riled she became.  There seemed to be so many coincidences lately. 

Kevin’s voice broke into her mind; he was speaking to her.  “I bought the book a long time ago for a kick.  I wanted to see if the author had any idea about the old ways.”

“The author is well informed.  Did you even look to see who wrote it?”  Catherine pulled the book from Nick and flashed the cover to Kevin. 

Kevin’s eyes bulged, “Oh shit.  The Dean wrote that?”

Catherine handed the book back to Nick who seemed somewhat distance.  Nick turned to both of them.  “I’m worried, The Dean knows pretty much everything but the who.  He knows how to take us out if he wanted too.”  Moving around in his seat, he thumbed through the pages.  Turning to a particularly upsetting section he handed the book to Kevin.  “I would guess you never read it.”

Kevin’s head nodded that he hadn’t as he grabbed the book.

“I didn’t think so…” Nick cut his words off as he lowered his head but his eyes were settled on the man that he often referred to as his second Dad.  When the plane began to shake a little as Kevin read the pages and flipped even faster; Nick knew he had gotten to the part that had upset him as well.

Kevin grabbed Catherine’s arm violently and pulled her almost out of the seat and into his lap.  Brian gulped and was thankful that nobody was in first class but them.

Kevin’s eyes darted from the picture to the woman he was holding by the arm.  “Has he ever tried to ‘do’ you or has he seen you naked?”

“No, other than recently,” Catherine knew what Kevin was looking at it.  When she first saw it she was taken aback.  One time someone had mentioned the uncanny resemblance to Catherine and the nude woman in the book.  Catherine had always ignored it.  Some of her immature male students would get a quick surge of sexual energy from it but basically she managed to side step the entire chapter of the book. 

Pulling her even closer and not very gently he squeezed her arm.  “You don’t go out of my sight or Nick’s until this is settled.  Do you understand me?”

Catherine felt his breathe on her face since he had pulled her they were nose-to-nose.  There was something in Kevin’s behavior that made her not want to argue the point with him.  Kevin was the most serious she had ever seen him and also seemed to be threatening her with harm if she didn’t do as he had commanded.  She could tell by the way the others turned away from him that this was a side of Kevin that they didn’t want to deal with either.

“I understand,” she swallowed hard.  Catherine refused to let her eyes travel from his face even though she was somewhat frightened of him.  She watched the eyes soften and the tension leave his face.  His grip on her loosened and he casually returned her to her seat.

Nick turned to Catherine with a worried face, “You stay close to one of us at all times. Kevin is a serious man, he’ll put you on lockdown if he has too.”

Catherine spent the rest of the ride wondering what Nick was referring to in regards to lockdown.  Surely Kevin wouldn’t have her arrested or anything.

Catherine finally understood and she leaned over to whisper in Nick’s ear.  “I don’t think so.  I’m a grown woman with powers… powers he gave me… so let him try.”

Kevin began to giggle as he leaned into to join the twosome that was in the middle of a deep conversation.  “Just try me Professor…. Just try me… I’ll lock your pretty little ass up at the house so fast and tight your head will spin.  You have a long way to go before you can match my powers woman…”

Kevin sat back in the seat while Catherine fumed in hers.  Kevin turned the page on the magazine satisfied that Catherine wouldn’t try to venture out on her own.  He did need to inform her of one more thing.  “By the way, you live at my house now.  The condo was too dangerous and my Father made that decision not me… Remember we are on a plane and people know us so don’t get your dander up on the plane…”

Nick and Brian instinctively covered their ears when they heard her scream for Kevin’s Father.

The men listened to the statuesque blond woman yell, throw a temper tantrum, and then basically be told off.

“This is how it has to be Catherine, just for now.  The items that you received from the Dean were returned to his doorstep, including your car.  You can have no connection with him.”  Jerald Sr. spoke to her.

Kevin’s head whipped around to Catherine, “The car, what the hell did you give the car back for?”  His voice sounded as if he were going to cry.  “I liked that car…”

“No, you loved that car, but you can go buy one if you liked it so much,” Brian snickered knowing full well Kevin couldn’t own such a high-powered muscle machine.  He had painted himself in a corner a few years ago with his charity and gas-guzzling machines.

Kevin sunk back into the small space, “I really like that car.”

“All of my books?” she questioned further ignoring the sulking thirty year old next to her.

“Carlos and his friends were kind enough to set up an office for you to work out of at the house and one at the Boy’s office building.  Unfortunately we had to say that you are Kevin’s secretary now in order for people not to get to nosey.  You’ll share Kevin’s office.

Kevin perked up and smiled.  “Will you sit on my lap for dictation?”

Catherine shook her head and groaned.  She would expect a remark like that out of Nick or A.J., not Kevin.  “Only if you let me cook,” she smiled back.

Kevin’s eyes turned toward the ceiling on the plane.  Closing his eyes, he laced his fingers together as he listened to his Father speak to all of them.  A couple of times they had to call to Kevin to get his attention, he had been lost in a secretary fantasy.

I’ve made arrangements with a friend of mine for your dissertation to be read by the head of the school, not the Dean.  You’ve worked very hard to earn your degree Catherine; I won’t let the Dean take that from you.  You are a well-respected Professor in your field and it’s time for you to shine.  It’s time for you to become Dr. Miller.”  Jerald cleared his throat and whispered to Kevin, “Then I want my grandchildren.”

Nobody missed Catherine’s semi-audible, “They’re all alike…”





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