~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 44 

Walking into Kevin’s home she immediately saw none of her things.  Darting to the back of the house she found a room had been converted into an office.  Her laptop sat on the desk, along with fresh flowers, and a note.

Grabbing the note she smiled.  “We’re glad that you are okay and we hope this is adequate for your work.  Good luck on your dissertation… signed Carlos and BSB security.” 

Kevin stood in the doorway, the guys had done a great job of setting up an office for her, and he was very impressed.  Kevin knew it had to do with the fact that it was Catherine, had it been any other woman; he would of refused.  Carlos had been relentless since Kevin had started dating the Professor.  Carlos continuously reminded Kevin that Catherine brought some much-needed class and brains to the family.

Catherine turned on the computer and checked the contents; nothing had been touched.  Glancing at Kevin her stomach rumbled loud enough for him to hear it.  “I have so much editing to do, you heard your dad.  I have to have this done by Monday.”  Her stomach rumbled again.

Kevin shook his head, “I hear ya, you’re hungry.  I’ll get us something to eat.  If I’m lucky, Carlos likes me as much as he does you and he picked up a sack or two of groceries.”  Kevin shut the door to her makeshift office so she wouldn’t be disturbed. 

Going into his kitchen he rifled through the cupboards and refrigerator.  On the front of the fridge was a note that had the words ‘you owe me’ scribbled on it.

“I sure do,” Kevin’s stomach rumbled as he began to make something that would hold them the rest of the day.  “Roast chicken, a little Marsala sounds good with this… some good wine… maybe I could get her drunk and then I could get laid.”

“Don’t count on it,” came from behind him.  He winced as Catherine opened the cupboard and pulled out a box of Twinkies. 

Kevin’s nose wrinkled up in disgust, “That’s not food.”

“I’m hungry,” she grabbed the box and left him to cook dinner.

“Fine I’ll feed you tonight, but damn, you are going to learn to cook.  Not for me, for yourself, I won’t have you starving to death when I’m not home.”  Kevin began to pick around his kitchen after turning the stereo on.  The light went on some where in the middle of his preparations for a five-course meal.  “You like to eat, I like to cook, so I can teach you something and hopefully you’ll teach me something.” 

Kevin paused as he wiped his hands on a dishtowel.  Walking back to the bedroom, the office door was now open.  Catherine sat with her legs crossed in the chair staring at the monitor.  Her hair haphazardly piled up on the top of her head and a pencil shoved into it.  She was now dressed in comfortable shorts and a tee shirt.  The short shorts, he groaned as his eyes swept under the desk. 

Balls of paper littered the floor, a glass sat on its side on the desk.  “Patience would be a good start,” as he walked into the room, righting the glass, and checked the top of the desk for spillage.

“I’m not that bad, I cleaned it up with that shirt over there in the corner.”  Catherine never once raised her head as she typed and spoke to Kevin.

Kevin walked over to the shirt, lifting the soggy fabric from the carpet he frowned.  “One, you shouldn’t use shirts to clean up messes.  Two, don’t ever use my good dress shirt, this is a Lauren.  Three, put the damn thing in the washer not leave it on the carpet!  You better hope that stain will come out of the carpet.”

“I’m not worried about it, I don’t like that carpet and since I’m not getting hitched and living in Kentucky, we can redecorate…”

“Wait one damn minute…”  Kevin began to explode because if he didn’t he would implode.  Nick standing next to him stopped him in mid-sentence.  “What the fuck do you want?” Kevin shoved by him and headed to the washer.

“Hey isn’t that a Lauren?” Nick snickered.

“IT WAS!”  Kevin yelled from the washer.

“Nick take that duffel bag to Kevin.  He’ll know what to do with it.” Catherine continued to type but watched Nick do as she requested.

Nick headed down the hall with the bag and handed it to Kevin.  “She said you would know what to do with it.”

Kevin dumped the contents on the counter in his laundry room.  He shook his head as he began to sort the clothes.  “See this, look, she is slob, this is supposed to be dry cleaned not washed.” Kevin set the garment aside.

As Kevin sorted the clothes, he watched Nick observe with interested eyes.  “Her unmentionables aren’t in here.”

“Oh,” Nick shrugged and left Kevin to finish the laundry.  Nick laughed all the way to the kitchen.  He began to set the table.  Catherine joined him and pitched in.  Kevin seemed pretty intent with the Spray’N’Wash when she walked by him to go to the kitchen.

“He’s pretty handy,” Catherine smirked knowing full well Kevin was at the entrance to the kitchen.

“That’s our Kev, a domestic God.  He nearly drove Brian and A.J. nuts when they lived together.  He’d yell at them because they had touched something that he had just cleaned.  Hell, he would iron his jeans so they had a crease down the middle.”  Nick knew Kevin was standing there too, so this was even more fun.

“Very funny, however cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  Kevin came into the kitchen with the dishtowel still hitched into the waistband of his jeans.

“When you're done honey, get me a beer,” Catherine began to giggle, Nick joined in.

“Get your own damn beer, I slaved over this meal Catherine.”  Kevin began to laugh as he heard his words that had came out of his mouth. 

The three sat down and began to sort out their next move.  The pow-wow was interrupted since the rest of Backstreet just happen to be in the neighborhood.

“Okay, we know he’ll be back, he showed up in Kentucky today.  I knew that would happen.  We have two days tops.  The family will have them spinning their wheels for at least that long.”  Kevin sat back in the chair and looked at the pile of dirty dishes.  Smilingly sweetly he turned to Catherine.  “You can do the dishes.”

“But I…” she saw the look on the guys faces.  “Fine, I’ll do the dishes but all of you are staying until we have this completely worked out.  Someone needs to check with Mark and see if he is okay.”

“What about Jenna and Debbie?  They are going to know who Nick is.” Howie dipped his spoon into the raspberries and strawberries.

“I think I should have Jenna come over.  She’s the ringleader for this group; she’s trustworthy.  I mean she did help me break into this house.”  Catherine began loading the dishwasher without scrapping the plates.  Well at least until Kevin walked over and pulled one plate and scrapped for her to make his point and process known.

Kevin’s head was beginning to hurt; he rubbed his temples to ease the pain.  Catherine saw what was happening and took appropriate action.  Handing Kevin two aspirin and a glass of water. 

Taking the aspirin, he looked around the table, “We’ll have Jenna over here tomorrow, I think she can take care of the rest of them.  Jenna already knows who we are, she’s cool with it.”  Kevin yawned, it was late but he was ignoring the time.  “So Catherine is going to finish her manuscript over the next two days.  Classes start on Monday and Carlos will leave this house with her and return with her.  While in class, Nick will be with her. I’ll invite Jenna over here tomorrow so she has an idea of what is going on.  A.J. and Howie will check in to see if Mark is okay.”

“Teacher’s Pet,” A.J. snorted.

“He can be the teacher’s pet as long as he doesn’t try and pet the teacher, then I’ll have a problem with it.”  Kevin laughed; he knew Nick understood he was kidding.  A plate danced over his head.  “Damn Catherine, lighten up will you?”  Kevin grumbled as the plate moved away from his skull.

“How are we going to take this guy on?” A.J. sputtered.

“Head on, sort of…” Brian interrupted.  “Kevin I just wish you didn’t live in such a secluded area.  This canyon is nice but you guys have to be careful coming and going.”

“According to Kevin, we won’t be here much longer.  We’re moving to Kentucky so I can raise babies on the farm.”  Catherine spoke in a haughty tone.

“You are?” came in a choir from the rest of his bandmates.

“I was thinking about it… but I don’t think Catherine wants to, so we’ll probably keep the farm and this place.”  Kevin sighed, he just didn’t want any more problems.  He wanted this over and done with.  “I guess we’re going to commute.”

Catherine smiled, a little self-satisfied.  Deep down inside she didn’t want to leave California; it was beautiful and she loved it here.  Well, she did want to leave to see her parents but not leave permanently.

“I can’t work in Kentucky,” Catherine tried to reassure him.

“You can too, you can teach…” Kevin thumped his fingers on the table.

“Not what I have gone to school for my whole life.  Who would I lecture to?  How would I stimulate my mind?”

“Look you can do that shit anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in California…”

“It does too.” Catherine loaded the dishwasher.  Both Kevin and Catherine were mindless to the fact that their guests had left, very quietly, and without interrupting the argument between the two.

“I want Bert back,” Catherine scraped the plates into the garbage can.

“You’ll get your damn cat… That stuff should be sorted so it can go in the compost pile…” Kevin leaned back in the chair with the wrong attitude.

The plate slid from her hands to the floor.  Crashing to the floor, it shattered.  “Figure out what pile that goes into.”  Catherine left the room and the mess.

It was well into the night before Kevin joined her in bed.  She was going to sleep in another room and had started too.  Then she had a sudden case of the nerves and went into Kevin’s room.

The bed moved slightly and she rolled to face him.  Kevin stretched out on his back and sighed loudly.  Sleep wasn’t going to come tonight, he was to wound up.

“You owe me a car,” Catherine said as she fluffed her pillow.

“It wasn’t your car, he leased it.”  Kevin snarled back, he was tired and flustered.

“I want the same car that I had,” she punched her pillow.

Kevin didn’t say anything immediately, he really had a hankering for that car but he knew it wouldn’t fly with all his green talk.  Then he smiled when he heard A.J. cackle.  “Buy her the car and then you can drive it…”

“Fine, I’ll buy you the car.”  Kevin smiled and silently thanked A.J.

“No problemo,” A.J. laughed.

“And you’re not driving my car.  My car is off limits to all Backstreet Boys.”

“Bullshit,” Kevin rolled on his side and smiled.  “I buy it, I’m drivin’ it.”

“There’s insurance and maintenace,” Catherine grinned.  “I guess if we’re getting married you should take care of all of that stuff.”

“Damn she’s smooth,” Nick laughed loudly.

“I don’t really want the car Nick, so it doesn’t matter.”  Catherine rubbed the side of Kevin’s face with her finger.  “But Kevin wants the car and for some reason unknown to me, he won’t buy it, so I guess he’ll have to buy it for me so he can have it.”

The smile on Kevin’s face almost made the tension leave his head.  Bringing her hand to his lips, he kissed her palm.  “You are so wonderful Sweet Thing.”

In the darkened room, Catherine waited.  The bed shook as Kevin kicked his feet into the mattress and yelled.  “I’m getting’ the SL-Fifty-Five!”

“You are a big kid.  I had a Porshe.” Catherine laughed.

“The SL is better baby.  Do you want leather interior?” he asked as he snuggled up to her.

“I’ll leave it all up to you Kevin,” she giggled.  “What ever you think is best, just surprise me.”

“Okay, I will…” A loud sigh and he was drifting off to sleep.  “Leather interior, nice walnut trim… We’ll have to upgrade the shifter… Ya gotta have a nice shifter in a hot car like that… And…”

“Night Kevin,” Catherine hadn’t seen him this happy in days.  The car gave him something to think about besides the Dean and their present situation.  The old adage, ‘Boys love toys,’ came to mind as she followed Kevin into a deep sleep.





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