~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 45

Someone shaking her awake had disturbed Catherine’s sleepy dream.  With a pillow over her head, she was trying not to listen to a voice hum a melody while they were in the room.  The person attached to that voice continued to try and rouse her from the bed.

“Come on Professor, rise and shine.”  Kevin was highly amused as he stood on the side of the bed.  His hand was firmly planted on the mattress as he pushed up and down on the soft piece of furniture.  Kevin never thought he would meet a person that could sleep like he did.  This would be the perfect union.

“Go away, I’m tired… I have to work on my dissertation.  It’s almost done.”  Catherine closed her eyes and hoped she could go on with her dream where she had left off.

A slight breeze on her legs made her shutter.  A warm hand running up and down her leg made her uncover her head.

Kevin stifled the laugh as the crease of her brow only intensified the frown on her face.  “You need to get up.  We have to go to the office, I have two meetings, one rehearsal for the award charity thing, and we have to get you something to wear to that… Who knows, we might have time to pick out that car for you today.”

The hand moved further up her leg, she felt the little gurgle in her belly.  The feeling that came next was one of excitement not fear.  She smiled lazily at him as his hand brushed the soft skin of her inner thigh.  Fingers tentatively traced the line of her panties.

Kevin wasn’t going to miss this opportunity; Catherine seemed to be very receptive of his hands on her body.  A cruel little idea popped into his mind courtesy of A.J.  “Frustrate her, she’s new to all of this.  You might get laid sooner.”

“Hell, I’m frustrated…” Kevin thought.  He need not look down his own body to know that Catherine could get a rise out of him in more than one manner.  Standing up, Kevin walked to the bureau, “Get dressed!  I can’t be late.”  With his words uttered he left the room, but he wouldn’t go far, he needed to see if she had the response he was looking for.

Standing in the hall just out of sight, he watched.  She pulled her lithe body from the bed and sat on the edge.  Kevin watched Catherine’s confusion; she was ignorant of her own body.  Stepping a little closer his heart danced as another frown formed on her face and she muttered, “He did that on purpose.”

A small giggle reached her ear as she sat on the bed.  Half turning her body she looked over her shoulder to find Kevin smirking at her.  “You did that on purpose,” her frown grew deeper as a crimson blush slowly crawled over her already heated skin.

Kevin shrugged, “Just trying to help you along Sweet Thing.”  His eyes rolled languidly over the tank top and panties she wore. 

She stood up and stormed to the bathroom.  “You are a rake… A lecher… A Playboy… Ha! Slime that is what you are.”

Kevin blinked, “Beats swearing I guess.  I’m not that bad, A.J. is worse!” he yelled as the bathroom door slammed on the other side of the room.  He figured leaving off the part that it was A.J.’s idea was a good idea.

“Then he’s pond scum!” was yelled from the bathroom.

The ride to the studio was silent between them.  Catherine stared out the glass of the passenger window happy to be back in California.  Kentucky was nice, but California had been her home since she was sixteen.  Kevin informed her that she had a computer in his office for her use only and that she would have to work from there because there was no way in hell he was leaving her alone.  Catherine had changed clothes since Kevin shot her a disparaging look at her suit and mumbled that it was Saturday.

Catherine’s retort of ‘I’m not a baby,’ when he insisted that she accompany him to work seemed to do nothing more than make Kevin even more persistent in getting his own way.  When her gym bag was casually tossed into the back seat, she again frowned at him.

Kevin glanced over, “Keep that shit up and your face is going to freeze that way.”

“How fortunate for me.  What is that for?” she pointed to the bag.

“We’re going to work out.  It helps me to channel my anger and aggression… We both need to stay in shape for this.”

“I don’t work out,” Catherine spoke to the window.

“Yes you do, I saw your club card in your wallet.  You won’t be going there anymore since I’m sure the Dean paid for that too.  Now you will workout at my club.  You do understand you were a kept woman.  Right?”

“I was under the understanding that the Dean would need something in return for me to labeled with such a hideous term.”  Catherine’s emotions went haywire every time someone mentioned the Dean’s name.

“He was trying to collect baby… He was trying to collect.”  Kevin swerved in and out of traffic, as Catherine gripped the door handle.  It was a gentle reminder not to forget what was really going on in their lives.

Catherine was appalled at Kevin’s driving as they pulled into his pre-assigned parking spot.  Kevin wouldn’t be driving her car anytime soon.  She heard him chuckle and knew he was listening in on her yet again.

Kevin stood in the elevator, very close to her.  She gave him a slight push.  When he sidled closer she looked up into his eyes.  “You are really looking for trouble, you debaucher.”

Kevin kissed the side of her cheek, the rubbed his face closer to hers.  “I just want to get back in those cute little pants of yours.  Do you remember what that was like?”  Kevin’s gaze slid over her body like a warm blanket.  The hip hugging jeans she wore only accentuated her hips and small waist.  The t-shirt that just barely reached her waist allowed a little of her flat stomach to show.  He had disapproved of the first outfit, now he wasn’t sure if he had made the right decision.  Catherine now looked more like one of his college fans then his intended.  When he said intended, his mind tripped into high gear.  He had given her the amulet as his engagement gift.  His wedding gift would be the matching silver bracelets forged from the cup ages ago.  However, his current social and economic status meant that she would also need something more along the lines of a traditional engagement and wedding ring set.  Kevin shook his head at himself for almost forgetting such a simple matter; then it dawned on him why the purchase had slipped his mind.  They weren’t sure if any of them would be alive after it was all over with.

Kevin clasped his hands together in front of his body and stood at attention.  He moved forward as the elevator reached their floor and the door opened.  Kevin pressed something into the palm of Catherine’s hand.  “You might need that today,” he whispered.

Marcella, his secretary, greeted him as always when the door opened.   Kevin marched off the elevator with Catherine by his side.   The papers in her hand for him were nothing more than his schedule for the day.  Marcella had learned early on that if she didn’t get to her boss before anyone else did, she never would.  “Professor Miller,” she extended her hand to Catherine as she handed the documents to Kevin.

Catherine’s hand flew out immediately mindless of what Kevin had placed her palm.  When they shook hands Marcella’s eyes dropped to her hand.  Something was in their hands.  Opening her hand, she let out a small expletive that made Kevin turn around and hide his amusement at her.  Marcella winked at her and Catherine groaned, “Evidentially you are aware…”   Both sets of eyes rested on a piece of Onyx that had been placed in her hand.  The meaning was obvious to both of them.

“Catherine!” Kevin grabbed her hand and towed her down the hallway to his office.  On the way, she received a lecture about not revealing anything to anyone.  Catherine badgered him to the point that he finally told her that yes Marcella knew but she had to know because she kept a lid on things in the office. The boys personal bodyguards were the only other ones who knew.   They had not told them either, Kevin laughed,  “You can only pin little Nicky to the ceiling so many times before you got caught.”

Kevin’s office had been rearranged to accommodate another desk.  The desk was off to the left of his, which didn’t seem to bother him in the least.  He didn’t speak as he took his seat and began going over the stack of papers on his desk.  Marcella was in and out of the office at rapid pace.  Placing coffee on her employer’s desk and bottles of water.  She turned to Catherine who had yet to approach the desk.  “Anything for you Professor?”

“No thank you,” Catherine took in the massive desk with a huge leather chair. 

Kevin kept his focus on the papers in front of him but watched her as she began to explore.  “Need anything babe?” Kevin swept his gaze over the woman clad in the tight jeans bending over her desk.

“Looks good to me,” Catherine turned the computer on and waited for it to boot up. 

“Me too,” he grinned at the tightly jean clad behind. 

Marcella cleared her throat at the young man who had lost track of what he was doing.

Kevin’s dimples showed as he nodded to her and she left the room.

Catherine smiled when the, “You’ve got mail” greeting came on. 

It was enough to make Kevin come to her desk.  “That is probably one of the guys since nobody knows you are here.”  Kevin watched over her shoulder, the e-mail was from Nick.  The subject line read ‘Homework’.  Catherine smiled at Kevin and then turned back to the screen.

They both read what he had written. Catherine was as impressed as Kevin.  “He’s so smart and he thinks he’s not.” 

“He’s been like that since I’ve known him.  He has no self-confidence, he was tutored for so long, and he gets nervous in front of others.  Sometimes I feel sorry for him, he didn’t get to go to regular school.  He missed out on so much fun, the parties, sports, and the prom.  Do you know what I mean?”  Kevin vocalized some of his feelings.  There were times when he wished Nick had the opportunity to do these things.

“No Kevin I don’t, I missed those things too,” Catherine spoke softly and somewhat sadly.

“Oh,” Kevin winced as he rubbed a casual hand over her shoulder.  “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

Catherine read the report and smiled.  She typed in at the top and Kevin smiled at her.  “Please tell me that you aren’t doing this out of sympathy and that he earned it.”

Raising her eyes to Kevin, her smile was genuine.  “He earned it Kevin, it’s perfect.  You read it, do you think he earned it?”

Kevin nodded to her as his words confirmed his gesture.  “Yes I think Nick earned an A on this one.”

Catherine began a note back to him with a new homework assignment after grading his paper ahead of schedule.  She sent the grade right back.  “At this rate you are going to have me scrambling for things for you to do.”

The mail notification went off again.  The sender was the ‘Hot One’, the subject.  ‘I am not pond scum.” 

Both Kevin and Catherine laughed as they opened the e-mail.  “Tell that moron to get his sorry ass down to the conference room.  The label and management are waiting…. “

“I gotta go,” Kevin pressed his lips to her temple as he mumbled to her. 

Catherine scrolled further down the message and found a post-script at the bottom, which simply stated.  “Mrs. Richardson gave him that Tiger’s Eye for Kevin to rub to get rid of those animalistic urges he has.  We hear he gave it to you.  Don’t rub the Tiger’s Eye, rub him.  Kevin’s demeanor sucks because he needs to be sucked.” 

Catherine grabbed for a bottle of water that Kevin had left on her desk.  She couldn’t believe A.J.’s boldness or brashness.  Scrolling further down she found an additional post-script.  “I value my life, don’t show him this.  Kevin breaks records for pinning us to the ceiling, when we drop to the floor like dead ducks, he laughs.  The laugh is very upsetting.  Almost like he enjoys it, ask college boy all about it.”

Catherine’s face flamed red as she close the mail program and inserted her disk into the machine.  “I’m not asking anyone about anything.  I think I’m old enough to figure this out one by myself.”





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