~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 46

Kevin entered the office singing loudly along with A.J. “Hey babe!” he shouted at Catherine.

The only acknowledgement Kevin received was rapid glance from Catherine as her eyes returned to the screen.

Catherine began to filter out the noise as Howie, along with Brian, joined them. 

Having been admonished once, Kevin lowered his voice and requested that the others do the same.  Nick eventually joined the group but had been studying Catherine.  A slap up side his head from someone in the room brought his attention back to the matter at hand, which happened to be a new tour.

Kevin’s frown and still raised hand identified to Nick who was responsible for giving him the wake-up call.

Nick pointed to the door and headed in the same direction. 

Kevin followed, “What is up with you?  Why are you staring at her like that?  I don’t like that shit and you know it!”

Nick rolled his eyes, “Because you are listening to everything A.J. says.  Since when do you listen to that dumb ass…”

Kevin’s slight confusion was cleared when Nick’s jaw slid from side to side and uttered the words, “Onyx.”

Contorting his face to hide his anger, Kevin focused directly on Nick.  “That is none of your business.  Stay out of it.”

Glancing to Catherine to make sure that she wasn’t paying attention, Nick Spoke.  “Then A.J. had better stay out of it.  Are you so pathetic that you have to wind a girl up just to get laid?   A girl who really doesn’t understand a whole lot outside of a book.”  Nick walked away, leaving a bewildered Kevin glaring at his back as he left.

Kevin looked around the room, A.J. was grinning, Brian and Howie were wearing poker faces and Nick was sullen.  Opening up a communication line to Nick, he started his sentence and then stopped.  Clearing his head he tried again.  “You’re right, you are totally right and thanks for setting me straight.”

Marcella entered the offices and announced that they were ready for the next meeting.

Catherine blinked as she watched them all file out of the room except Kevin.  Kevin came to her slowly and to some extent deep in thought. 

Turning in her chair, Catherine faced him.  Kevin took a seat on the side of the desk as he stumbled over his words. One leg bent dangling from the desk, his other foot firmly planted on the floor.  Apologies beyond the standard I’m sorry were difficult for him.  “I owe you an apology for this morning.”

Leaning back in the chair, she watched his head dip.  Kevin could pull a hound dog look every time he was in trouble and it managed to get him out of trouble with most of his girls but Catherine was very different.  Her eyes were locked on him and she was waiting for more than a simple confession.

“I’m sorry Kevin that I’m not up to speed in regards to those matter.  I don’t know what to tell you other than please don’t poke fun at me because of it….”

Kevin’s head snapped up, he watched her thoughtfully.  Catherine had taken his little game of fun as an insult.  He would hug Nick later for the mild reminder that what he was doing was wrong.  “I’m sorry it won’t happen again.”  Offering her a hand, he pulled her from the seat when her hand joined his. 

Catherine was pulled into a standing position and drawn between his legs as he casually sat on the edge of the desk.  Strong arms tugged her as close to the well-muscled body as they could.  A hand wandered into her hair, fingers weaved in and out of her golden tresses. 

Kevin inhaled taking in the scent of Catherine, which was uniquely her own.  Pulling her even tighter to him, he nuzzled her neck.  “I’m really sorry.  I just miss being with you that way.  I miss the feeling of your body underneath mine.  I miss the way you let out those little moans when I do what feels good to you.  I want to feel your sweat soaked skin slide over mine… The way your arms wrap around my neck when you’re almost there.  I’m not him Sweet Thing, I wouldn’t do those things to you, you have to know that.”  Kevin was working his own body into a feverish sweat as the images of their past lovemaking flooded his mind.  He had handled this all wrong with her, he wasn’t being himself but nothing more than a slicked up playboy like she had called him, among other names this morning.

Catherine drew in a shaky breath; the things that he had said seemed to quell all the fears she had nourished along in her mind.  Kevin had never hurt her and he never would.  The Dean had caused immeasurable damage to her psyche by posing as Kevin.  She needed to make a decision of whether she could reverse the damage and go forward with Kevin or not.   Her mind was racing as Kevin pushed her from his embrace.  Catherine stared at him with the classic, ‘Deer in the Headlights’ look.

Kevin’s head lowered as he rested his forehead on hers.  Focusing on her eyes was the best he could do.  Never, ever, would he hurt her intentionally or otherwise.  Playing a game with an innocent woman wasn’t right.  Catherine wasn’t a groupie; she didn’t follow him from hotel to hotel.  “Can you forgive me?”

Catherine once again did what came natural to her.  It was the only thing she knew.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she tilted her head slightly.

Kevin quickly recovered from the surprise of an invitation to kiss her.  Catherine’s lips were slightly parted and waiting.  His lips softly kissed the corners of her mouth as his one arm wrapped around her shoulder.  Kevin’s fingers wound her loose golden strands around his fingers.  A nibble on her lower lip was enough to get her to open her mouth.  Once done, he invaded her mouth as if were the last kiss they would ever share.  His tongue probed and teased her.  Opening one eye he saw her eyes softly flutter shut as she enjoyed the passion they shared.  When her tongue darted into his mouth and mimicked an act that had been almost forgotten between the two of them, he almost lost his seat on the desk. A loud moan rumbled from deep within his chest and escaped via his lips.   Her hands were in his hair, pulling him down to her, wanting even more.  The bodies were almost intimately involved while still fully clothed.  He didn’t want it to end and thanked his lucky stars the day he put a sofa in his office.

“The meeting… Ooops sorry.”  Marcella’s words reached their ears just as the door was quickly slammed shut.

Catherine stopped mid-kiss and Kevin thought he would cry.  He was at first base for the first time in so long. 

“I hate fuckin’ meetin’s,” Kevin growled as he pushed her back in the chair and left the office.

Catherine sat in her chair, her body flushed and on overload.  She closed her eyes and fanned herself as she heard the door open.

Marcella smiled at her as she replaced the water bottles in the room with fresh cold bottles.  A bemused grin began to form as she watched the young girl who now sat flustered and slightly abashed at the desk.  “Quite a kiss,” she winked.

“Oh God was it ever,” Catherine closed her eyes and sank back in the chair.  Catherine didn’t make a habit of speaking of such things to others but since the older woman had interrupted the best kiss of her life, it didn’t matter.

Leaning back in the chair, Catherine simply closed her eyes and relished the warmth that washed over her body in small waves.  She could almost still feel the tickle of his mustache on her face.  The smell of his cologne, the feel of his body next to hers and the heat it generated.

Marcella’s laugh made her smile even more.  “Kevin said that you are working on your dissertation and that it has to be done by Monday.  Why don’t you start printing and I’ll make the copies you need at the copy machine.”

“Are you sure Kevin said you could help me?”  Catherine seemed comfortable around Marcella.

Marcella leaned forward towards Catherine.  “Don’t you worry about that big old teddy bear Kevin.  I can take care of him any day of the week.”

Sitting up, Catherine began to print her dissertation.  She hadn’t understood how anyone had known she was done working on her thesis.  Of course, there were so many freaky things going on she found it difficult to sort out who knew what.  The why and how weren’t even worth the wasted effort. 

Catherine worked on editing the balance of pages and made a few changes.  She kept all of her changes to a minimum, which had been something she had always done.  The thesis was her baby and she had been working on it for years.  It was difficult to turn her work over to Marcella when Kevin returned from the meeting and announced that they were going to go to the rehearsals and then stop some place for a quick lunch.  Catherine had hymned-hawed until Kevin shutdown the computer after handing Marcella the disk.

The matronly secretary grinned,  “I’ll watch over your baby, nothing will happen to it.  When you come back later, I’ll have it ready.”

“Let’s go Professor,” Kevin stood impatiently at the door with his coat dangling off the end of his finger.  “You are making me late all the time.”

Marcella laughed, “How lucky for you Kevin.  Like you need an excuse to be late.  Usually it’s your hair or beard.”

Catherine’s full body laugh made Marcella begin to laugh along with her.

“Hey there Marcella, are you getting cheeky with me?”  Kevin took the jab.

Marcella patted his arm at the door.  “Of course I am sir, of course I am.  Don’t worry Professor by the time you come back your work will be ready to be put in the hands of the Senior.  I’ve been told that your dissertation is going to be read by the head of the school and not the Dean.”

“Senior?” Catherine looked at Kevin.

“My Dad,” Kevin explained.  “She calls him Senior, it puts him in his place.  He used to play tricks on her.  You know slam doors, turn the lights on and off, and shit like that.”

“But the first time I was here you made her leave.  Why?  If she knew who and what I was and who and what you were.”  Catherine didn’t pay much attention to the rest of Backstreet joining them in the elevator.

“Because we weren’t sure if you were going to let the cat out of the bag on us or not.”  Kevin moved over slightly to make more room, pulling her next to him.

Kevin pushed the button to go to the main floor.  The elevator went up.  His gaze narrowed as he looked at each one of his friends to see who was screwing with him again.  All of them shrugged. 

“Going up, going down, going all around town.  Sort of like your relationship.  Huh Kev?”  Someone sang as the elevator began to go down again.

Little laughs filled the elevator.  Kevin stood quietly as the door opened while everyone else exited.  Looking to the ceiling he seemed a little bemused.  “Thank you for the reminder.  You should have done vaudeville Dad.”

“Vaudeville… Why you little piss-ant.”  They all heard the words.

The crowd of onlookers looked at the elevator as the door closed.  Nick spoke up first, “That’s where he gets that phrase from.”

Catherine’s scorching stare didn’t slide by Kevin as all of his bandmates piled into Kevin’s truck.  Her thoughts of having a few minutes alone with him had been lost.  The schedule for the day would not permit them any private time together.

Nick’s voice boomed in the interior of the 4 x 4.  “By the way, I think we need to stop for some sustenance before rehearsals.”

Kevin wanted to close his eyes to stop the tears as he drove.  He didn’t comment but the rest of the guys had no problems with ribbing Nick about his new vocabulary.

“Don’t pick me… Kevin they’re picking on me… Catherine make them stop.”  Nick whined from the back seat.

Kevin cast Catherine a fleeting smile.  “Boys behave yourselves or we won’t take you to…”   Kevin paused as he drove by one of the fancier restaurants in town. 

Catherine’s blue eyes pleaded with him, her small voice in his head blocked out the chorus of complaints coming from the back of his truck.   Kevin groaned as he hit the gas.  “All right, McDonald’s it is.”

Shouts of ‘yes’ came from the back of the truck but Nick was laughing the loudest.  “I love my teacher, she loves Mickey D’s more than we do.  Kevin is stuck, no fancy food for him.”

Catherine beamed him a smile.  “I’m sorry Kevin, but I need my grease.” 

Kevin just shook his head as they drove up the drive thru.  More giggles erupted when Kevin ordered a salad.





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