~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 47

Kevin’s disgusted look did not seem to bother the guys as he brushed French Fries off the seat of his truck.  Picking unopened ketchup packets off the floor, “You’re a bunch of pigs.”

“Oh no!”  Catherine squeezed the packet of ketchup, which squirted all over the dashboard.

“All of you get out of my vehicle,” he snarled, as they all jumped out.

The troops followed their irate leader as they headed into the auditorium for the run through.  Fatima had choreographed and hired the dancers.  The routine turned out so well she decided to put the song and dance number into the new tour and retain the dancers.  Fatima was fortunate enough to re-hire some of the dancers from the last tour.  She only had one concern and her name was Angie.

Kevin led Catherine to a table.  He Patted the table top for her to sit on top of the table.  “Wouldn’t a chair be a little more conventional?”

“There aren’t any, or you would have one.  This shouldn’t take too long.”  Kevin waved Fatima over to them; he wanted to introduce the two women.

“Hello Kevin!”  Fatima wrapped her arms around Kevin’s hips, “I missed you and your wooden moves.” 

Kevin shook his head; “I must have a ‘kick me’ sign on my back today.  Fat this is my fiancée, Professor Catherine Miller.  Catherine this is Fatima Robinson, choreographer extraordinaire.  ”

Catherine’s hand went limp when Kevin said fiancée.  Offering a meek smile, “It’s very nice to meet you.”  She still couldn’t believe it herself, it had happened so fast.

“I have to change, I’ll be right back.”  Kevin jogged away from them, leaving her standing with Fatima.

Fatima shook her head and laughed, “He’s an old friend and forgetful sometimes.  He’s a good guy, dumb as brick some days, but he is still a good guy.”  Fatima watched the dancers file in, the woman next to her was extremely nervous.   Sipping from her water bottle, Fatima was surprised at how young the woman was.  Carlos had already told her of course that the woman was smart as hell, a prodigy of sorts, and that Kevin had fallen for Catherine.  “We have work to do this afternoon, so have a seat and enjoy.  It’s not too often that anyone gets to see these bozos before they have perfected their routine.  They are a sorry bunch, Brian has no rhythm, Nick is lazy, Kevin counts, and A.J. just humps things.  The only one that can dance is Howie.”

Catherine scooted up on the table and watched the dancers warm up and stretch.  She heard Kevin’s name murmured a few times as some dancers honed in on her as she sat casually at the table, swinging her legs.  “Friendly bunch,” she grumbled as Nick hopped into the room like a bunny. 

Catherine hid her smile; Nick was being goofy to lighten the mood.  “Hey teach,” the shaggy blonde head bobbed up and down.  “Come to watch me strut my stuff didn’t ya now?  You’re all done with grandpa, I’m the one you really want. Right?  Right?” 

Nick giggled as Kevin put him in headlock from behind.  “Grandpa my ass boy.  Say uncle.”  Kevin pinned Nick to the ground.  “Say uncle Nicky!”  Kevin shouted as Nick fought his attacker.  The playing stopped when Fat commanded that the guys stop messing around and take their places.

“WARM UP!”  Fatima shouted as everyone found his or her spots.  Fat looked over them as the guys faced the mirror.  “Kevin, stretch more, or your knee is going to blow.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kevin mumbled until Fat bent over and looked him in the eye.  “I mean yes ma’am.”

Catherine was tickled that the elegant dark skinned woman could put him in is place.  Watching Kevin wearing a pair of gray sweats and a white wife-beater wasn’t turning out to be such a bad idea. 

Fatima turned towards Catherine and gave her a thumbs up.  “Let’s rock it people.”

Catherine listened to the instructor call out commands, make corrections, and intentionally goad people to get them moving.  “If you don’t get moving, I’ll let Kevin rap for y’all.”

A loud chorus of ‘no-s’ was heard in the room.  Fatima laughed, “Get moving or we’re in for a long afternoon of Hillbilly rap.” 

Kevin fell on the floor laughing, most people would have been insulted but he wasn’t.

“Pair off, Angie with Kevin, Kim with Nick, Cleo with Brian, etc. etc.”  Fat waited as the dancers paired off.

Catherine watched Kevin freeze in his tracks when Fat had said Angie.  Kevin’s head swung around and looked openly in disbelief at Fatima.

Fat understood his concern.  Unfortunately, Angie was one of the best dancers around these days and Fat wasn’t going to tell her no just because Kevin had a fling with Angie and it didn’t work out a few years ago.   Angie said she could get past it when they talked at the open call.  “Not a problem, I’m a professional.”

“We are all professionals so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Right people?” Fatima shouted loud enough for the entire room to here.

“Not a problem,” Angie wrapped her arms around Kevin’s waist.  “Is it handsome?  We’re just old friends.” 

Pushing the hands of the ebony skinned woman off his waist, he smiled.  “We’re professionals.” 

“Let’s begin,” Fat barked out.  It looked like the two of them could manage to work around their history.  Taking them through the dance number four times, she studied each dancer.  “Break for water,” she barked.  Waiting her obligatory five minutes she called the dancers back out to begin again.

Kevin’s intensity kicked up three notches as they began to get into the routine.  “It was along time ago,” he whispered to Angie as the girl danced her ass off to prove she still had it.

“Not that long, I can still recall a few amazing...”

Kevin twirled her and then let go.  Angie sneered at him, she knew it was done intentionally and she stopped herself from slamming into the wall.  As she sauntered back to him she whispered, “I know you like it rough, that I remember.  But do think that cute little vanilla bean cheerleader has what it takes to keep you interested?”

Kevin sighed heavily, as he heard the “uh-oh’s come from Nick and A.J.” in his head.  He continued to work the routine as Fat had requested.  Neither he nor Angie spoke again for the next set and the corrections. 

“Take a break!”  Fat shouted out above the music.  “Gentlemen, I need to see you!”

Catherine felt someone brush her elbow.  Turning her head over her shoulder, she smiled when she saw Carlos.  “Hi”.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked politely.  His eyes swept the room as the boys and Fat stood near the mirror.  She was making them dance without the dancers and fine tuning their moves.

Catherine watched Kevin’s concentration.  Each move was executed with precision by all of them.  More than once, Catherine heard off-handed remarks and references about herself being flung around by the women dancers.  Whispers that would have never reached her ears had she not been eavesdropping mentally.  She had been labeled a flavor, a tryst, the new blonde on the block, and a dimwitted cheerleader.  When she heard the girl Angie begin to turn the remarks towards sex, she listened even more intently.  Catherine focused in on Angie talking to two other women.

“Trust me, that man likes it every which way come Sunday.  Preferably, in your mouth, and you better listen to what he wants.  He doesn’t like the word no, he’s a control freak.  He loves total control, you don’t second guess him or balk at him.  The one time I did, I thought he was going to hit me.  I had really ticked him off, he wanted head and I wanted something different.  He won.”

The dry-run began at the top again with all the dancers.  Angie saw the frown that Kevin wore as they danced.  She hoped that he hadn’t heard her.  Bending over at the waist with her hands on the floor and her legs far apart, she looked at Kevin from between her legs.  To her, it looked like Kevin was wearing the distinct look of passion as he stared at her backside.  “Familiar with this position Kevin?”

Howie and Nick were now staring at Angie’s ass.  “Man, Kev how could you?” Nick smirked at Angie while he talked to Kevin in his head.

Kevin showed a wily grin, which Angie took the wrong way.  Flashing her his trade-mark smirk, he spoke to his two friends,  “Easy Nick, doing her that way, I didn’t have to look at her face.”

Nick and Howie both hooted with laughter as Angie popped up off the floor.  She smiled and seemed pleased with herself. 

“Dumb ass,” Nick cackled in his head at her.  “We’re laughing at you, not with you.”

Shaking her head at them, Catherine turned to Carlos.  “There is a bookstore just down the street, we passed by it on our way here.  Would you care to take a walk with me?”

Carlos’s first instinct had been to say no.  Lifting his head, up he saw Kevin nod his head up and down in his direction.  Carlos knew that Kevin must have understood that Catherine needed to get some fresh air. 

“I think we can manage that,” Carlos stood up and waited for her. 

Grabbing her purse, she hid the disgust and contempt she was feeling towards the female contingent of the troupe.  Kevin and company weren’t fairing much better in her book after his last remark.  However, Kevin was nothing like the person she had described.  Quietly, she walked out into the hot California sunshine.  Breathing deeply, she held her breath, and then it out slowly.  “I love Los Angeles smog,” she announced to Carlos.

As they walked down the boulevard, she thought of the things that Angie had said.  Catherine began to wonder if there was any merit or truth to what the woman had spoke about.  Obviously, they had been together, Kevin had admitted as much.  As they walked into the large bookstore Catherine forgot her current worries and went directly to the New age and Metaphysical section. 

Carlos was relaxed with Catherine; there was no pretension with this woman.  Casually he strolled around the store looking for a book for him.  If he had been guarding anyone else, especially Nick or A.J. he would be watching like a hawk.  They were infamous for giving their bodyguards the slip.  Carlos was confident that when Catherine was ready to leave, she would come and get him.

Walking up and down the aisles, she stopped and turned when a book caught her attention.  She blushed when she looked at the books that lined the shelves.  An idea filtered into her mind, she always learned from books why not this too.  It would put her insecurities at bay and possibly remove her inhibitions.  Grabbing her copy of How to be a Great Lover: Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend, Time Tested Techniques that will blow his mind by Lou Paget.  Catherine slipped up to the register and made her purchase along with a few other books. 

“All set,” she cheerfully spoke to Carlos as he stood in an aisle. 

“Okay,” he grabbed his planned purchases and went to the front of the store. 

Dutifully Catherine waited, more out of wanting to go back and peek at her book then anything else.  Taking a slow walk back to the rehearsal, they chatted about day to day life on the tour.  Catherine had a new found confidence in her stride.  Even Carlos noticed that she seemed in better spirits as they took their seats on the table again and watched the dance number.

The guys were pulled away one more time as the dancers began to pack up their belongings.  They had to be back to the auditorium sharply at eight this evening.

A dark skinned woman approached Catherine and stuck her hand in Catherine’s face.  “Hi, I’m Angie.”

Catherine returned the smile with a smile.  “Hi, I’m Catherine,” Catherine took the hand and shook it.

“So you are Kevin’s new flavor?”  Angie smiled.

Catherine questioned the sincerity instantly, knowing all the things that had been said after listening to all of the conversations the woman had had with the other dancers and Kevin.  “Yes, I’m vanilla and you must have been the chocolate.  Oh that’s right he doesn’t like chocolate anymore, your particular version at least.”

Carlos’s, “Shit,” followed by a yell for,  “Kevin!” bounced off the walls of the room. 

Kevin shot to them in a flash, to find Angie frowning and Catherine with a smirk on her face.  The fellas hung back not wanting to interfere.  “What’s goin’ on?”  Kevin’s eyes went from one to the other. 

“Vanilla here has an attitude.  I wonder why?”  Angie smirked at him.

“Gee I don’t know Angie?”  Kevin dropped an arm around Catherine’s shoulders.  “She’s a lucky woman, she’s smart, she’s a professor, she teaches at the college level, pretty soon she’ll have her doctorate...”

“And I have him, forever,” Catherine pinched his butt for effect.

“She’s my fiancée Angie, respect that,” Kevin pulled Catherine into a sweaty hug.  “Sorry Sweet Thing,” he kissed her pouting lips.

“You are forgiven, again,” she sighed dramatically as the girl still stood next to them being rude by listening.  “Come my Lord, we have many things to do before this evenings’ event.  I shall pleasure you any way you wish.”

“Really?”  Kevin’s tone went up three octaves as they walked out to the parking lot, hands clasped and arms swinging in the air.  His gym bag swung over his shoulder.

“No, not really.  Let’s go shopping,” she giggled knowing that what she had said was just a joke for Angie’s benefit.

“My, my, you are an expensive piece of fluff, cars and clothes,” Kevin laughed as he roared off leaving the rest of his group gaping at him.  “Call a cab boys, the lady wants me for herself.”





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