~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 48

Pulling into the car dealership, Kevin was pumped.  “I think we should get this done before we do anything else.  It’s very important that you have some wheels when I’m not home.”

“I’m pretty sure that I’m not the one who is going to be driving this.  You’ll be driving my new car?” Catherine’s closed the door of the truck as she waited for him. 

“Oh now, it’s your car,” Kevin’s head tipped to the side.  “But you’ll share right?”

“Yes, I’ll share,” Catherine eyed him suspiciously.

Kevin watched as she slid into a proficient mode and he smiled to himself.  The salesman approached and she offered her hand.  “Hi, my name is Catherine, I’m here to buy a car. I know what model I want, I’m just not sure what upgrades I’m looking for… I brought my big brother with me to help me shop.”

Kevin’s face went from happy to pissed-off very quickly.  “Big Brother?  Yes, the big brother, that is going to right the big fat check.”

“Just teasing honey,” she giggled at him like the young woman that she was. 

The salesman studied Kevin a little closer.  “Were you in here before looking at the SL model?”

“Oh you have them, goody, that’s just what I want.  Isn’t that a coincidence hon?”  Catherine was pulling a bubbled-head blonde routine, one that Kevin had never seen.  He was bewildered and slightly thrown off track.  Kevin had no idea where the shy and demure Catherine had gone too.

“Yeah, babe I did a little pre-shopping for you,” Kevin shook his head, not quite sure what she was up to.

The salesman hid his mirth; the blonde was a delight.  A typical Hollywood blonde.  “Since it’s your car, let’s show you the options.”  The tall dark haired man with the neatly trimmed goatee had ‘Sugar Daddy’ written all over him.

“I know I want a nice trim package and leather interior.  I want to upgrade on the shifter though,” Catherine babbled and ignored Kevin’s shouting in her head to shut up and he would handle this.  She kept right on going as she was led around the showroom and shown all the options.  Mentally she would ask Kevin if it was what he wanted.  Most of the time he would say no but if something particular caught his fancy his eyes would twinkle.  A couple of times she had to shush Kevin so he wouldn’t interfere.  Catherine managed to swing the deal and drop down to just a few grand above cost.  The guy didn’t know what hit him when the negotiation began.  Even the old tactic of “Let me speak to my manger,” didn’t save him from Catherine’s rough negotiations.

Walking quietly back to the truck, Kevin was thrilled.  It was the car of his dreams, fully dressed, and so much cheaper.

Getting into the truck, Catherine held her sunglasses in her hand.  Turning her head she beguiled him with a smile.  “Never, ever underestimate me.”

“Never again Sweet Thing, never again,” Kevin laughed as they drove out of the lot and down the street.  “Since you saved me so much money on your car, we are going shopping.”

“My car? Oh yes, the registration is in my name too.”  Catherine was delighted that it had gone so well.  “My Dad worked for a car dealer for years before he took on his new job that made him travel so much.  It came in handy.”

“I’ll say, don’t tell A.J.  Jesus, I think he paid sticker the last time he went car shopping.”  Kevin laughed as they pulled onto Rodeo Drive.

“Oh Kevin, not here.” Catherine shrunk back in the seat.  She was out of her element shopping here.

“Yes here!  You own very little beyond suits and sweats.”  Kevin pulled into a spot.  “I won’t have you running around town like that.”

“Is there a problem with the way I dress?”  Catherine slammed the door shut so hard, the entire truck rocked.

“Not beyond your suits.”  Kevin couldn’t stand the fact that Catherine didn’t put much stock in her looks.  She dressed down because he hoped she lived on campus.  She had the dress that he had bought her.  Two glamorous and sexy nightgowns.  He was going to make up for it now.  Kevin once said that she needed fancy restaurants, fine wines, beautiful flowers, and museums.  He gave her a trip to the museum and beautiful flowers.  They drank good wine at every meal.  Now he would show Catherine just what he wanted her to look like.  Kevin was going to show her and the world how beautiful this woman could be.

Catherine had more fun shopping for the car as Kevin dragged her around the boutiques picking out skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, sweaters, and tops.  She groaned at some of his choices, she was conservative by nature.

“Live a little!” he would bark at her as he tossed them to the boutique manger.  “Now let’s try them on.”

Catherine’s face went stark white, “Here?”

“Well yeah, here, you don’t think they let you take them home and try them on.  Do you?”  Kevin grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her along.

“I don’t like this,” Catherine jerked her arm back.

“I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  Come on,” Kevin pulled harder and when she turned her head she saw the quick flash of anger that she wasn’t following his request.  She also saw him squelch it and regain control.

“Maybe Angie is right,” she mumbled as she stepped into the luxurious changing room.  She tried on garment after garment, and some, as outrageous as they were, made her smile.  They were very different from the clothes she would have picked out for herself.

“Let me see Professor,” Kevin spoke in a tone that meant he was serious and expecting a fashion show of sorts.

Catherine peeked from behind the curtain.  Kevin sat in a chair like some sort of God, puffing on a cigar.  She laughed after she said it.  “Boy can he play the part when he needs too.”

“Come on Sweet Thing the manager is gone.  It’s just us.”  Catherine had a mini-dress on that seemed to have made Kevin’s eyes spark when he picked it up.  He had held it in the air and admired it a little longer than the rest of the clothes. 

Catherine felt exposed in the short number.  Looking down she was aghast; the dress was so short it barely covered her backside.  It was sleeveless and very tight at the waist and hips as well.  The blues and silvers were beautiful though.  As she stepped out, he smiled at her.  The smile wasn’t one just to show appreciation.  It was a smile that hinted at much more. 

“Turn around,” Kevin’s hand gestured what he wanted her to do.

Catherine shot him a look, “I’m not a parade pony.”

Kevin’s amusing little smile was plastered on his face.  He stared at her as he took in the long legs that seemed to start at the floor and go to her neck.  “Damn,” he breathed out.  “You’ll wear that tonight.”

“I will not,” she placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.  “What makes you think you have any say on what I wear?  Where I go at this point, yes, but not what I’m wearing.”

Kevin leaned forward in his seat.  Placing his elbows on his knees, he clasped his hands together and stared at the floor.  For a long time, he just stared at the carpeting.  His head came up slowly and Catherine took one step back from the intensity of his gaze.  “You will wear that this evening if I say so.”  Kevin watched the glow begin to emulate from her fingertips; that were elegantly poised on her hips, Catherine was getting mad.  He wanted to see her in this dress, just this way; it was a fantasy of sorts but a fantasy with a purpose.

Sitting back in the chair, he casually tossed one leg over the other.  Placing his chin in his hand as his bent arm rested on the chair.  He began picking at non-existent lint on his pants.  “Yes you will, you need a bag and some heels.  This event is being televised worldwide.  The Dean is going to be so sorry he fucked with me and what’s mine.”  Stepping forward, he swept his lips over hers.  “Hurry and change while I’ll pay for this stuff.  We have to make a few more stops, and then get back to the house to get ready.  Jenna is meeting us there too.” 

Catherine jumped when a large hand bounced off her backside.  “Damn you are hot!” he grinned. 

As she dressed, none of this was making sense.  They were supposed to be laying low until the Dean came back in to town. Now, Kevin was telling everyone she was his fiancée, taking her shopping and buying her clothes and cars.

“Come on, we’re running out of time.”  Kevin opened the curtain as she stepped out.

“I don’t understand what you are up to.  We discussed everything and you are not doing as we had agreed.”  Catherine stood next to the truck as Kevin tossed the bags in the back. 

“We are but we want to take the Dean by surprise.  What better way to show him that, than a large televised worldwide event.”

“But he’ll be here too early if we do this.”  Catherine followed him into the Fred Segal’s store.  Both her and Kevin now stood in the shoe department. 

Kevin picked the shoes out that he wanted her to wear.  Tossing them to her, “Try these on.”

“I’m not a fashion accessory”, she slipped the shoe on and was surprised that they fit perfectly.  Kevin was barreling around the store as he tossed things at her.  Heading to the Men’s department, she paused.  He again towed her along, not giving her the chance to argue.

Snatching a shirt, he felt the material.  “Egyptian cotton, I like it.”  Kevin grabbed the shirt in several colors.

The purchases were loaded into the truck as he walked swiftly down the street.  Standing in front of the next stor, she stopped and refused to budge.

“Come on Catherine, we don’t have time for this.”  Kevin bemoaned as she stood there.

“Why are we at Harry Winston Jewelers?” 

“Because the leather string on your amulet doesn’t match your dress.  I don’t want you out of the house without it on so we are going to find a nice silver chain to match.”  Kevin seemed almost annoyed that she wasn’t up to speed yet.  Not that he had bothered to inform her either.

“A chain, you are buying a chain here?  Are you crazy?”  Catherine pulled her hand from his grasp.  “You are so worried about flaunting me in front of the Dean that you are forgetting about us.  I’m not a trophy Kevin and I won’t be one in this.”

Kevin more or less grunted; he had his ass nailed to the wall once again.  He was more than conscious of what he was doing but she kept looking better and better.  When he put all the purchases together in his head he no longer had Catherine, he had a cheap Hollywood imitation.  “Just a chain, I promise and you can wear what you want tonight, I don’t really care.”

“Just a chain, a pretty silver one to match.  I only want you to touch my amulet though.  Okay?”  Catherine waited for the attendant to open the door.

“Okay.” Kevin schlepped in behind her feeling guilty as hell.  “Go find your chain,” Kevin looked around the store. 

Kevin checked out watches and earrings, different baubles and beads.  Rounding the corner, he saw the engagement and wedding rings all displayed beautifully in the case.  A beautiful silver ring with a simple, not to large and gaudy, nor not to small diamond, resting in the case.  A white rose was its’ backdrop.  Radiant sapphires surrounded the solitaire diamond.

From his teachings, Kevin knew that Sapphires stood for healing, inspiration, love, protection, and peace.  The diamond stood for many of the same things including courage and strength as well as sexual and mental abilities. 

A Salesman’s voice interrupted him and his thoughts.  “You’re supposed to spend a years salary on an engagement ring.  Those stones are set in platinum.”

Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Catherine looking at the silver necklaces.  “If I did that, she wouldn’t be able to lift her hand.  This is for that beautiful woman over there.”  Kevin shifted his gaze to Catherine.  “I would like that and the band that matches it.  I’ll need a ring for myself too.”

“All right. Would you like them now sir?” the clerk was used to the celebrity type being a tad impatient. 

“Yeah, right now,” Kevin’s heart tripped.  He had pushed Catherine all day but tonight he would propose to her all over again.  “I hope she doesn’t say no,” his brow wrinkled.

The clerk understood the man’s concerns, most men acted the same way when it came around to popping the question.  “Just let me get her size?”

The clerk began to walk away as Kevin latched onto his arm.  “I don’t want her to know,” he whispered quietly.

“Don’t worry, she won’t,” the man smiled.

Catherine found the perfect chain for her amulet.  She would the switch talisman back to the leather string that she preferred tomorrow, but this would be nice to have for other occasions.  “Kevin?” she held the chain up in the air.  

Kevin saw that the chain wasn’t flashy or loud; he smiled.  “If that’s what you want we’ll get it.”

Kevin slid one credit card to the clerk that he had been dealing with and then headed over to Catherine.  He handed the clerk she was dealing with another card.  Catherine reached up and began to unfasten her leather fob.

“When we get home Professor, not here.”  Kevin admonished her gently as he pulled her hands away from the knot.

Kevin’s sales associate did get Catherine’s ring size by saying he just wanted to see how tiny her fingers were.  Kevin’s purchase waited at the door for him after he signed a receipt that had been buried under Catherine’s receipt.

They stopped at the Farmer’s Market after Winston’s and picked up dinner.  A relaxing supper would be perfect for this evening.  Catherine waited in the truck while Kevin picked out what the evening fare would be.

They entered Kevin’s house fully loaded down with packages and paraphernalia.  Several trips had to be made to the truck.  Kevin told Catherine to go shower while he set the table for dinner.

Setting the patio table seemed to settle his rattled nerves.  He had gone all out, the table looked very French, and very elegant.  He smiled as he dropped the greasy cheeseburger on her plate.  Kevin laughed as he placed a sliced of pizza, a carton of Chinese food, and a bread stick.  Pouring a tall glass of wine for her.  “You have all of your favorite take out, now let’s just hope the Dean takes the bait.”





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