~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 49 

Kevin made a quick call to Fatima, he explained that working with Angie would be too difficult for him.  He then proceeded to explain the comments that had gone on with all the parties that were involved.  They both reached the same conclusion and Kevin promptly disconnected the call.

Howie had called while Catherine was in the shower.  Mark had made a hurried call to Howie telling him that the Dean was heading back to Los Angeles now.  Kevin wanted to throttle someone, anyone.  His nerves were a jangled mess.  He couldn’t think straight; they thought they had at least another twenty-four hours before they had to deal with the man.  Kevin was going to propose again; he didn’t want to think about this shit tonight.  It was agreed that the group would meet at Kevin’s house and leave from there to the ceremony.

Strolling into the house, he unlocked his cabinet, pulling out assorted stones and candles quickly.  Kevin felt the need to cast some type of magick over them.  He wouldn’t be able to relax until he did.  Magick always brought about an inner-peace and tranquility to him.  It cleared his head and his thinking followed the same path.

“Powers of the Elements Four

I request your protection

I beseech once more

I call on Water, Wind, Air, and Fire

Guide us this night

And protect her from his Desire

Strength of Day

Strength of Night

Give me the Strength

That is beyond my sight.

So Mote It Be.”

Taking her seat at the table, Catherine was delighted that Kevin had setup such an elegant setting for her favorite foods.  “Why thank you Kevin,” as she picked up her slice of pizza.  Clad in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, she was humbled by his ability to compromise suddenly, since this afternoon he wouldn’t compromise on anything.  “Guilt is wonderful,” as her tongue snaked out of her mouth and tasted the end of her pizza.

“Took you long enough, I hope there’s enough hot water for me to take a shower.  I wouldn’t want to go to this damn award show stinkin’.”  Kevin sat back comfortably in the chair.  Watching her tongue running over the pizza sent delicious little chills down his spine.  He could think of something she could run her tongue over. 

“What are you thinking about?” Catherine asked with just a hint of a blush in her cheek.

“Oh nothing,” Kevin’s hand reached for a napkin to cover his mouth.  Most likely she didn’t know what he was thinking about, and if she did, she was hiding it pretty well.  Deciding not to tell Catherine that the Dean would be back in town tonight was a gamble.  On one hand, she needed to be cautious for the sake of safety.  On the other hand, he wanted this to be a memorable night for her. 

After handing Catherine her wine glass, he stood up and stretched.  “I’ve been thinking.  I think you are right; we should stay in Los Angeles.  We can go to the farm whenever we want.  See, right now, there are so many things going on that I can’t think clearly.  One thing is very clear, no matter what, I love you and we are going to get married.”

It wasn’t as if she was surprised that he was making this speech, it was the timing that was throwing her off.  She ate and listened since it seemed as if Kevin was going to bare his soul to her.

“We have so many things that we need to discuss, like the wedding itself.  We have to get you back in touch with your family.  I know it’s hard not to just try and get in touch with them.  It’s just that if something happens I know you don’t want them to grieve all over again.”  Kevin paused as his mind leaped to the next thing.  “I like this house but I don’t know if you do.  Do you?  Then we have the big discussion about kids and how we are going to handle two careers.  You are still going to teach right?”  Kevin stopped as Catherine’s mouth fell open very slowly.

“What?” he looked at her, she was looking at him as if he had burned her.

“First of all you are rambling.  Second of all, we decided not to talk about our future until this was over with.  Kevin, you are changing everything we have discussed, right in the middle of the plan.  Why?”  Catherine now sat upright in her chair.

Kevin needed to cover his fear and the fact that his mouth was in high gear.  “So much for strength,” he mumbled under his breath.  Reaching into his pocket, he smiled at his excuse for nervousness.  At least his excuse for now.  He needed to do this now before anyone else came banging on his door.  Jenna would be coming soon, unfortunately so was her father. 

Kevin didn’t like the idea but Carlos had insisted, since Jenna had told her father that Catherine was missing and then dragged her father, the police detective, to Kevin’s house and to the Boy’s offices.  Carlos had a ton of backpedaling to do to cover their asses and in the end Jenna didn’t buy it and told Carlos so, neither did her father.  Carlos explained what he could to both of them.

Nick had whined during rehearsals that he wanted to go with Kevin and Catherine to the ceremony since he didn’t have time to get a date.  Kevin made the assumption that all of them would meet up at his house because nerves were running sharp.    The boys flocked together when they were under pressure, and this was no different.  The nerves came over them when Howie received the call earlier from Mark.

Kevin dragged her chair out from under the table with her still in it.  Catherine held onto her pizza for dear life.  “Could ya put that down please?  This is important.”  Kevin was losing his patience.

Catherine rolled her eyes and set her dinner on her plate.  She now sat demurely with her hands neatly folded in her lap, so prim and proper.  Kevin gave her a half smile, mumbled sorry, and she giggled as she loosened up.  Bringing her legs under her body, she now sat cross-legged in the chair. 

Kevin bent down on one knee, one hand behind his back, his other hand resting on her left hand.  “I love you… We have a lot to get settled… We’ll get through it…  “

Catherine’s eyes softened, the words weren’t fancy or flowery, just tender and true.  Entwining her fingers into his, she squeezed his hand back.  “Yes we do and we will get by this.  I can’t imagine where my life would have ended up had I not met you…”

“Now wait a minute, this is a happy thing,” Kevin pulled the box from his pocket.  He didn’t want her to think of those things.  They weren’t nice thoughts.  Opening the box in full view of her, he wouldn’t look at her as he removed the ring from the box.  Once in his hand he slipped it tenderly on her finger.  “Professor Catherine Miller, will you marry me?”

Catherine sat in a state of shock; she did not see this coming.  Her eyes were locked on the ring that he had placed on her finger.  The full realization seemed to hit her.  The first time he had asked her she was taken aback but said yes.  Now he was doing a more traditional proposal.  The tears just slid down her cheek very softly.  “A diamond and sapphires…”

“Don’t cry Sweet Thing, just say yes again, please say yes.”  Kevin leaned closer to her face and kissed the tip of her nose.  “I promise the first thing after this mess is over with, we will get married, your parents will be there, the whole nine-yards.”

“Marriage is important to you, isn’t it?” Catherine regained her footing enough to speak.

“Very important, like by May first.”  He held both of his hands in hers.

“The answer is yes.  However, if you think that I can get married at Beltane and give birth by the Yule, you are crazy.  No offense, but I would like to wait awhile. Next year would be good to start talking about children.”  A quirky smiled played at her lips.  She knew the story and she wasn’t going to let him off the hook either.  “When it does happen, what are you going to do if it’s a girl?”

Kevin’s smile was as bright as his eyes, “Just love her, that’s all.”  Catherine had answered the second most important question he had for her; would they have a family.  Naturally he had always assumed that she would, but he needed to hear her say it.

Catherine toyed with a fry, dangling it over her wide-open mouth.  Kevin took a deep breath.  “You’ve turned into a little sleaze today.  What is up with that?” Kevin pulled a chair next to hers. 

“I heard what Angie said, what you like, and how you like it.  I heard what you said too.  I hope you always want to see my face.” 

Kevin flew out of the chair, spun around, and dropped his hands on her forearms that were resting on the chair.  “That is wrong!  You are abusing your powers, eavesdropping is out Catherine!”  Kevin was now yelling in her face. 

“You don’t like the fact that I know, do you?” Catherine wasn’t pulling back.  There was more to meet the eye in this man than what he had shown her.

Kevin seemed to work up a fury as a hot breeze blew over the patio.  “That was way before you!  Don’t go there!  Don’t do it again!”

The water in the pool began to slosh around as Kevin’s eyes bore holes into Catherine’s body.  Kevin’s temper was in full swing, as things blew off the table.  One chair flipped over from a strong gust when Catherine cocked an eyebrow at him.

“I mean it!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Catherine decided calming Kevin down would be the best thing to do right now.  He was already on edge as it was.  This was a special night and she didn’t want it ruined.  “Okay I won’t do that ever again.  I’m sorry I was just curious and then I was fascinated by it.”

“Fascinated enough to buy a book?” Kevin dropped in the chair after he righted it.  He now found his opportunity to discuss the situation.  The breeze died down but the subtle sloshing of pool water remained as a reminder that his temper was easily provoked. 

It was Catherine’s turn to fly out of the chair in anger.  She walked directly towards him and pointed a finger in his face.  “You had no right!”

Kevin’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm.  Catherine’s eyes reflected the anger as well as the pain he was causing as he pushed her forearm down towards his lap.  Catherine was turning almost side ways to try and escape.  Her fingers began to tingle as the tips turned blue.  Now she was afraid of what she might do. Catherine stopped fighting him, she wouldn’t get anywhere with him when he was this angry and her as well.  Under normal circumstances, she would have run off and hid from him like an injured kitten.  Now she was almost on her knees, her head turned side ways. 

Kevin pulled her closer to his face.  “When the time comes, you won’t need a book.  You will learn from me, how to satisfy me, not an illustration.  I don’t want a whore, I want the woman I love to make me feel good.”

Swallowing hard, she closed her eyes for a split second.  “I was just trying…”

“You were trying to be like Angie.  She was a side-dish, that is all.  She’ll be fired after tonight anyway.  I talked to Fat and let her know how I feel.  I was willing to drop it and Angie wasn’t.  We can call it ‘personal difficulties’ with the staff and she’s out.”

“But I thought…”

Kevin loosened his grip and pulled her closer.  Now the self-reproach would set in over what he had done.  “You thought wrong… Forgive me, I’m stressed.”  He pulled her into his lap.  She sat quietly listening to his heartbeat slow down.

Catherine sifted and sorted what had just taken place.  He was right, it was a long time ago.  Maybe he has changed since then.

“Not by much,” she heard A.J. in her head.  She sat up quickly startling Kevin.

“I think you need to go get your shower before Jenna gets here.”  Catherine stroked his chest calming him and hoping he hadn’t heard A.J.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he grumbled as she left his lap.  Snatching his pizza from the plate, he headed into the house.

“A.J. if you can hear me, please answer me.”  Catherine glanced to the patio door to make sure Kevin was indeed not close by.

“What’cha need Catherine?” A.J. spoke from the garden gate.

Catherine rushed to the gate to let him in.  “I don’t know why you are here but I’m so glad you are.  Explain your remark to me,” she babbled as she pulled him by his shirt through the gate.

“Chill babe!  Look, Kevin has a ton of pressure on him.  Sometimes when he’s stressed and he goes at it with a girl; he likes to be the boss, ya know.  Do you know what I mean?”  A.J. watched the perplexed look on her face.  “Okay, you don’t get it, fine.  Just don’t go buying any more books or your going to be in hot water even more.”

“But…” Catherine was ticked that everyone knew about the book.

“Look, just follow his lead, your life will be just fine.  You don’t need a book. The rumor mill says, Kev ain’t got any problems telling you his wants and needs.  Just do what he wants, that is what he likes.”  A.J. chose his words carefully.

“Oh I get it!  Like when…”  Catherine’s eyes almost glowed remembering the night he gave her the amulet.  He had given her instructions on how to undress him.  That is what he wanted and she had given it to him willingly.

A.J.’s hand flew up with his palm out, “Stop, I don’t want details girl.  You were a virgin and you ended up with the most demanding son-of-a-bitch in and out of the sack.”

Catherine tossed her head back and laughed as the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.  “I can out talk him word wise.”

“Hey we’re talking about Kevin here, the boy talks real s-l-o-w.  With any luck, your kids will have your I.Q. and not his.”

“A.J.!” Catherine slapped at him playfully.  “Go greet Jenna and her dad at the front door while I get dressed.”

A.J. smiled, “See you’re getting better all the time.  They didn’t even turn up the road yet.”

“Oh Yeah!” she ran into the house looking for Kevin, yelling.  “I get it now Kevin!”

A.J. shook his head, “Oh she’s gonna get it alright.  She’s damn book-smart and street-stupid.”  A.J. laughed as he made his way to the front door to let Jenna and her father in.  “I’ll get her a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble for a wedding gift.  Kev will just love that.” 





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