~The Celtic Wizard~


Chapter 5  

The door slammed shut and Catherine winced, “I’m sorry Kevin, she’s a bit forward.”

“No need to apologize Catherine, she’s a smart kid, maybe too smart.”  Kevin began cleaning the table off.  As he opened the cupboard door, a book fell out.  “Funny place to keep a book.”  Scooping it off the floor, he placed it on the counter.

Catherine fluttered, “I wonder how that got there.”  In her head, she was screaming for him to leave before one more dreadful thing could happen.

“Hey can I use your phone a sec?”  Kevin picked up the cordless as Catherine nodded a yes.  He dialed his home number.  This was an opportunity to get Catherine’s number legitimately and check his messages.  It would show up on his caller ID if he were ever asked.  Instead of getting his messages, he got Brian.

“What are you doing at my place?”  Kevin stared at the cat on the floor, which was once again winding around his legs.

Brian chuckled, “We’re waiting for you to finish your date with Catherine.”

“Ah, you do know you’re crossing the line on this one.”  Kevin swiped his hand over his face.

A.J’s cackle in the background really infuriated him.  “Look who’s talking.”

Kevin covered the mouthpiece with his hand.  Giving Catherine a beguiling smile, “Excuse me a minute Catherine, I know this is rude of me, but my house has been invaded.”

Kevin removed his hand from the phone and sneered in it.  “Get the hell out of my house.  You better not be there when I get back.”  Hanging up the phone, he looked at Catherine. She was sitting at the table, all prim and proper with her hands folded in her lap.  Trying to fight the smile that was tugging at the corners of her mouth.

“I’m sorry, they are extremely obnoxious when they’re left alone.  They will trash my house in the blink of an eye and eat all my food.”

The smile erupted on her face, containing it had been too difficult. 

“I see you do a have a humorous side, you’re not serious all the time.”

Laughing uncontrollably, she tried to talk.  “I’m sorry but it’s true what they say.  You treat them like your children.”

Kevin balled his tongue in the side of his cheek, then pursed his lips together.  “Only when they cross the line.”

“When is that Kevin?”

Kevin smirked, “Every opportunity they get.”  Staring into her eyes he could see they were so big and blue, he thought he could swim in them.  His focus dropped to her lips, young and tender, so red.  Red like fresh raspberries, ripe raspberries, he thought.  Unconsciously he licked his bottom lip.

Catherine dropped her head feeling the stare had taken on a different tone.

With her head drop he willed himself back to reality, he wasn’t sure of himself or her yet.  He knew he wanted to see her again that was all.  The sparks, she gave him sparks, he grinned to himself.  His groin became taught.  He was beginning to image things that he shouldn’t with this woman.   “Have you heard our music?” he asked as he casually sat back down.

Catherine nodded a yes.

“Must not like it that much, your reaction is pretty tame.”  Kevin was just trying to get the dialogue going again.  He had made her ill at ease with his gaze.

“Oh I like it very much,” Catherine stated demurely. 

“Own any of it?”  Kevin continued and then got the feeling he was conducting an interview. 

“Kevin I’m hoping that this is a struggle to get the conversation going and that you really are not that arrogant.”  Catherine raised her eyebrows at him.

Kevin was still stunned that she had shot him down.  “Just curious, you’re kinda bookish.  I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Catherine covered her mouth to stifle the giggle She then proceeded to repeat part of Nick’s conversation piece.  Kevin’s shoulders began to shake listening to her.  She didn’t miss a word.

“I didn’t really take you for a Nick woman,” he remarked as he picked at the fortune cookie.

Catherine was curious about the comment, how would he know and why would he say that.  “What did you think Kevin, more like you since I’m sooo bookish and serious.”

Nick and Brian’s laughter filled his head.  Bang shot down again, they were laughing.  Kevin’s face took on an evil glare that made Catherine shift in her seat. 

“No, I guess not,” he said shyly to her.  “Well I should get going while I still have a house standing.”  Kevin looked at Bert who jumped in Catherine’s lap.  Grabbing his jacket he stood up and slipped it on.  As his hand spun the knob he turned to her, “Night Catherine, I’ll check on you tomorrow.” 

“That isn’t necessary,” she spoke firmly.

Glancing at the cat paying no mind to her objections, “Night Bert.”

Kevin was waiting for the elevator when it hit him, nobody had told him the cat’s name.  “Dammit, I’m screwing this up.”

A.J. boomed into his head calling ‘Here, kitty, kitty, here kitty, kitty, kitty.’  Kevin ignored all of them since he was just going to kill everyone of them anyway.

Getting into his car, he spoke loudly and clearly.  “Ya better get the hell out of there.  All of you have your own places.  If you’re there when I get back, I’ll be knockin’ some heads.  Don’t leave a mess!”

Catherine sat rubbing Bert’s ears,  “He sweet but scary Bert.  There is something about him but I can’t put my finger on it.”  Pushing the cat off her lap, she filled a glass of water at the sink.  Taking the pills that she had been given, she wobbled down the hall on the crutches.  Speaking to Bert as he followed her to the bedroom.  “I don’t think I really want to know what it is either.”

Trying to get comfortable with the air cast was becoming a daunting task.  The pain was leaving but it was hard to actually move with a piece of plastic attached to your leg.  Slowly she drifted off to sleep, smiling she thought about Jenna.  She had made a new friend, a buddy, someone she could confide in.  The last time she had a good friend was in grammar school, before they figured out she was smart.  Becoming slightly giddy over the fact that she had met the Backstreet Boys.  Kevin was a true gentleman, she mused, but Nick was more her type.

Kevin punched the pillow, “You don’t want Nick.  He wouldn’t know what to do with you anyway.  You need fine wine, restaurants, museums, and stuff.”  Knowing that he had heard it seemed to make him all the more determined to at least take Catherine out on one date.

In the morning he lay in bed glaring at the ceiling.  His sleep was not peaceful due to his emotions.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to pursue this anymore.  If Catherine had a thing for Nick it wasn’t worth the effort.  Closing his eyes he peeked in on her, mentally anyway. 

Laying on her back with a pillow under foot.  The covers had slipped down to her waist.  Breathing deeply he smiled when his eyes locked on her breasts.  Not to large, not to small, very soft and creamy white.  Her hair was fanned out over the pillow, he wondered to himself what it would feel like to run his fingers through it.  She shifted and shivered, Kevin thought that was slightly unusual.  He had never made a habit in the past of sneaking into women’s bedrooms.

Her lips moved like she was speaking and he watched her breasts heave in her sleep.  In his head, he reached out and gently brushed one of her orbs with the tip of his fingers.  The sudden shock of watching her harden in front of him was enough to make him pull back his hand instantly.

Kevin’s eyes flew open and he gulped for air, that had never happened before.  He could feel her skin and she felt his touch.  Nick’s voice interrupted his musings, “You better not get caught doing that again.”

“Shut up,” Kevin berated him as he stumbled out of bed. 

Nick was standing at his bedroom door, dressed and ready to go.  “For the record, I don’t want her.”

“After that, you won’t be getting her,” Kevin announced as he headed for the shower.  The reaction that Catherine had given him had solidified his intentions.  Yes he would pursue her but not aggressively as he had done in the past to others.  Catherine was shy, vulnerable, and very naive.

Sitting in the recording studio all morning was the perfect distraction for him.  They were listening to various tapes that had been submitted to their new label.  Rocking back in the chair, he smiled. 

Brian shook his head at him, “You are breaking some major rules buddy.”

“Don’t let Dad catch you,” Howie smirked as he sipped his tea.

“I’m with you guys, I’m not there.”  Kevin studied his brothers.  “Speaking of rule breaking, why were you spying on me.  Four-one-one, I wasn’t on a date.”

“You wanted to be,” A.J. chuckled.  “She shot you down.” 

Spinning around in the chair caused the air to stir in the room.  They went on alert, Kevin was pissed.  “She did not!”

“Okay she didn’t,” A.J. waved him off.  “Let’s see what happens when you stop by there tonight on your way home.”

“Who said I was stopping there,” his jaw tightened as well as his grip on the chair.

Nick tossed a piece of paper at Kevin, “You told her last night you were going to.”

“You guys aren’t suppose to be doing that shit to me.”  Kevin stood up his hand on his hip.  He began wagging his index finger in the air.  “Don’t do it again or I’ll blow the whistle on you.”

“I don’t think so, you’re just as guilty.  Feeling up a sleeping woman, really Kevin,” came from Nick.

“I did not!” he yelled as he stormed from the room.

“Yes he did,” they all chimed and then burst into a rowdy laugh.  They stopped when he came back through the door.

“I didn’t know that was gonna happen,” he frowned.

“Shouldn’t of been there in the first place,” A.J. admonished him.

The other three frowned at him, “Hey it’s my job, remember, honor!  Besides maybe Kev can get Bert to help.”

Even Kevin began laughing at the ridiculous statement.  “You suck Bone.”

A.J. lifted his glasses at Kevin, “Grap a booty and pinch for me dream man,” as he tore out of the studio with Kevin right behind him, both of them laughing.

“You’re dead dude,” Kevin was yelling.

“Gotta catch me first!”  A.J. ran like his life depended on it.

Nick was the first one to join in on brawl.  Howie and Brian jumped in too.  The five men were rolling around on the floor of the studio when Krystal walked in and cleared her throat, “How old are you guys?”

“You’re next Chicklet,” as Nick headed for her only to be greeted by Jeff standing next to her.

Nick backed up and left her alone.  “Time to get to work,” he sauntered over to the stool and put on the headset.

All of them looked at Jeff, then Krystal, and finally Nick.  They laughed loudly at Nick’s sudden change.





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