~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 51 

Searching the room with no luck, Brian stepped outside.  Before he took one step down the stairs, he heard Carlos.  “Brian you shouldn’t be out here.”

“I lost track of Kevin,” Brian glanced over to the man.

Carlos checked his watch; “He took a walk with Dave.”

“What for?  He shouldn’t leave Catherine,” Brian was a little steamed that Kevin could be that careless. 

“I’m not sure and I didn’t ask Brian.”  Carlos was, if anything, being discreet but not foolish.  Kevin was wasted and now getting toasted.  “He’s blowing off steam Bri.”

Brian now knew what Kevin was doing, “Damn jerk, he shouldn’t be getting stoned now.”

Carlos held the door open, “Inside, he’s fine.  I’ll wait for him here but I don’t want more than one of you out here.”

“Fine,” Brian wandered back inside.  He wasn’t going to say a word to Catherine about this.  He wondered if she would know.  As he meandered back to the table, A.J. was on his cell in the corner of the room.  A finger in his ear so he could hear, A.J. gestured for him to come to him. 

Brian only heard half the conversation but he understood that A.J. had a dilemma on his hands.  MeeMaw had jumped the gun and was doing things that Kevin wouldn’t be pleased about.  A.J. handed the phone to Brian, “You deal with her.”

“Hi MeeMaw, it’s Bri,” Brian looked round the room.  Then his face wrinkled up strangely and then drained of color.  “I don’t know MeeMaw, I don’t see him.”  Brian heard dial tone.  He handed the phone back to A.J.  “She hung up on me.  It’s Kevin’s problem, not ours.  We have enough to deal with.”

Another half hour elapsed before Kevin rejoined the group.  All of them couldn’t help but see that he was acting a little crazy, a little tipsy, and very loud.  Catherine called Carlos over to get them out of party.  The reception was dwindling down anyway but Kevin was acting like a complete ass.  His laugh was loud and obnoxious and even snorting sometimes.

Carlos took pity on Catherine and called a cab for them.  “I’ll go with you to the house and help you get him in the door.  Then you’re on your own.”

“I love ya man....” Kevin rolled his eyes.  “Give me a smooch.”

Catherine covered her mouth so Kevin wouldn’t hear her laugh.  “Oh, he is out of it.  This is more than alcohol.”

“Oh it is, and tomorrow you will see,” Carlos gave Kevin a rough shove as he fell over on him in the cab.  “Someone has it on tape.”

“Oh no,” Catherine began to almost cry.

“He covered himself, but not well,” Carlos started to laugh.  “They asked if he was drunk.  He answered with ‘of course I am’.  It’s a good thing they didn’t ask him if he was stoned.  Kevin’s a happy drunk most of the time.”

“I don’t feel love from you two...”   Kevin burped loudly.  “Ooops sareee.”  Then he began to sing Can You Feel Love Tonight from the Lion King.

Catherine sat back and thought this was the disaster waiting to happen.  She felt something was going to happen to one of them and it did.  Her lips curved into a smile, “He’s very entertaining when he’s....

“Stoned,” Carlos wiped his glasses off, since Kevin had just showered them with spit after doing the chorus.

The cab ride was short as they drove through the gates and to Kevin’s driveway.  Carlos stepped out and then leaned in.  He grabbed Kevin by the shoulders and pulled him from the cab.  Catherine reached for Kevin’s wallet in his back pocket.  “Ohhh, I like that Sweet Thing, do it again.”

“Thank God it’s dark or the cab driver would see my face right now,” she whispered in her head to herself.  “Wait here to take Carlos home.”  Catherine handed the man enough money for a trip to Las Vegas and back. 

Carlos was holding Kevin up when Kevin started to tip over.  “Whoa big boy.”  Carlos circled his arms around Kevin’s waist.

Kevin smirked, “Gee C, I never knew.  Ya wanna dance?”

“Catherine!”  Carlos snapped at her as Kevin began to latch on to him to avoid hitting the ground.  If Catherine hadn’t been there, he might have let his charge kiss the pavement since he was making kissing noises anyway.

“Stop it Kevin!”  Catherine reprimanded him.

“Maybe next time, genius doesn’t like it.  No threesome with her.”

Catherine opened the front door so Carlos could help Kevin inside.  Steering Kevin wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.  It was like driving a sack of Jell-O.  Carlos took him directly back to his bedroom and stood him by the bed.  With a push of a finger, Kevin fell backwards.  “Goodnight Hillbilly.” 

“Night buddy...”  Kevin’s slurred speech echoed in the room.  “I lobe ya dawg.”

Carlos laughed as he made his way back towards the front door.  “He has you now, in about five minutes, he’ll yell because he can’t get his pants off.  Remind him to take his shoes off first.”  Carlos was still laughing when he drove off in the backseat of the cab.

Flinging her bag on the sofa and kicking her shoes off, she headed to bed.  Leaning on the door, she watched Kevin try and stand.  He was fighting with his pants just as Carlos had predicted.

“Helb me,” he whined as she stood and watched him. 

“Lay down,” Catherine gave him a push and he fell backwards again.

“You gettin’ bossy with me?”  Kevin tried to sit up.

“You are preposterous,” Catherine pulled one shoe off and then the other. 

Kevin pulled himself up to a sitting position.  His head swayed.  “I don’t like bossy women.  They take orders from me.”

“Oh they do?” Catherine shook her head, “The real Kevin,” she mumbled as she slid his pants off.

“Get undressed and come to bed.”  Kevin glared at her.

“I will in a minute,” Catherine waited and wandered back to the living room.  She didn’t like this side of Kevin.  This was the Kevin Angie and A.J. were talking about.  Taking her time, she hoped he would have fallen asleep.  Walking back into the bedroom, he was completely undressed and awake.

“Stop stalling,” Kevin’s eyes were bleary.  He wasn’t as drunk as he was before but he was tired.  He was brusque with her and didn’t care.  All Kevin wanted to do was sleep.  His eyes watched her every move as she undressed and slipped on the ice blue nightgown he had given her. 

Catherine sensed he was going to protest but not much.  Now he was exhausted and needed to sleep.  Walking to the other side of the bed, she slid under the covers that he held up for her.

A loud groan later, some shifting of his body, and he was fast asleep.  Catherine lay wrapped in his embrace for well over an hour.  She stared out the patio door that led to the pool and up the side of the rise.  The stars twinkled in the sky.  The North Star shined the brightest as always.  She was restless and uncomfortable; the air conditioning was too cold.  Kevin was snoring in her ear, his heavy arm draped over her body.  A feeling of being hemmed in encircled her; she needed some air and some space. 

Slipping from the bed, she stumbled around in the darkness and turned the air conditioning down.  Rubbing her arms, she tried to warm herself.  Walking to the patio door, she slid the entry open.  The air outside was inviting and warm as she stepped outside.  Quietly, sliding the door shut, not wanting to wake Kevin. 

Looking up at the stars she wondered how all this would end.  Would they be together or would something come between them.  Pulling a chair out she sat at the patio set. 

She had so much to think about.  How her life was going to change.  A quick glance through the glass door to the bedroom and she looked towards the heavens.  “I hope this isn’t a habit.” 

Standing up, she walked along the walkway that bordered the pool.  Kevin had a beautiful yard full of plants and flowers.  Small motion detectors lights lined the path.  It was now that she noticed what Kevin had been growing in his yards.  Mostly aromatics and herbs for potions that MeeMaw had taught her how to make.  As the lights lit her way, she was happy that she now had this knowledge.  The names and uses of each rolled easily off her tongue as she named them out loud and to herself.  She had journeyed to the far end of the Olympic size pool when a light went on at the other end of the path. 

Stopping, she moved around to get a better look at a small night-time creature that was probably raiding Kevin’s garden.  Just the other day Kevin had told her that the raccoons loved his backyard as well as other animals.  He never shooed them away but welcomed all animals.  Water was set out at various levels for the animals to drink.  “Where else would they go Professor?  I’m the protector of animals.”  Kevin smiled when a chipmunk ran over his foot to a bowl of vegetables that had been hidden in the greenery.

“Hello Catherine,” The Dean stood between her and the door.     

Too terrified to move, she froze.  She couldn’t find her voice either.

“Don’t disrespect me young lady.  I taught you better than that.  Speak to me or at least acknowledge me.”  The Dean stood with his hands in front of him, clasped together.

“Hello Dean,” Catherine answered as she stepped backwards and felt the ground under her feet.  It was bare ground, the bare ground that led up the steep slope down to the fields and the canyon on the other side.  Kevin had taken her hiking there. 

“So formal?” he stepped closer to her.  When she stepped back one more step he smiled evilly at her.  “I’m very disappointed in you Catherine, very disappointed.”

Catherine could see the evil in this man and didn’t understand how she so blindly followed him before.  Her foot seemed to turn naturally towards the path heading up.  She was shaking and trying to not let him see it.  He stepped towards her again.

“You gave yourself to him didn’t you girl, or should I say woman?  A man you barely know, after all we’ve been through together.”  The Dean stepped forward again and watched as she now stood on the dirt path.  “Do you fear me now Catherine?  I was just trying to teach a lesson.  I know it was harsh but it was necessary.  You were not listening to me child.” 

“Oh God,” Catherine gulped. 

“I’m very angry Catherine.  You did not listen to me.  I warned you there would be consequences if you didn’t listen and end this relationship.”  He followed his words with four steps towards her.  He watched her open her mouth to yell.  “That won’t be necessary Catherine.  Kevin is indisposed, as we say.  Alcohol and drugs are not a good combination.  After I drown you in the pool, then I’m going to kill him.”

“No don’t please, I’ll do anything.”  Catherine couldn’t rush the words out any faster.  She didn’t want Kevin harmed.

“Anything you say?”  The Dean stepped closer to her but she didn’t step away.  He took that as a sign of submission from her but still the deed had to be done.  He was within an arms reach of her.  “Maybe I’ll just kill you and let the world think that he did it.  They could say he did it or that it was accident.  However, I won’t make it look like an accident.  They will investigate and then there is the trial.  I am sure he would be put up as an example.  A popular musician known far and wide takes up with a young genius, a professor no less.  He’ll be finished whether he is convicted or not.”  The Dean’s arm came up and his fingers motioned her to take his hand.

In a flash, Catherine had one thought, to lead him away.  Kevin had taught her well and now it was time that she took care of herself.  Calling Kevin for help wouldn’t do any good, he would only get hurt or killed.

In a flash of a second she turned and ran up the path blindly.  She could hear him laughing insanely.  “Oh Catherine, you have become so headstrong and fearless.  I’m up for a good chase if you are child.”

Catherine felt the packed dirt under her heels as she ran up the hill.  Branches from the trees scratched her face and arms.  She could hear the Dean coming behind her and calling to her.  “Come child, let’s make this swift and painless.  I’ll give you a choice if you don’t want to drown.  I have a Bolline and an Athame with me.”

“Sick bastard,” she cried as she tried to find a place to hide.  Catherine began to chant as she ran into the trees and tried to circle back to the house.  “I call on water, wind, air, and fire, hear my plea, hear my desire.  I call on the elements to protect and guide me.  For this is my plea, So Mote It Be.”  Catherine was huffing as she ran along just inside the trees ducking where possible.  A loud crack of thunder made her dive under the tree.  Tears now blurred her vision as well as the rain. 

A flash of light awakened Kevin, then someone hitting him.  “Get up dammit, get up.  He’s here and he has her.”

“Bad shit,” Kevin grumbled as he rolled back over on his stomach.  Then he heard another voice, it was MeeMaw’s.  “Really bad shit, she sounds pissed.”

“I am pissed,” she yelled as she tossed the bucket of ice cold water on him.

“What the fuck!”  Kevin jumped from the bed.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”  Kevin screamed at the old woman.

“Get dressed, he’s here,” Anne pointed to the open patio door.  His language she would address later.

“Fuck,” Kevin jumped into his pants and grabbed his shirt on the way out the door.  He was yelling for Catherine.  Lights flooded the yard.  “Catherine!”  Kevin called to her but didn’t hear anything. 

“Up here,” Mark yelled.  Having made his way to the top of the hill after letting Anne and MeeMaw in.  The others were on their way.  As soon as he had heard what the Dean had planned, he called everyone he could.  All of Kevin’s family had been contacted and they were converging on Kevin’s home in California.

Catherine stood at the other end of the field without saying a word.  She watched the Dean make his way towards Kevin, who was frantically calling her.  Mark had already crossed the field and was heading for the next.  After that, there was a tree line and then the terrain was a straight drop down into the canyon below.

Picking up a rather large branch, Catherine thought about it only for an instant.  Kevin crossed her path and she brought the log down on the back of his head, like he had showed her.  With a loud grunt, he fell to the ground. 

“There you are child.  Let’s get this over with.” 

Catherine cried as she looked at Kevin lying in the wet grass.  Then threw the log at the Dean, which he easily deflected.  She took off running like a wild pony.

The Dean gave Kevin a kick.  “She did me a favor,” as he walked on by.  “This will look even better.”  The Dean took his time crossing the field.  There was only one field left, then the cliff, she had no where to go.

Crossing the tree line and into the next field, he searched for her.  He couldn’t see her in the dark.  “I know you are here.  Why are you running?  You know how this has to end.  He took you from me, you are of no use to me.  You’re a white witch now.  I can’t turn you.  I can’t build up my empire by planting my seed in you.”

The Dean was standing directly next to her as he stopped walking.  He turned and looked down at her, “Did you think you could just hide from me?”  His hand went to his coat as he pulled out a long bladed Athame, “Look familiar?  He gave it to you.”

With everything she had, Catherine launched herself from her haunches up and at the man.  She grabbed for the knife that was poised up in the air.  As his arm drove down to drive the knife into her, she again summoned all of her inner strength and grabbed onto the handle with both hands.  Fighting with all her strength, she wrestled with him.  Then with one out-and-out shove she drove the knife down into his body.

“Catherine,” his garbled voice rasped as he slid to the ground.  Catherine backed away shaking, as his blood now stained her arms and clothing. 

She stared blankly at her hands, which were smeared with blood as Mark approached her from the side.  “Catherine it’s okay.”





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