~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 52 

“Oh Mark,” Catherine turned and collapsed in Mark’s arms.

Mark surveyed the body on the ground not to far from their feet.  “It’s okay Catherine, I think he’s dead.”

Through her sobs, Catherine kept uttering the same words over and over again.  “I didn’t want to do this… I didn’t want too.  I’m sorry Mark.”

Mark held the young woman in his arms.  Blood smearing his shoulders, neck and chest as it made its way from her body to his.  What could he tell her to reassure her that ending a life is not a pleasant experience for anyone?  Ending one in a violent manner just made it more difficult. 

Mark’s feelings were now hardened towards the man that lay at their feet.  The Dean was his biological father but nothing that resembled a human.  When he went home he would thank his mother and father for being the wonderful people that they were.  For not letting the Dean anywhere near him until he was older.  His own mother had always said that when she first met the man he was fine, then he changed, he wanted to own her.  It wasn’t right for her, she walked away, not knowing she was pregnant. 

Closing his eyes, he could still see very vividly Catherine driving the silver bladed Athame into the body of the man that had terrorized her these past hours, victimized, and ultimately tried to destroy her, his father, the Dean.

Catherine wiped the tears from her face with the palms of her hands once she had broken the embrace.  Her head tilted to the side, she had heard something.  “Do you hear that?” she smiled at Mark as she asked him.

Immediately Mark’s eyes fell to the body for signs of life. 

A breeze caressed Catherine’s cheek, the breeze turned warm, then chilled her.  The wind blew hot and strong as angry clouds rolled in next.

Catherine beamed with excitement as Mark looked around at the odd storm blowing in.  The winds were mixed and the sky was angry.

“It’s Kevin, he’s upset; he’s looking for me.”

A loud crash of thunder rode in the sky as the lightening streaked not far behind.  “And this is a good thing?”  Mark shouted as the rain began to hammer down on them.

“Yes,” she laughed as she headed back into the woods with Mark flowing her.  “It means he’s okay.  I did hit him pretty hard.”

“You hit him?”  Mark covered his face with his arm trying to shield the driving rain.

Catherine turned her head over her shoulder and shouted back to him.  “Just enough to knock him out.”  Inside she was giddy with relief as they approached the meadow just before the tree line where she had conked Kevin on the head.  She smiled proudly as she spotted Kevin standing in the clearing.  “He’s okay,” she whispered without taking her eyes off the man.

Kevin stood with his back to them in field, skyclad.

Mark was about to speak when Catherine pressed her hand over his mouth.

Watching the elements of nature dance around Kevin was a sight that was rarely seen.  His hair was being whipped by the wind.  Rain pelted his hard-formed naked body.  The ground began to rumble under their feet.

Mark and Catherine grabbed onto each other as the intensity of the elements picked up speed and strength.  Kevin’s arms rose up into the air, his fists were clenched tight.

Catherine had never seen such an awe-inspiring sight.  Her eyes took in the nakedness of the man she loved.  Kevin was summoning all of his powers and then some as his balled fists pumped with anger towards the sky.  Her eyes followed the muscled biceps and shoulders, the wide expanse of his back that tapered to his waist and hips.  The whiteness of his buttocks and the point where they sunk in slightly on the sides.  The well toned thighs and calves.

About to step forward and reveal herself to him, something inside her told Catherine to stop.  Kevin raised his arms high in the air.  His stance was wide as his feet were apart.  Then he began his chant.

“I call on the Elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.”

Kevin was shouting at the top of his lungs.  He wanted Catherine, nobody but Catherine.

“I call you here with me tonight,

Element of Fire burning bright,

Guide me with your warming light tonight.”

Kevin’s hand rose and a streak of lighting shot from his palm.

Fulfill this desire sent to the,

Bring Catherine back to me!

I call on the Lord and the Lady with loving desire.

I summon all the elements

For my own passions desire.

I stir the ancients, the old ones, and the wise

She walks with no other than me.

She is my free will,

She belongs to ME!”

Mark and Catherine gawked at the sight of a man who commanded the elements for his bidding.  The wind roared in their ears as the rain pelted them.  Again, the earth moved under their feet.

Mark gulped buckets of air as an aura of green formed around Kevin.  Then he heard Kevin whisper with a saddened heart.

“So Mote It Be.”

Patting Mark gently on the shoulder, Catherine spoke to him.  “It’s okay, he’s just upset.  You don’t need to be afraid.  Go back to his house and we will meet you there in a bit.  Call the police, or better yet, Jenna’s dad.”

Kevin turned towards her.  Mark dropped his gaze to the dirt.  He didn’t want to meet with Kevin once again, not with Kevin in this type of mood.  Nor was the man clothed.

“Go now.  We need some time alone.”  Catherine pushed him towards the trees.  Spinning on her feet, she went up on her toes.  Just in time to have Kevin pick her up off the ground. 

“Oh Sweet Thing,” he groaned as they fell to the ground together, entwined in each other’s arms.  He clenched her body to his, never wanting to let her go.  His lips seared her skin as Kevin kissed her face, down the side of her neck.  His kisses were as frantic as his hands. 

The remnants of Catherine’s blood streaked nightgown fell to the ground with some assistance from Kevin.  His body poised over hers.  An audible sigh escaped them in unison as he sheathed his body in hers.  The tight sensual feeling as their body rocked together.  His face dropped down to her neck as he whispered repeatedly.  “I was so scared.  I was so scared….”

Noting her grimace, his hand dropped between her legs.  “Sorry,” he softly whispered, in his rush he had caused her some pain.  Their first time together in so long and their bodies had rhythm all of their own.

Catherine let her body over rule her fear as Kevin drove his body into hers and began to pant and grunt.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and begged for more.  A cry ripped from her chest as Kevin’s lips tasted her skin, his fingers danced at her most sensitive space.  “Kevin,” Catherine wiped the perspiration from her face.

Kevin’s face hung over hers.  His eyes squeezed tightly shut as he held off as long as he could.  Catherine's fingers, brushed his cheek, automatically his eyes opened.  Catherine saw the love that they held for her.  Pulling his neck down, she brought his face to hers, and she kissed him.  Catherine kissed him as his body shook signaling the end to their coupling.

Nothing existed in the small void that they had created for themselves.  Kevin was still inside her as she stared above him.  “The lights are beautiful up here,” she smiled a sweet smile for him.  “All the blues and greens.”

Slipping his body from hers, he rolled next to her in the sweet grass.  “Yeah, they are.”  Kevin sat to catch his breath.  His arm draped around her shoulders when she joined him.  In the sky danced the lights of green and blue entwined together and shooting upwards into the night sky. 

Grabbing his pants as he stood up, he handed Catherine his long sleeved shirt.  “We are going to have to be careful.  That’s the Aura Borealis.  No more getting it on in the woods.”  Sliding his pants on, he waited for her to be presentable. So he fibbed a little, it wasn't the Northern Lights, it was the atomsphere that was charged with their sexual energy.

Extending his hand, she clasped it; he squeezed it reassuringly. 

Walking back through the field and trees, they ended their journey where it had began.  The lights of a police car flashed off the trees.  An ambulance was on the side of the road below them.  Both of them approached cautiously, unsure of what they may say or what others might have said. 

“She’s a witch!  She’s evil.”  The Dean screamed, as he was loaded into the back of the waiting ambulance.  “She will bring blight, death, and destruction to all!  She must be killed!”

Catherine turned to Kevin.  Tentatively biting her lip.  Kevin’s arms pulled her closer as his hand stroked her arm.  “Don’t listen to him baby, he’s crazy and sick.”

Mark rushed towards the couple.  “I tried to tell you.  I really did.”  Mark was in tears.  “The man is a lunatic.  Catherine when he told me what he wanted to do to you…”  He could no longer talk.

Mark was still shaking as Jenna’s dad stepped forward.  “He’s going to a psychiatric unit after a stay in the hospital, it's not life-threatening.”  The detective leveled a look at Mark.  “The Dean has some problems and I hope they can help him.”

Mark stood as his mouth dropped, they weren’t going to do anything at all.  “I want to press charges.”  Mark’s anger kicked into gear.

“Excuse me?”  Detective Williams looked at Mark.

“He was going to kill her.”  Mark was pointing frantically at Catherine.

Kevin looked once to Catherine who’s big blue eyes were now watery.  Mark pressing charges would just cause further damage to both of them.  Kevin cleared his throat, “Mark, he’s your Dad, he’s sick.”

“But what if people believe him?  Do you understand what may happen because of him?”  Mark stated as his agitation grew. 

Kevin nodded as he heard his family in his head, confirming his thoughts.  All would be taken care of, if need be.  “They won’t, trust me.  Okay?”

Catherine watched the ambulance pull away.  Deep in her heart, she had hoped that the Dean would be gone from the face of the Earth.  After what he had done to her physically and mentally, he deserved nothing less.  Now she worried about her own future as well.

“Mark, he will be discounted as a charlatan.  Nobody knows what happened to Catherine.  We never reported it.  The less people know the better.”  Kevin needed Mark to understand the bigger positive picture.

“But…  But…”

A gentle touch caused Mark to turn around quickly.  Jenna and Nick ran directly into Catherine and Kevin.  Jenna hugged Catherine tightly and didn’t want to let go.

“We’re okay,” Catherine answered as she began to form a smile.  Closing her eyes just once and then opening them slowly.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” an older woman grasped Mark’s shoulder.  “Catherine has been through enough without heaping more on her shoulders.  I will not let you do that to my baby.”

Mark stood staring at the woman, not sure of who she was.  Nobody was sure except Catherine, and MeeMaw, of course.

The woman approached Catherine with open arms.  “I’m sorry sweetheart.  I’m so sorry.”

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief and dropped his head when he heard Catherine speak.  “It’s okay Mom, really it is.  I missed you so much.”

Quietly the small band of people made their way back down the hillside to Kevin’s home.  Soon to be Catherine’s as well.





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