~The Celtic Wizard~


Two days had gone by since the Dean tried to murder Catherine and place the blame on Kevin.  The Dean was now under stringent care and would be out of the way for awhile.

Now Catherine sat in their bedroom as they dressed for the day.  The morning has been spent having a leisurely breakfast with both of their families and the boys.  A.J. seemed to hit it off with Catherine’s father the best, until Kevin told him about the car he had bought for Catherine. 

Catherine sent a questioning look in Kevin’s direction.  “Don’t try to kiss up to my father.  He already likes you or I can guarantee he would have something to say about us sleeping together the last two days.” 

“Good point,” Kevin stopped his schmoozing act that day. 

Sitting at her vanity, she stared at the reflection of the man that she was to marry today.  “Mom and I talked.  She said she thought she was doing the best she could for me.”

“I’m sure she was,” Kevin began to button his shirt and search for his cufflinks. 

“My freedom to do as I please with my parents is over.  They’ll be in our business now.”  Catherine paused with her brush in her hand as she waited for him to say something. 

Coming to her, he took the brush and pulled it through her long blonde tresses.  Piling her hair up, he looked at the door.  The dress hanging on the door that she would wear today as his bride.  “Up or down?” he stood waiting for her to answer.

“Up please,” with a little humor in her voice.  Kevin was always playing with her hair.  More so the last two days.  Lying in bed last night, he told her why, “I was afraid I would never feel it against my skin again.”

“See, ya got a hair dresser too,” he winked as he pulled and wound the hair into yet another chignon.

After setting the brush down, he went and sat down on the bed.  Kevin finished putting his socks and shoes on.  “I like your parents.  I think they were to slack with you, letting you take off like that so young.  Our kids won’t be doin’ that. We'll deal with stuff as it comes up.”

“Okay Kevy, time for you to leave,” the door flew open without a knock announcing her arrival.

“I told you once, I told you twice, I’m not leaving…”   Kevin was snapped to attention once more.  “MeeMaw stop it, right now.”

“You sassin’ me boy?”  MeeMaw gave him the look.  The one that used to make him run and hide.

Catherine nodded at him with a smile. 

“Shit, you win,” he ran to Catherine and kissed her as hard as he could, until MeeMaw interrupted him by pulling on his arm.

“Look you old bird, I’m kissin’ until I leave,” Kevin was laughing as he reached for Catherine again.

“Hmmpfff, Make a spectacle of yourself then.  All those lights you two shot in the air the other night could of lit up the Hollywood sign.  Greens and blues were shooting from the ground towards the Heavens and then spiraling together like that.  The end must have been pretty dang good to watch it explode and then the light slowly faded.”

Catherine stood up and stared at Kevin.  “You told me that was the Aura Borealis.”

Kevin put his hands up to defend himself.  Catherine’s fingertips were glowing a bright blue.  His tongue balled up in his cheek for a second, then he smirked, “See you’re not that smart.”

“OH!” she yelped and then pointed a finger at him as he ran out the door.  Catherine heard the loud ouch and knew she had landed at least one zap on him. 

Kevin stuck his head back in the door.  “No smokin’ my pants until the honeymoon.”  He laughed and left  MeeMaw and Catherine alone.

“That grandson of mine can be very bad,” MeeMaw clucked over Catherine. 

Their time alone didn’t last long as Anne as well as her mother joined them.  Her mother was still somewhat pensive around the group.  Catherine slipped her dress on and her shoes.  She didn’t know how Kevin came up with a wedding gown for her so quickly since they hadn’t shopped. 

“You are beautiful.  Thank you for making this for her ladies.”  Martha Miller was touching the delicate stitches.  A Celtic band had been sewn into the fabric.  The gown was cut for a tall woman.  A deep plunging neckline and a halter tie around the neck.  The skirt clung to her hips and thighs and ended in a very small swoop at the bottom with a slit.

Catherine looked from Anne to MeeMaw, questioning them with her eyes.  “You know Kevin, when he sees what he wants, his mind is made up.”  Anne wove simple flowers into the back of her hair.

“He can be so unnerving sometimes.”  Catherine ran her hands over her silk covered hips, “But thoughtful too.  He knows I don’t like all the fluff and flair.”

“We’re leaving, try not to be late…  I know you women, it’s just a wedding.”  Kevin shouted from down the hall.

“Just a wedding, he’s so calm now.  This morning I thought he was going to throw up.”  Catherine replied sarcastically.

“Oh he did, then I gave him something to calm him down.”  MeeMaw had a glint in her eye.

“MeeMaw,” Anne shook her finger at the old woman.

“It was nothin’,” the old woman left them to go and get the driver.  She wasn’t going to put in her place by anyone, her grandbaby was getting married.

The original plan had been for them to get married in Kevin’s backyard.  The plan had been changed when Kevin made a few calls and now they were going to be married where they had met.  Just outside of the dome at the convent in Los Angeles.  Catherine wrapped both arms around him when he told her in front of everyone.  She couldn’t think of a better place.  A remark that was meant to be innocent made the men laugh and the women giggle.  “That’s where he first touched me and gave me sparks.”

Kevin's eyebrows wiggled up and down at the utterance.

The closest family and friends of the two would be the only ones to attend the ceremony.  The reception would be in Kevin’s backyard.  It was the one place where they both felt relaxed after everything that had happened.   The kids from Catherine’s class and her parents would be there, as well Jenna’s parents.  The guys and Kevin’s family were included as well as Mark, Billy, Carlos, and Marcella, Kevin’s secretary.  Kevin couldn’t decide on a best man and had left all of them wondering who he would pick.  He said he wouldn’t reveal it to any of them until the ceremony. 

Kevin stood waiting at the alter as he watched the limo come up the causeway.  “It’s going to happen,” he slapped his best man.

“Yes it is,” Jerald Senior stood next to his son.  He gracefully asked that Kevin not ask him because he couldn’t turn his son down.  Kevin wouldn’t budge, then Jerald told him that the pictures would look funny.  Kevin quietly whispered, “But we will know you were there.”  Jerald relented and did as Kevin wished.

The limousine rolled to a stop on the opposite side of the dome. 

Kevin was rubbing his hands together from nervousness.  He had planned this ceremony down to the last second.  It incorporated many things to make George and Martha Miller happy but it was still a traditional Celtic ceremony.  Silver bracelets replaced the bindings of leather for there would be no handfasting per say. Hearing the violin softly play, Kevin’s head snapped up.

The woman that he would be tied to from here until eternity and beyond now walked on the arm of her father.  George placed Catherine’s arm on Kevin’s and patted his back.  Turning, George gave Catherine a kiss on the cheek, “Be good to each other.”

Tim stood slightly above the two; he nodded to Kevin to begin. 

Grabbing Catherine’s hand, his thumb made small circles to relieve her tension and he began to speak. 

“You cannot possess me, for I belong to myself.  While we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give. You cannot command me, for I am a free person.   I shall serve you in those ways you require and the honey will taste sweeter coming from my hand. I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night, and the eyes into
which I smile in the morning.  I pledge to you the first bite from my food and the first drink from my cup.  I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care.  I shall be a shield for your back, and you for mine.  I shall not slander you, nor you me.  I shall honor
you above all others, and when we quarrel, we shall do so in private and tell no strangers our grievances. This is my wedding vow to you. This is the marriage of equals. “ 

Kevin began to cry as he finished his words.  They were soft, gentle tears of love.  They had written these vows together.  The words and values encompassed what was important to both of them.

Catherine repeated the same vows to Kevin.  The couple turned towards Tim.

Tim was smiling brightly upon the two of them.  Clearing his throat he spoke, “These promises you make by the sun and the moon, by fire and water, by air and earth, by
day and night.  With these vows, you swear, by the God and Goddess, to be full partners, each to the other.  In a year and a day, they shall be married by our law.”  Tim smirked as he stood looking at the two.

Kevin knew that smirk; Tim was going to do something that hadn’t been scripted for this.  “As you know these two are supposed to be handfasting for a year and a day.”  He chuckled again when Kevin shot him a searing look.  “For those of you who haven’t known my baby brother long, patience is not one of his virtues.” 

Nick’s laugh could be heard above the others, followed by a, “No kidding.”

“So now we are going to take a more traditional approach here and make it legal in all fifty states.”  Tim motioned his son to step forward with the white pillow that he had carried so carefully.  Resting on the pillow were two silver bracelets.  Tim lifted the silver circles and handed Kevin’s bracelet to Catherine.  Catherine’s stomach lurched, this was forever and beyond.  From her peripheral vision, she saw Kevin holding hers. 

A bead of sweat formed on her brow, she was going to be sick.  The dream that had haunted her was not a dream but Déjà vu.  Looking down at her dress, she saw that it was the same dress; her hand held the same flowers, in her other hand, the bracelet. 

Kevin saw the fear and remembered the dream he had entered that night.  Closing his eyes tightly, he spoke to her mentally.  “I know about the dream and I would never force you.  You can run from me and all the others here but I will not follow.  This is solely your decision and I will not push you into something that you do not want.  Think of the vows that we just spoke to each other.  If that is what you want, we will continue.  If it isn’t, we’ll stop.  You can choose between a life or living with me.”

The onlookers focused on the young woman who seemed confused and suddenly frightened.  Raising her head, she smiled at Kevin.  Leaning forward, she kissed his lips.  A hand on her shoulder pushed her back.  “I thought Kevin had no patience,” Tim laughed quietly.  Catherine raised her arm to Kevin and nodded.

Taking the slender wrist, Kevin placed the band around her wrist.  Before snapping it closed, he looked at her one more time for reassurance.  When she smiled, he snapped the bracelet closed. 

Catherine lifted Kevin’s arm and looked at him.  He gave her a nod and she placed the bracelet on his wrist, snapping it closed without a second thought.

“Very good, you had me worried.”  Tim laughed as well as the crowd.  He looked at Kevin with a shocked look, “What are you waiting for?  Kiss your wife.”

A grin broke on Kevin’s face as he tenderly leaned over and kissed her lips by just simply brushing his lips against hers.

A few awws and then MeeMaw’s voice cracked the sweetness of the gesture.  “I seen those lights the other night, you can do better than that.”

Snorts and laughter rippled through the crowd as Kevin’s hand slipped behind Catherine’s neck.  Tilting her back, he went in for the kill.

They all waited for the two to separate.  When they did, Anne was the one who winked at Catherine.  “Positively glowing.”

Catherine buried her head in Kevin’s shoulder as the crowd tittered with laughter.

Tim was loud as he announced, “The new Mr. And Mrs. Kevin Richardson.”

All of the guests made their way back to Kevin’s house for a catered meal.  Simple gifts were given to the couple.  Howie gave them a fire extinguisher and a cookbook.  Catherine shook her head.  Nick gave her gift certificates for all the restaurants within twenty miles of their home.  Brian gave Catherine a beautiful painting from Scotland.  A.J., well A.J. managed to wind Kevin up by giving Catherine gift certificates for every bookstore he could find. 

“You’ll thank me later,” A.J. laughed as the guests made their way out the door.  Family would stay with friends tonight giving the couple some privacy.

Catherine seemed saddened to see them go.  It wasn’t the friends and family she was missing, it was their best friends.  A loud meow penetrated the room as Bert jumped up on the bed followed by Quincy. 

Catherine turned to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I love you,” she whispered. 

“I love you too,” Kevin returned as they sat nestled in their bed.  “Okay, you seen her, get the hell out.”  Kevin pointed towards the bedroom door and the door opened on its own.  The cats trotted out and the door slammed shut.  “I don’t like an audience,” his nose crinkled as he pulled her body to his.  “We need to talk about you hittin' me logs Swwet Thing.”





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