~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 6  

Catherine awoke shaking off the fog from the medication she had taken the previous night.  Not being a person to take anything stronger than over the counter medicines she had a heavy feeling.  An uncomfortable sensation in the pit of her stomach, like someone had been watching her accompanied it.  Reaching over she rubbed Bert’s head.  “Never do drugs Bert.”  Laughing she tried to get out of the bed without banging her leg on anything.

Meandering to the kitchen, she grabbed the phone.  It was already quite late and she had to get in touch with her students, deciding not to have class for today since she didn’t feel up to it.  She called each one of them and received nothing but answering machines.  Thinking she might be able to reach their teachers at the high school she dug for the number.  She couldn’t find the number or a phone book to look it up.  Jenna had things stashed in so many places, she unable to find anything she needed.

Picking up the phone, she dialed information to get the number of the school.  Jotting it down, she hung up.  Hitting talk she began to dial when a knock landed on her door.  Hobbling to the door, she unlocked it.  It was impossible for her to maneuver the door and stay on her crutches.  Exasperated, she yelled, “Come in.”

The door swung open and Jenna was standing there with the rest of her students.  “I’m sorry I tried to call you.  I’m not having class today.” 

Jenna, Debbie, as well as the boys walked into the condo.  “I think we figured that one out all by ourselves.”  Jenna spoke.

“Saucy thing aren’t you,” Catherine watched as they invaded her living space.

Jenna laughed, “Consider us the clean team.”

“Oh no, no, you’re not doing that,” Catherine tried to push Jenna out the door with a crutch.

“Hey I owe you for dinner last night,” Jenna winked.  “It was very kind of you to ask me to stay.”  Jenna was bursting at the seams.  She wanted to tell them when she called to ask them to help Professor Miller out, but knowing that Kevin asked her not to was enough for her to be quiet about it.

Mops, brooms, a vacuum cleaner, various other cleaning materials were piled in the kitchen.  Also two huge boxes and laundry supplies.  Catherine tottered over to see what they had brought.  Leaning on her crutches, she pointed to the boxes.  “What are those?”

“Those are called bookcases in a box,” Jenna replied sarcastically.  “You put books on them so that you don’t have to put them here.”  Jenna opened the cupboard and pulled out three books.

Catherine bit back her smile.  “Look guys I really do appreciate this but really I don’t think it’s proper or necessary.”

Jenna’s head tilted,  “Proper who knows, necessary, oh yes!”

Catherine smiled at Jenna’s smugness.  She had Catherine right where she wanted her and she had no way out but to accept the kindness of her students.  She looked at Paul and David, “You stay and clean out here.” 

Both of them understanding the reason and they were highly acceptable to it.  They day went quickly and by dinnertime Catherine’s condo was as neat as a pin.  The boys set up the bookcases on either side of the television.

Catherine answered the door, awaiting the delivery of pizza and wings.  Instead, she found a boy holding an arrangement of what could not be mistaken as anything but flowers.

“Interesting,” Jenna chirped as she grabbed the flowers from the young man.  She looked at David who pulled out his wallet and produced the tip. 

Jenna pulled the card from the bouquet and quickly handed it to Catherine.  No doubt who they were from but they didn’t need to know.

“Who are they from?”  Debbie leaned towards Catherine. 

Catherine smiled as she read the card and swiftly pulled it towards her chest.  “A friend,” she smiled.

“I bet it’s one of the Backstreet Boys, they feel bad after what happened.”  Paul spoke with a little tone.

Jenna gave him a sour-puss, “Get real, like they even know who she is.”

Catherine closed her eyes, thinking this is not right.  I don’t even know this man and now he is sending me flowers.  Catherine was doing her best to deal with the entire situation it seemed as though things in her life were getting out of hand very quickly.  She had cancelled a class, her students were cleaning her apartment, and she had met someone who she really was somewhat not interested in, but her social ineptness was going to be the nail her coffin. 

Glancing at the card it said, “I’ll bring dinner.  K.”  Checking her watch, she wondered what time that would be.  Nothing like just assuming that I’ll be here or that I want him to come to dinner, she grated to herself.

Jenna saw the same uneasiness take over Catherine as it had the previous night.  She wanted to talk to her privately but that was not going to happen with everyone present.  “Hey Professor we have to split now.  Call us if you need us.  Let us know about tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you,” Catherine pulled her attention away from her thoughts.

Catherine watched them filter out as she again thanked them for being so kind.  Once they were gone.  Catherine wished they would have stayed or she could leave.  Her ability to drive her own car was out of the question.  Resigning to the fact that she had no choice, she needed to clean up.

Her nerves became extremely on edge as the hour grew late.  A knock at the door made her jump.  It wasn’t a light knock more like a slamming noise.  She opened the door to see him standing there with his arms full.  “Sorry,” he said apologetically.

“That’s okay,” she feigned a smile.

Kevin didn’t miss it either.  Something in that smile said that she wasn’t all the happy to see him.  “I’m a little late, please forgive me.”  He wanted to delve into her and see what he had done but he had broken enough rules to date.  Playing this on the up and up was the only way to do this.

Dinner went well and they both loosened up a bit more.  He walked over to the bookcases and smiled.  “These new?”

“Yes, my students were here today.  They wanted to help me out.  Tidy things up a tad.”

“They seem like good kids,” Kevin spoke as he read the names on the spines of the books.  A mix of folklore, mythology, and the ancients.  His eyes fused on one book and he smiled.  There were only three known copies.  One was in his possession, one in the library of Wayland D. Hand reading room.  The third had been lost years ago.

“Where did you get this?” as he pointed to the book.

“Oh that, It was given to me when I entered the department.  I haven’t even looked at it since I received it as a gift from the Dean.”  Catherine watched Kevin guard his emotions quickly.  It was a fleeting look and he was almost pale.  “I need to read though, in two weeks the kids will be in that portion of my program.”

“It’s a good read,” he answered nonchalantly as he fingered the spine.

“You’ve read it?”  Catherine eyed him suspiciously.  “Wizardry and The Celtic Ways.”

Kevin didn’t know what to do.  If she ever put two and two together he was going to be in for it.  He needed to make a decision tonight when he got home.  Either he was going to continue to pursue Catherine or back off all together.

 “Kevin are you okay?” Catherine asked as she tried with earnest to figure out what had gone wrong.  He seemed as though he were lost in thought.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he managed to mumble.

Maybe seeing if she was interested in the old ways would help in his assessment.  He turned to Catherine.  “What do you know about the old ways Catherine?  Do you believe in them?”

Catherine managed to get herself over to where he stood.  Removing the book from the shelf, she headed back to the chair.  “Some of them I do and some I don’t.”

Kevin took a seat on the couch.  Bert came flying from the bedroom and jumped up next to him.  Catherine watched the feral cat turn into a sweet cuddly creature.  She wrinkled her nose up in disgust as Bert rolled all over the couch to get Kevin’s attention.

Kevin hid his smile when he heard Catherine yell ‘traitor’ in her head to the cat.  Bert looked up at Kevin as if to laugh at the comment.  Reminding himself that he wasn’t going to do that anymore he continued the conversation, “So what do you recall about Wizards and witches?”

Her brows knitted together and her lips puckered, “Not much, it’s been awhile.  I need to refresh my memory.”  She watched Kevin stare at the book in her lap.  There is something about this book.  Catherine patted the book that sat in her lap.  “This will help.”

An audible groan escaped from Kevin and he covered for himself by claiming, “Indigestion, sorry.”

Catherine giggled, “Well considering how spicy the Indian food was, I’m not surprised.”

Catherine pulled herself up and stood, turning she went to the kitchen.  Kevin watched the round firm cheeks in front of him.  She turned back to face him and he dropped his head staring at his knee.

Catherine saw it but wasn’t sure what to make of it.  She began to question if maybe she had a hole in her sweats or something.

Kevin was trying to be discreet but he just couldn’t seem to pull his eyes away fast enough from the ‘rear view’.  It’s been to long, I can do this shit, he uttered to himself.

Watching her come back proved to be even harder.  The use of crutches seem to accentuate her breasts even more.  They were pushed together and very observable. He marveled over the sight of them as he remembered how last night they had hardened to his touch even though he really wasn’t there.  What he wanted was to bury his face in between them and make them rigid with his mouth.

Catherine’s head was at an angle to the side when she asked him, “Kevin are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

He heard her ask but he was watching the lips that he wanted to kiss.  Kevin had to leave, every little thing she did he was inhaling and committing to memory.  His body was warming rapidly and if he didn’t leave he was going blow the entire thing.

Catherine is different he said to himself.

“I’m not feeling well Catherine I should be going.”  He agilely moved his long frame off the couch and to the door.

“I hope you feel better soon,” she patted his hand as she leaned forward.

I wanna kiss her, please just one kiss, that’s all.  He was dizzy but it wasn’t from the food, she smelled sweet and wonderful.

Leaning forward she gently kissed his cheek, “You’re a good friend.”

Closing his eyes so that he wouldn’t give himself away.  “Tell me she didn’t just call me a friend,” he spoke in agony in his head.

“Yep she did,” Howie snickered.

“Back again!” he yelled at him.

“Just leaving Train,” he quipped.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Catherine,” as he kissed her cheek.

“I really need to get some work done Kevin, why don’t you call me first?”  It was the best Catherine could come up with and it wasn’t exactly a lie.  She needed to get some work done on her paper.  The students would come to her place tomorrow for class.





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