~The Celtic Wizard~


Chapter 7  

Sitting down at the keyboard, he played a few chords of something that was running around in his head.  Not satisfied he wrote it down and tried to work with it.  After an hour his defeat was clear and he called it a night.

He slowly drifted off to the sleep he had been avoiding.  Catherine filled his dreams last night and he had done something he shouldn’t have.  Now he was being cautious.  After seeing that she had the book it had set him on edge.  Because she was somewhat interested in reading about it his curiosity was prodded into taking just a quick glance.

He was a little put out that she wasn’t sleeping.  He watched as she sat in front of the vanity.  Absentmindedly she brushed her hair.  The glow from the light of the mirror illuminated her reflection creating an almost golden aura about her.

A gown of satin she wore, pale blue.  “I like blue,” he murmured.  Thin straps held the gown up, along with the ample breasts that were sheathed in the satin.  “So pretty,” he whispered as she rubbed lotion on her hands.

He sat on the bed; carefully he looked to the mirror to see if she had noticed the shifting of the bed.  After last night, he wasn’t about to take any chances.  She didn’t.

He was smiling broadly at his this new ability, he wasn’t suppose to be here but it was not too hard to ignore the rules when he could watch this beauty.  First a hand, now his entire body.  Yet he knew he was still at home in bed with his hand resting on the front his boxers.

She was still brushing those long blonde tresses of hers.  Her big blue eyes reflected in the mirror.  He still had the feeling like he wanted to dive into those baby blues.

She stopped in mid-stroke.  Shivering abruptly, she gazed at her own reflection in the mirror and then back to the bed.  A chill came over her and she watched her nipples react to the chill, as they pressed against the fabric of the gown.  Cocking her head slightly she set the brush down.  She crossed her arms and then rubbed them as she shivered again.

His inquisitiveness running high, “Does she sense I’m here?  If she does how does she know?”  Kevin approached her from behind; he wanted to touch the golden hair that she had just tended to.

Catherine poured lotion from the bottle.  She then proceeded to massage her shoulders and neck.

“I want to smell her, she smelled so good earlier,” he groaned.  Gently he leaned forward his face at the crook of her neck just above her shoulder and breathed in, filling his nostrils.  “Hmmm, sweet and musky, natural but not flowery.”  He couldn’t name the scent but he would always associate her with it.  His fingers lightly played on her hair.  “Smooth, silky, thick...”

She gazed at the mirror and moved the lock of hair that had slipped by itself back into place.  Without thinking she swatted at an imaginary touch on her neck.

Kevin was delighted but still extremely confused.  She had just swatted at his hand. 

Catherine could sense his presence, feel his touch, but couldn’t see him.  “Damn this fun,” he chuckled to himself as his brain began to think of mischievous things that he really shouldn’t be thinking of.

Shifting she looked in the mirror.  “What’s wrong with me?  I must be loosing my mind.”  She turned the vanity light off and slid from the bench.  She hopped to the bed on one foot.

Pulling back the covers, she settled in for a night of reading.  Picking up the book, she read the title aloud, “Wizardry and The Celtic Ways, okay time to brush up.”  She skimmed the first set of pages and stared blankly at the book.  “This is so dry,” she moaned.  Setting the book face down on the bed, she limped to the kitchen.

Kevin was sitting at the vanity bench when she spoke.  “I am not dry,” he spoke with haughty attitude.  Glancing towards the door, he went to the bed; he flipped the book over and thumbed through the pages.  Finding the section on Wizards, he left it open.  “Lets play pixie,” as Bert jumped on the bed

Kevin was standing next to the bed when she came back into the room.  Bert was sitting on her book.  “Scoot,” she pushed him off.  As she grabbed it, she glanced at it.  “That’s strange.  I could have sworn I left this the other way.”  Grinning she looked at Bert, “Are you getting smart on me cat?”

Yawning she looked at the book, “Hmm, Cernunnos.  Let’s see we have virility, fertility, physical love, animals, deity of nature, and all things wild.  He sounds like a sexy guy to me Bert or is that all sex.”  Catherine laughed as Bert rolled over and over on the bed.  “Like I would know Bert,” she giggled watching the cat do tricks.

“Knock it off cat,” Kevin yelled.  Kevin heard the cat laughing at his mistress’s remark.

Bert thundered across Catherine, flying out of the room when Kevin yelled.

“Something I said Bert,” Catherine looked towards the door.  The cat stayed in the hall, no matter what she did to try and coax him back into bed.  Shrugging she turned off the light and pulled the covers up to her shoulders.

The cat jumped on the bed and purred.  “I wonder if Cernunnos the great hunter and wizard has a wand?”  She spoke innocently.

Kevin bit his bottom lip and rocked back on his heels, “Do I ever Professor.”  When he heard Nick, Brian, and Howie laughing he quickly returned to his own home. 

“You freaks!” he yelled from the comfort of his bed.  In his bed his hand began to release the ache that had formed in his physical body.  Closing his eyes, he sighed as he pictured her and his hand went from a gentle fondling to more needy stroke.

Shuddering and groaning produced a blissful feeling of comfort.  Returning to his bed after a few moments in the bathroom, he dozed off with a smile on his face and the vision of Catherine in his head.

Catherine awoke at dawn to see the sun streaming in.  She wanted to get outside it had been three days.  Slipping off the cast, she gingerly set her foot on the ground.  Finding that it wouldn’t hold her weight she placed it back on her leg.  She felt tied to the house and was frowning as she fidgeted around the kitchen most of the morning. 

Desperately she sought something to do, so she tried the book again.  It did become more interesting the more she read it.  She learned that the Otherworld existed in the inner realms of the mind.  They could be viewed as the opposite of rational thought, which were based on the tangible and materialism.  Her mind became enchanted more with the magic of the wizards and witches than with the actual customs.

She already knew about the festivals of Beltane and Samhain, she just needed to brush up.  What infatuated her the most was the Wizards section of the book.  Its spells, incantations, and prayers.  It listed the Four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

A small chant caught her attention.  It was used for meditation.

Earth beneath me, Sustainer of Life

Air around me, Inspiring Life

Fire of stars above me, Empowerment of Life

Water within me, Refreshing of Life

It tugged at her heart, it so simplistic and non-complicated.  It was basic life.  It listed the elements that were representations of each element.  Earth, was represented by dirt and rocks.  Air was incense, a candle for fire.  A bowl of water for water.  “This is kind of different.  I need to go to the library and do some more research,” she spoke to Bert.

Catherine answered the door and waived the young boy in.  “Hi,” she smiled. 

“For you,” he grinned as she set them on the table for her.

“Again,” she giggled and covered her mouth.  She could feel the blood creep to her cheeks.

He nodded and smiled, getting his tip he hustled out the door.  He bypassed the teenagers that he had seen yesterday on his way out the front door.

She looked at the flowers, they were ginger scented roses and smelled heavenly.  She pulled the card out of the envelope.  She read the card out loud, “Dinner, on time, I hope you like Mexican.  Sincerely, K.” 

She looked toward the ceiling, “I told him to call.  What am I going to do with him?”

“Keep’em, “ Jenna spoke from the door.

“Oh professor has a boyfriend,” Debbie spoke in a sing-song voice.

“I do not,” she spoke sharply.

“What’s the matter Professor, a little defensive, don’t you like men,” David spoke with amusement.

“Well for your information David, yes I do!”  Catherine defended herself.

Jenna giggled, “She just doesn’t know what do with them,”

Catherine narrowed her eyes at Jenna, “You will be staying behind for one hour and doing an extra assignment.”

“Hey I was just kidding,” Jenna pouted.

“My personal life is not up to discussion with any of you.  If it continues I will cancel the class until next week.” 

The four of them looked at her like she had mutated into some kind of monster.  “What is the matter with you kids?  We have work to do.”

Four hours were here and gone in no time.  The kids packed up and hovered at the door.  “Jenna where are you going?”  Catherine looked at her.

“Home,” Jenna shrugged.

“I said you had to stay,” Catherine huffed.

“Oh,” Jenna wasn’t sure what to do.  Two days ago she thought she might have found a new friend, now she felt like Catherine was just like all the other teachers.

“Go on, go, she has a car to get her home.”  Catherine pointed to the door.

Catherine waited a few minutes for Jenna to say something and she didn’t.  Catherine pulled the card that she had stashed earlier on top of the fridge.  Handing it to Jenna, she smiled weakly, “Help me.”

Jenna’s face broke out in a grin, “Let’s get ready.”  Jenna charged to Catherine’s bedroom, chattering a mile a minute.  “If you went out more often you wouldn’t be so jumpy.”

“I go out,” Catherine replied with a frown.

“I mean on dates,” Jenna shook her head.

“How do you know I don’t,” Catherine squared her shoulders off.

“You blush over cards and flowers please,” Jenna groaned as she pulled clothes out of Catherine’s closet.

“I don’t know if I even like him.  I like Nick,” Catherine sat on the bed watching.

Jenna stood there, “Nick is not for you.”

“How do you know,” as Jenna held up a skirt and she nodded.

“Because it’s just a feeling, Nick is a player anyway,” Jenna searched for shoes at the bottom of the closet.

“What’s a player?”  Catherine questioned her.

“Look we don’t have time to bring your social shortcomings up to speed in one night.  I’ll come over Saturday.”

“Okay,” Catherine grumbled as she went to change.

Jenna was giddy with excitement.  She wasn’t wrong the first time, Catherine was looking for a confidant just like she was.  “Wonder if Kevin wants to take you out on Saturday or something?”

“I doubt it, I’m not really his type besides I’ll just tell him I have plans.   I think we can be great friends and we have some things in common but still…”

“Yeah I know, you like Nick,” Jenna’s eyes rolled.  “It’s a good thing you don’t like Howie I might have a problem with all this.”

Coming out of the bathroom Catherine looked in mirror, “Isn’t this skirt a little short?”  Catherine tugged at the hem,  “Why, do you like Howie?”

“No it isn’t, you have long legs, show them off.  How tall are you?”  Jenna eyed Catherine with her hair piled on top of her head.  “Yes I like Howie and so does Deb.  We’re working on a schedule so we can share him.”

“Jenna!”  Catherine shook her head.  “I’m five-eight.”

“Perfect,” Jenna purred.

They both heard the door and Jenna ran to answer it, knocking into Catherine on the way.  Catherine followed on her crutches, less her stockings and shoes.  She looked at them after Jenna had pulled them out of the closet.  There was no possible way she could wear them.

“Hello Kevin, I see Jenna let you in.  Not that I didn’t get run over in the process.”  Catherine smiled.

“Gee thanks Catherine,” Jenna grabbed her backpack.  “See you Saturday.”

Kevin grabbed her elbow, “You didn’t tell anyone did you?”

“No,” Jenna shrugged.  “Besides she likes…”

“Jenna…”  Catherine warned.

Kevin snickered and leaned down to Jenna’s ear, “He’s a player.”

Jenna laughed loudly, “That’s what I said.  Where’s Howie?”

“Oh,” Kevin rubbed his goatee, and then whispered to her.

“Thanks Kev!” she shouted and ran out the door.

“You told her where I was!”  Howie shouted at him.

“Yeah I did and I figure you have about three minutes to get moving.  Stay out of my date, ALL OF YOU!”  Kevin knew they were spying, it had become their new game.





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