~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 8  

They ate, they drank, they talked.  Kevin listened to her talk at length about school and how she had grown up and he shared the way he was brought up.

Catherine became enthusiastic when she picked up the book.  “Kevin you were right this is the most amazing book.  At first I didn’t think I could get into it but I did.”  She flipped open the book to the meditation section.  “Look at this, isn’t this just so basic,” her eyes were dilated larger than normal.

Kevin was debating whether it was the wine or the enthusiasm over the book.  “Yes and it works I use it to meditate all the time.”

He watched how excited she became over the information and his heart skipped a beat.  He wanted so much more than friendship from her, he just wasn’t sure if she wanted more.  He looked down at her limbs, which were resting oh so close to his.  His eyes traveled from the one ankle he could see up to the hem on the skirt and then beyond.  Being without stockings and shoeless didn’t seem to help, he was wondering what it would feel like to have them wrapped around him. 

Briefly, he closed his eyes to refocus his thoughts.  When her hand landed on his knee, he gulped.  Kevin caught her hand in his and pulled it up towards his face.  “Catherine I really do like you.  I hope I’m not being to forward….”  He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers.  The energy that shot through his body was incomprehensible. 

He opened his eyes to see Catherine staring at him, her eyes as large as the ocean.  Her cheeks were pink, and she was shaking slightly.  “Back off Kevin,” he said to himself.

Flustered she recovered as quickly as she could, “Oh, I, Um, I’m stammering, I’m sorry.  I just didn’t expect that from you.”  She had become extremely conscious of his being in the last thirty seconds.  Feelings rushed through her that she had never really experienced before.

“Catherine I apologize,” he sighed as he dropped her hand. 

“Oh, I don’t want to offend you Kevin, it’s just that, I, oh never mind...” She dropped her head.

“Why don’t we forget that happened,” Kevin was kicking himself mentally, too soon, dammit, too soon.  “So when are we going to show you how to meditate.”

Catherine, though still anxious mentioned Sunday was good.

“Sunday it is,” he smiled.  “How about you get out of this place for awhile.  I’ll pick you up at noon.”

Just the thought of getting out of the condo was enough for her.  “That sounds good,” Catherine paused.  It seemed like the evening had come to a halt but neither of them knew how to end it.

Kevin’s cell phone rang and he uttered an, ‘Excuse me,’ to answer it.

Kevin became serious when he heard Nick on the other end.  “One, I am not a player you jerk.  Two, this is your out before you blow it with her.” 

Kevin licked his bottom lip, “Oh no problem, I’ll be right there.”  Shutting off the phone he looked at Catherine, “I’m sorry I have to go, Nick has a problem, he needs my help.  He’s very dependent on me for guidance you know.  He looks up to me, very rarely does he make a decision without my input.”

“You’re freakin’ dead Kevin!”  Nick was screaming in his head.  A wry smile crossed Kevin’s face as he watched Catherine absorb his statement.

“I think he would be able to make his own decisions by now,” Catherine’s face wrinkled up.  “Hmm, I thought he was all grown up, he’s still a boy.  I hate immaturity.”

Nick was swearing up a storm at Kevin.  Kevin was laughing like there was no tomorrow.  “Paybacks Kaos, paybacks,” Kevin watched Catherine.  “Well she used to like you Nick,” Kevin chuckled.

“See you soon,” Kevin whispered as he stood up and brushed his lips against her cheek. 

Catherine felt that sudden rush of heat again.  She was having difficulty trying to figure out if it was awkwardness or something else when she heard the door close. 

Kevin had a skip in his step as he went to his car.  He had the pure pleasure of listening to Nick scream at him all the way home.  The only thing Kevin did was laugh.  “Relax Nick, don’t get upset.  It’s not like you had a decent shot of getting her anyway," snickered as he ambled to his bedroom and dropped on the bed.

“Says who!”  Nick yelled.

“Uh-oh,” Kevin moaned in his pillow.  “Don’t even fucking think about it Nick.  She’s mine.  I’ll make it up to you.  Sunday you can come over here when she comes over.  You can show her how nice you really are.”

“Fine,” Nick huffed, still somewhat hurt by what Kevin had said.  “Can the guys come too?”

“Come on,” Kevin groaned.

“Please?” he asked in the tiny voice that he used to get his way with Kevin since he was twelve.

“No,” Kevin mumbled into his pillow.  “You make it brief, say hi, and leave.”

“Okay,” Nick answered.

“Hey you havin’ a party dude?”  A.J. chimed in.

“Oh Train’s having a party,” Nick giggled.

“No, No party!”  Kevin yelled.

“I want to go to sleep now!”  Kevin roared loudly.

“Nah, you wanna go see Catherine again,” Howie snickered.

“Well why don’t you just stick around and watch!”

“Don’t think so, we’ve been together to long, we know what the five fingered happy dance is,” A.J. cackled.

“You people will pay with your Iives!”  Kevin was way beyond manageable now and they quickly left, laughing their way quietly.   The blinds in Kevin’s bedroom whipping wildly about, reflecting his temper.

“I hate this, they are not respecting me,” Kevin bitched as he flipped on his back.  “So much for a date with Catherine.”

“Son, teaching someone meditation is not a date.”  Jerald laughed.

“Oh great, you too,” Kevin said dryly.

“Now, now, Kevin calm down.  I will speak with the boys later and they no longer will be invading your privacy.  It’s a new party trick for them and they are enjoying it.  I also see that you are enjoying your new found ability...”

Kevin didn’t speak, why speak when you know you are guilty as hell and your ass is going to be nailed to the wall anyway.

“Kevin, don’t you have something to say for yourself,” Jerald prompted.


“Be careful son, tread cautiously.  She can sense you are around and is well aware of any disturbances.”

Kevin chewed on the words, “How does she do it?”

Sighing loudly, his youngest, always the most inquisitive, always pushing for the answers to everything.  “I don’t know Kevin, she may be a descendent of an ancient.”

“Just luck I bet,” Kevin shrugged his shoulders.  “Night dad.”

“Sleep well son,” Jerald whispered hauntingly, “In your own room.”

Kevin laughed, somehow he felt like he had been caught sneaking under the bleachers with a cheerleader again.

The next day Catherine was the one amused.  She woke up feeling wonderful, she had restful nights sleep with no creepy feelings.  Trying once again to place her foot on the floor, she found it was possible.  “Yes Bert!” she cheered, as she was able to take her first pain free step.

Her day clipped by, the doorbell rang again at the same time it had the prior two days.  The kid looked at her and laughed.  “You must have something,” he grinned.

Her face flamed scarlet as she glanced at yellow roses.  Retrieving the card, “I can’t make dinner tonight, but you’ll still have dinner.  Truly K.”  Puzzled she looked at the card as Jenna walked in.

“Again?”  Jenna asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Catherine held back the smile.

“Hmm,” Jenna winked.

Catherine held the book up in her hand, “Change of pace today kids, you’ll love this.”

They were long gone as she watched the sunset.  She laughed at the empty containers on the table.  Kevin had dinner delivered to her.  “He’s kind of cute, Bert, but he makes me uneasy,” as he jumped up in her lap.

Catherine yawned and carried the book to bed with her, Bert padding along with her.  She was tired, she had read the book from front to back several times.  She was beginning to be able to quote passages from memory.

Her days began to flow together as flowers and hot meals were delivered everyday.  She was disappointed when Jenna cancelled on her today.  She had been looking forward to some girl time.  “But such is life,” she spoke to Bert as she mopped the floor.  Kevin hadn’t called which she thought some what odd.  Flicking on the TV she could see that the Boys were traveling and working.  “What can you do Bert?  I bet he even forgets about tomorrow.”

Kevin had been scarce of late in the evenings with guys.  They knew why too.  After getting a visit from the ‘boss’, they knew they had to chill for awhile.  They also had been doing a huge amount of promo work.

“He’s sleeping an awful lot,” Howie snickered.

Brian played it off, picking on Kevin seem to be the thing to do lately.  They hadn’t seen him enchanted with one person beyond filling the basic needs in a long time.

“Don’t go there D, leave it alone,” A.J. had been the one to issue the warning.  “If you enjoy sneaking around in someone’s head, try one of your dates.”

“Did that,” he grinned.

Kevin emerged from his office.  He had tried calling Catherine all morning, she wasn’t answering the phone.  He had sent roses and dinner for the last three days.  Now he felt like she was blowing him off.  Keeping his promise, he never went to visit her again.  But it was getting damn difficult and frustrating.

“What’s up?”  Brian asked.

“Nothing?” was Kevin’s cranky reply.

“Can I talk to you, privately?” as he stuffed his hands in pockets and looked at Kevin’s closed office door.

“Yeah,” Kevin turned around and went back in.

“What are you doing with Catherine tomorrow?” as he walked around the office.

“We have a date,” Kevin mumbled as he looked at the phone.

Brian watched him get even more agitated as one of the lines lit but it wasn’t for him.  “You sure you have a date?”

“Yes, at least I thought I did,” Kevin frowned.

“Why don’t you check it out,” Brian played with the award sitting on Kevin’s desk.

“Can’t, I promised I wouldn’t do that,” as he spun around in his chair.

“Want me too?”  Brian inquired.

“No, I don’t, she knows Bri, somehow she knows every time I’m there.”

“I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow,” Kevin whispered as he grabbed his coat and left.





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