~The Celtic Wizard~

Chapter 9  

Catherine woke up Sunday a bundle of nerves.  She tried not to watch the clock as she concentrated on what to wear.  It’s not a big deal she kept telling herself, it’s not like it’s date.  “Oh Lord, I hope he doesn’t think this is date, I haven’t been on a date in years.”

Finally settling on comfortable clothes, “It’s meditating, you need to be comfortable,” as she looked in the mirror at the shorts and tee she had picked out.  Pulling her ponytail through the back of her baseball cap, she made one more pass through the house to make sure it was clean.  It would have been clean by her standards but she had a feeling by Kevin’s it wouldn’t be.

At quarter to Twelve, he was at her door.  He smiled, as he for the first time saw how young she was, not to mention very sexy in a sweet way.  Checking her out from head to toe succeeded in making Catherine’s cheeks pink slightly.

Catherine returned the open stare with one of her own.  Kevin noticed the boldness and was quite surprised.  He grinned at her, “Good choice, some of the positions can be difficult.” 

Catherine could feel her face now burning and she swallowed unconsciously.  The remark had caught her off guard.  “Thank you,” she murmured as she headed out the door.  Turning she waited so that she could lock it. 

Kevin bit his tongue to stifle the chuckle; it seemed that maybe Catherine wasn’t thinking entirely about meditation after all.  This can be a good thing, he grinned to himself.

Quietly she rode in his truck to a gated community.  Once inside she was surprised to see that his home sat further back in a canyon of sorts.  Nestled in the cliffs was a moderate home, which was somewhat understated compared to the ones that they had driven past.

“Welcome to my home,” as he opened the door for her and stepped aside.

Catherine walked into the foyer and waited for him.  He stopped and slipped off his shoes and she did the same.  Kevin ambled off and she followed ending up in the kitchen.  She glanced around the room, nothing was out of place, very organized she noted and exceptionally clean.  She could see her reflection in the toaster that sat on the counter.  I bet there isn’t even a crumb in the bottom of it, she mused to herself. 

She shushed herself from making any more comments about the room.  She caught the scent of something delicious in the air.  She couldn’t help but inhale deeply, which Kevin did catch.

“I thought you would like to stay for dinner, I’m a fair cook.”  He watched her make her way over to the stove and lift the lid. 

The steam rolled out of the pot, she sniffed and smiled at him, placing the lid back on the pot.  “I wouldn’t miss it.  Do you know how long it’s been since I have eaten something that didn’t come in cardboard or styrofoam?”

Kevin shrugged and went to grab some drinks from the fridge.  He handed her a soda and she looked at the can.  Her head tilted a little surprised that it was cream soda.  Not every one had it and she was surprised he did. 

Wincing slightly he let it go.  Okay so maybe he had peeked a little he just wanted to see what she liked.  Finding out that spaghetti and cream soda were two of her favorites, how could he go wrong.

“Ya wanna get started?” he asked.

Eagerly she nodded as she followed him through the house.  “This is my den.  This is where I come to relax.”

Catherine stood back, in awe of the room.  She had stepped back in time into one of her textbooks.  A piano on one end of the room and a huge fireplace on the other.  It was decorated in an eclectic fashion.  An overstuffed leather sofa and a chair to match.  Pillows propped up on the ends.  On the fireplace sat different colored candles of all shapes and sizes.  A serpent or dragon type statue sat on the end of the mantle with huge green stones for eyes. 

A table behind the couch held more candles and bowls of stones.  Over in the corner she saw a darkened cabinet.  Kevin said nothing as she approached.  In his mind, he had given her permission to look but she couldn’t touch any of it.  Some of the boxes were closed to keep from prying eyes and the cabinet was locked. 

In the curio cabinet she saw incense burners, stones that sat in boxes, two knifes, one curved and one not.  The one curved had a white handle, known as a Bolline, the other an Athame.  Catherine absorbed it all with no comment, either Kevin didn’t understand the depth of her studies or he was just a serious collector.  She would wait and see what was to come. 

Ambling over to the bookcase, she ran her fingers down the spines, “Interesting collection Kevin.”  Noticing that he also had the rare book that was given to her.

“I have varied tastes,” he answered as he went to the fireplace.  She watched him light a white candle and then a red one.  The scent of Jasmine and lotus filled the room.  

Catherine was busy mentally memorizing everything that she didn’t see Kevin sit down in the middle room in a lotus position.  “Catherine…”  Kevin called her and she hurried over to him.

He gestured for her to sit, and she lowered herself down to the floor in front of him.  Trying to cross her legs in the same manner as him she gave up, her ankle not fully cooperating yet.

Kevin squeezed his eyes shut to focus, he was going to teach her this if it killed him.  He had a gorgeous, sexy, vibrant woman who was sitting not far from him.  All he wanted to do was maintain control.  Sighing loudly, he looked at her.  She was a little skittish of him still as she stared at him.

“Number one, you need to relax,” he smiled.  “I don’t bite.”

“I’m sorry, it just hit me that I’m sitting in Kevin Richardson’s den,” she giggled.

“Okay, scream and get it over with.  We’ve been together before,” he smirked.

“I don’t scream, I’m more mature than that,” Catherine replied with a little crossness in her voice.

Glancing to her leg, he saw that she did have a dilemma.  “Still sore?” he asked.

“A little,” she frowned.

Reaching out he touched her leg.  He felt the skin beneath quiver and warm to his touch.  Slowly he rubbed her calf and then around the anklebone.  Catherine groaned quietly to herself.  It was as if he was taking all the stiffness and soreness away.

Damn she feels good, he mumbled to himself, just like the other night.  Nick’s voice booming in his head that he was on his way shook Kevin from his fantasy.  “Not yet!”  Kevin was screaming at him. 

“I wanna see her again, you can feel her up later,” Nick laughed.

“You shit!”  Kevin was screaming at him.

“Kevin, what’s wrong your face is all red?”  Catherine’s eyes were huge as she looked at him.  She watched him change completely in front of her eyes.

“Nothing, I’m just warm,” rushed out of his mouth.  He could here Nick snickering at the remark.

Catherine sat on the carpet with arms thrust behind her, balancing her upper body on the palms of her hands.  With Kevin still holding her leg, she turned and grabbed his drink.  Kevin got a full butt cheek view and had to close his eyes.  I have to remind her, next time no shorts, sweats only as he groaned.  “Here,” she smiled.

Kevin grabbed the drink as he let go of her leg and gulped, “Thanks,” he nodded.  “Okay are you ready?” he asked her again as she neatly tucked her sore ankle into place.

“So what is the secret ancient one?”  Catherine grinned trying to lighten the mood.  She was still debating as to whether Kevin was a collector or a practitioner.

Kevin caught the remark, not sure if she was questioning him or not, he thought humor would be a better answer.  “Ahaa a wise student or is it wiseass?” he grinned.

“I’m sorry,” she snickered.

“Come on now, knock it off, if you want to learn this, then do it right.” 

Catherine bobbed her head in agreement.

“You need to relax, clear your mind, and then concentrate.”  Kevin watched as he unfolded his legs and stretched out on the carpet.  He would talk her through it since his knee wouldn’t take sitting in such a position for that amount of time. 

Every now and then she would crack her eyes open and look at him.  “You’re cheating,” he waved his finger at her. 

“This is hard,” she whined.  “You’re ogling me.”

Kevin laughed loudly as he rolled on his back, “Okay I’ll look at the ceiling and I wasn’t ogling you.”

“Were too,” she shot back.

“Okay I was, you’re cute,” he answered as he folded his hands behind his head.

“Thanks, you’re cute too,” she closed her eyes not wanting to see the reaction he had.  That was really silly, he hears that all the time I bet.

Catherine tried with much effort to listen to Kevin’s chants.  He was giving her instructions and trying to get her to the next level.

“You’re too tense,” he chided her.

“I’m trying,” she gritted her teeth together, is he always this assertive, she wondered to herself.

Feeling hands on her shoulders, she started to spring from her spot.  It was the same feeling that she had in her bedroom a few nights ago.  Like something had touched her and charged her body. 

The hands were large and kept her in her place.  She hadn’t seen or heard him move from the floor.  Opening her eyes, she tipped her head back.  He looked down at her his hair falling forward slightly.  “I’m great with shoulders too,” he whispered.  He pulled the cap from her head, tossing it to the couch.

Kevin kneaded the muscles and cords around her neck and shoulders.  He watched her head drop and then roll to the side.  “This must be how Bert feels,” she mumbled as Kevin continued to work on her.

His hands drifted down her arms and he leaned into her slightly.  His stomach bumping into her back.  Catherine immediately pulled away from the contact and jumped up from the floor.  Something of a gut reaction that she couldn’t contain.

“Catherine come back here and sit down,” Kevin’s voice was controlled but she could feel the displeasure in his voice.

She was usually not this undisciplined, but being with him and having that feeling come back that she had the other night put her in a tizzy.  Submissively she returned to sit in front of him.

He began again and spoke to her as he massaged her muscles.  When he sensed she was relaxed, he left her.  He began to teach her to focus by listening to his voice again.  Walking around the room, not so much as to distract but to train her to focus on his voice not his whereabouts. 

Catherine enjoyed it greatly she actually was relaxed and comfortable just listening to him speak.  His voice droned in her head, and soon she was in her own private little place and didn’t hear him anymore.

Kevin quietly left her as he went to the front door.  Nick would be arriving any second and be breaking Catherine’s concentration.  Kevin opened the door to see Nick ready to push the doorbell,  “Ring it and you’re dead.”

Nick shot him a cheesy grin, “For effect ya know.”  Nick sauntered in the door like he owned the place, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Kevin wanted to slam the door shut but knew he couldn’t.  Nick’s discreet snicker was enough to set him off as it was.  What the hell were the flowers for anyway, he wondered to himself.

Kevin pushed Nick towards the kitchen and he went to get Catherine.  He approached quietly and gently laid a hand on her shoulder.  “Catherine,” he called her.

Catherine turned and gave him an angelic smile.  “I have never felt this relaxed.”

“I have someone I would like you to meet,” as he held her arm and helped her up.





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