~The Celtic Wizard~

Anne sat waiting for him to come to her.  She had begged, pleaded, and cajoled her husband to ask the council to find someone they approved of for her baby.  He was lonely and she worried about him.  “This is the council’s entire fault, if they would have said yes all would be well.”  Instead her son drove himself into the ground working.  The council was full of nothing but backward-minded people.  They had let Kevin for years be with Kristin.  Then when it came to the bracelets and the fires of Beltaine they said no.  Kevin was destroyed when they would not allow her to stay with him.  She had put on the bracelet; it was done of free love.  They felt Kristin lacked free will; Kevin heavily influenced her through the years.  The council proclaimed that a hand fasting would not take place until Kevin could find a mate that had both qualities.  Then they would approve. 

Her baby’s heart was broken.  He had become even angrier with his father for not supporting him over the disagreement about Kristin.  It was bad enough that Jerald had left this world for the Otherworld when Kevin was so young.  Kevin begged with the council telling them that it wasn’t fair he needed his dad.  The Otherworld was insistent they needed Jerald.  At that time Kevin was informed the he would be known in their world as the next Cernunnos.  His powers were stronger than that of his brothers, as well as his convictions.  He would do well in this capacity for them.   Since the worlds had separated it was becoming harder and harder to keep their kind together.  Many felt that their beliefs were mere pagan customs.  Jerald would shake his head, if people only understood that Christianity had absorbed many pagan rituals and beliefs.  It was the magic that scared most of them off.  Fear and misunderstanding always bred contempt.

Young Cernunnos was blessed with all the powers befitting Herne the Hunter.  Herne was known as the horned one in the Otherworld.  He represented virility, fertility, animals, physical love, and the guardian of animals, among other things.  He was the Lord of the Hunt, a deity of nature and all things wild. 

Kevin’s blood brothers were highly amused at Kevin’s new appointment.  For years they refused to call him Lord in any realm, whether they were in the Otherworld or not.  Kevin was to be addressed as Cernunnos or Herne the Hunter in the Otherworld, his lord in the earthly world.  His older brothers ribbed him continuously in both worlds calling him simply “Our baby brother, the horny one.”

Kevin would exist in both worlds.  He could come and go as he pleased in his dreams between the worlds.  In the earthly world, he had the same abilities as he possessed in the Otherworld.  The difference being, in the Otherworld most everyone had these powers.  In the earthly world few held these powers. 

Kevin would have the ability to move from one place to another in his mind.  While his physical appearance would not be visible, his spirit could move about freely.  Others would not hear Kevin, unless he wanted them to hear him.  If he were in one location, he could easily be someplace else if he chose to be.  Once he attained all of his goals, he would have the ability to move both his physical and spiritual selves together to a different location in any manner he wished in either world.  For now he would have to be contented with the fact that he could go anywhere on a whim in his head, as long as he was resting.

Randomly he could enter people’s thoughts and listen to them.  He could influence them if need be.  Caution was needed when doing this however, for he was not allowed to influence matters of the heart.  He was not permitted to cast ‘Love spells’ as they were called for himself, his guard, or any family members.  Kevin had only attained these goals after the council had made him and his guards suffer through their previous management problems.  If he were gifted with these powers before hand, he would have used them to deal with their management problem.

The Council and Jerald decided that a four-man guard would be sent to be with Kevin.  The guards would teach him the ways of balancing two worlds.  Alexander was sent to him representing, Onoir (Honor).  Howard representing Currym (Duty), and of course Brian representing Firring (Truth).  Jerald had argued that Brian be included, Kevin needed some family tie with him.  Each one of them sent with the purpose of extolling one of these virtues upon the new Wizard.  It was Jerald’s idea to send Nickolas, the young one.  Nickolas will enlighten Kevin with a sense of humor.  As Jerald had told his Kevin, “Comic relief, you’re going to need it son.  Their world is much different than ours." 

The guardsmen were older in the Otherworld, however in this world they were deemed to be younger, younger than their Lord.  They would meld better as a group this way.  Kevin needed to learn, not having a father figure for guidance.  What better way to learn than to think you are the teacher.

Kevin’s guards were instructed that they could not do as they pleased in the earthly world.  They needed to follow the rules as well as Kevin did.  They couldn’t contact the Council without Kevin’s permission.  They were directed not to invade Kevin’s thoughts, ever, even though they had the powers to do so.  He was their Lord and they needed to respect that.  By the time the orders were dictated none of them could figure out why they were being sent.  It was Jerald who made it clear to them.  They will all teach each other and learn together with their life experiences.  In return they would have eternal life with their mates in both worlds.

Anne heard Jerald come to her in her mind.  She missed her husband very much but understood the greater need of the Otherworld.  In time she would join him but not yet.  Jerald had told her that Kevin needed her more than he did.  It wasn’t as if they couldn’t be together when they wanted to be.  Jerald had the power to invade anyone’s mind and materialize at will; after all, he was the current Cernunnos.

“Hello dear, I’ve been waiting for you,” she smiled gently.

“Hello beautiful,” he chuckled.  Anne always knew when he was coming.  The surprise of it had worn off years ago.

“I wish you would show yourself,” she muttered.

“I can’t Beautiful I’m in a hurry,” he exclaimed joyfully.

“Have they approved of someone Jerald?  Please tell me they have, I’m so worried.”  She sighed.

“Relax a little mom, they haven’t but I think I have.  I just need to get that son of yours to talk to me.” 

She began to frown and get her ire up.  “Why is he always my son when you are displeased with him?”

Jerald’s laughter could be heard through out the house.  “Because Beautiful he is just like you.  When he is angry, he won’t let me speak with him.”

Her frown turned to smile,  “I’ll help you dear.  Let’s go see him together.”

“I knew you would understand.  We have to handle this delicately.  He cannot know the details but I’m going to set her on his path.  If he sees it for himself it will be a glorious union.”

“Jerald, may I see her?”  Anne asked, not sure of his response.  Jerald had never broken the rules himself, but to her it seemed he was this time.

“Anne, I can’t.  I will eventually have to answer for what I’m doing now.  If it is to be then you will most definitely see her when the time comes.”

“Jerald, Kevin is running out of time.  He’s thirty now.  The Samhain festival is coming, and then winter will start.  I want more grandbabies.  The Beltaine fires will be set in the spring.  This is the time that they have allowed him to choose his mate.  They are not helping him.  I’m tired of this.”  Anne’s tone went deeper along with her anger with each spoken word.

“I understand Anne and I’m trying.  Let’s go visit our son.  Maybe just maybe we can get him to open his eyes.”  Jerald gently leaned over his wife and inhaled her scent.  “It’s been so long Beautiful.  Maybe we can be together soon.”

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